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Comment 21 Apr 2012
So. Freaking. Pumped! This is a great addition to our class. I know this decision was hinted at, it's awesome to see that it's official. This guy is a bruiser running the ball as well. If he intercepts the ball, he'll take it to the house lol.
Comment 18 Apr 2012
His record may not be all that impressive, but he has turned around every college team that was under his coaching. SDSU was a 2 win team the year he was put in charge, his second year they were an 8 win team. Miami (OH) was awful as well & I believe they won 10 games under Hoke & were consistently 8 wins or a little more. It's hard to turn around two weak programs & having a stellar record. Having said that, I hate Hoke & i can't wait to crush Michigan come November.
Comment 14 Apr 2012
Living in Toledo, & going to Whitmer, I got to see Jayme play a lot. As he stated in his interview, his technique does need work. He over pursues a lot & misses plays. However, like previous posters have stated, he has only played 3 years. He also has his senior season to improve. Coach Whithers will definitely help improve technique, & Jayme could be a very good player. I love how physical he is & how he is not afraid to step up & pop the ball carrier. Best of luck to you Jayme!
Comment 11 Apr 2012
Very excited to have Marcus part of the Buckeyes! Now, Heuerman just needs to commit & then I'll be very excited. Does anyone know how close we are to landing JT Barrett? Last I heard, he put us at number one.
Comment 02 Apr 2012
Haha, I'm sorry! That was not my intention. But being 18, I honestly had no idea about these riots. No one in my family bothered to tell me (obviously) & I never thought of looking it up. I guess I held OSU too high on the pedestal. However, this does not tint my image & I am VERY excited to step on campus. But since learning of these riots, I decided to look some up & I'm surprised how hostile they were!
Comment 02 Apr 2012
I surmise that you make assumptions & ending up making yourself look ignorant. I'm 18 years old, & I'm attending OSU in the fall. That's why the username is what it is. I'm sorry I don't remember 02 seeing as how I was 8 & the Blade does not report details like that. Next time, don't assume, because it makes you seem like an ass (sorry staff for the language)
Comment 02 Apr 2012
I really hope Tank comes back. If he does, this team could make some noise in the NCAA tournament. I'm also curious to see how much Amir Williams will develop. I know he won't be an All-American, but to be a Payne from MSU would be fantastic. Second, I'm not hating on Jayme, but one would think, with limited room in this year's class, why would Urban go after him? I live in Toledo (Whitmer!) & I've seen him play a lot. He is a very good player but it concerns me that he does not wrap up a lot. He likes to hit people with his shoulder pads or hits way too high. But, it's UFM & I trust him. Lastly, I'm surprised by the riot. I know it's a rivalry & it's kind of a big deal, but 30 something couches were burned? I don't recall the Buckeyes ever rioting after a win against AACC or vice versa. Some fans take sports a little too far. Just my opinion.
Comment 26 Mar 2012
I think I may be a bad luck charm. I went to Start High School my junior year & the Lady Spartans made it to the states final four. I went to the game (we had a bus from Toledo to Columbus) & my senior year, I transferred to Whitmer (my family moved). I went to the state championship this past weekend & we lost. /sigh what can I do. As for Groce, I wish him the best in any decision he wishes to make. As for Weis, he guaranteed a victory, looks like we're moving on! /knock on wood
Comment 25 Mar 2012
Well, I know what I'll be watching at 8:49 next Saturday!!
Comment 22 Mar 2012
What's everyone's opinion on who OSU has a better shot at if they make it to the next round. Personally, I'd like a draw with Wiscy better.
Comment 22 Mar 2012
What's everyone's opinion on who OSU has a better shot at if they make it to the next round. Personally, I'd like a draw with Wiscy better.
Comment 22 Mar 2012
I am probably younger than most of everyone here (only 18 years old) so I am not as aware as the hate for UC. Before now. Hearing those comments from Cronin & from Vaughn making excuses is pathetic. That UC writer is very irritating as well... Also, I looked into this rivalry & now I understand it fairly well. I will like nothing more for us to beat UC by 50 tonight. Does anyone think Marshall will actually play this weekend, even if they do win the game on Friday? & even if he does, I don't think he will be a very big factor for obvious reasons. Lastly, I have some suspicions on Griner; she could play in the NBA. I don't mean dominate but I think she could. Has anyone heard her talk? Her voice is so deep. I mean, if Walton & Scalabrine are still in the league, why not her?
Comment 16 Mar 2012
Geez, I was not aware of finals this week to go along with all of the traveling. I can't imagine how exhausted some might feel at this point. But, I have a question, & this goes for any sport athlete. How do they keep up with class if they travel so much? Especially basketball because they could have games during the week outside of the state.. Does the teacher give them notes to keep up? It baffles me how much athletes keep up with their grades during the season. Anyway, I do agree that the Big East is vastly overrated. They are a good conference, but for the media to drool over them as much as they do, it's not really justified. Yeah they send a lot of teams to the tourney, but as Jason says, they don't perform well in the big dance. Lastly, I am very excited for the game Saturday. The guard matchup will be fun to watch as they both play differently. If Zags shoot as they did yesterday, it will be tougher than originally thought. Of course, I have te Bucks advancing. Btw, does anyone know when Ohio plays Michigan?
Comment 16 Mar 2012
It was a sloppy win in some aspects, but all I can about is the win. With UNCA playing cuse tough & NDSU playing Baylor tough, I'm happy we won by as much as we did. The 18 turnovers is a glaring bad stat, but I just think it was the first game, they had jitters, & Loyola played them very fast. I'm loving the DT coming out party, I really hope he stays next year! As for Gonzaga, they played lights out. I didn't watch much of the game, but from what I saw, they couldn't miss. It will be a well contested game on Saturday for sure.
Comment 15 Mar 2012
Unfortunately, I will miss some of the tournament games today because I have a paper to finish typing for my Senior Comp. class. However, I absolutely will not miss Ohio State's game tonight. I really hope Shaka becomes the head coach at Illinois. Lately, they have not been as competitive as usual, & I think Smart can go to Champagne & pick the program back up to where it used to be. This is not a sleight at Illinois or Bruce, they have been decent with some good wins. Just not what they used to be. Anyway, good luck tonight Bucks, & to everyone else, good luck on your brackets!
Comment 14 Mar 2012
I understand & agree with what your saying whole heartedly. I still have the Bucks in my Final Four, but sometimes pressure is a negative thing. For example, the Eagles of last year. Now, I know it's two different sports completely & they didn't have much time to gel, but there has been reports & even players saying at some points, this team loses focus & their chemistry lacks. Agreed, I know they have not "choked" in the spotlight because of added pressure this year, but I mean I just hope they don't try to over do themselves, if that makes sense? I don't want them to overlook the little things & try to get "pretty" wins. I'm not saying they will do that, just hoping it doesn't. But again, I am a sort of pessimist around this time of the year.. Playing in the best basketball conference definitely will help us in the tournament & if we play like we did in the B1G Ten championship tourney (excluding the 2H against MSU) then this team will be fine.
Comment 14 Mar 2012
It's unfortunate that the Ohio State women's team was snubbed an eighth seed. A silver lining for me however, is that they play 20 minutes from where I live. (I live in Toledo) It will be tough to beat Florida, but our ladies are more than capable. Is anyone else a little wary about everyone has us winning the East region? It seems, to me anyways, that when the pressure is on, we don't perform in the tournament the way we could. To me, WB is the catalyst of this team. I really like Urban's idea of having "winners & losers" in practice. This should definitely push the players (& coaches) & make for a more intense workout. I can't wait to see this team's spring game! But for now, let's worry about the NCCAB tournament! Go Bucks!
Comment 13 Mar 2012
Thank you very much for the warm welcome! I am very excited to enter another chapter in my life & join THE Ohio State University. I also picked OU to beat AACC in my bracket. TTUN lives by the three, and if they go cold, it could be a very quick exit out of the tourney. I was not aware of the Groce-Matta connection, but now I am rooting for OU even more!
Comment 13 Mar 2012
First time poster, longtime reader. After my acceptance to OSU this weekend, I decided to make an account on the best Buckeye website out there! First off, I want to say Roger Lewis' story is tragic. He would have been a great talent at the college level, anywhere he went. To be given talent like that & throw it away is very unfortunate. Secondly, I'm really excited about the OU-AACC game, as I believe that OU can give them all kinda of trouble. Just a few years back OU beat Georgetown as a 13 seed right? & I really hope OSU plays Cinci. I still remember Lewis' shot, magical. Thirdly, I just want to thank the 11W staff for working diligently to bringing us the best, most reliable information on anything OSU. The recruiting coverage especially is very well done. Thank you staff!