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Comment 06 Oct 2019

If it was clipping or a block in the back it would have been called so.  Blindside blocks are usually what you  see on punt returns when a defender gets de-cleated turning to chase the returner. It’s a bad call because that’s not what the penalty was intended for. Browning pushed his shoulder pad and the defender fell pretty harmlessly to the ground. It’s a ridiculous call that I’ve seen in the NFL as well 

Comment 23 Aug 2019

You said a lot that didn’t pertain to anything that I said nor what the OP was saying. I couldn’t give two fucks about Clemson. Welcome to the offseason where stories are created. The point still remains there seems to be no care in the world about the allegations at Clemson from the media. If Clemson is paying for players as allegedly stated it’s a pretty big fucking deal and as OSU had player’s suspended for being paid fake hours at work sites you’d expect everyone held to the same standard when it was being widely reported. 

Sorry dude, this isn’t envy for Clemson that most are talking about. We’ve played them 3 times in our history and we can overtake them on the field since we also have elite talent. Most people had this same opinion when UNC basically got nothing for for athletes taking fake classes, MSU has gotten overlooked as well for their transgressions. Are you suggesting we’re envious of them? This is not about beating a team, but the selective scrutiny in reporting. But thanks for your novel.

Comment 23 Aug 2019

I honestly do not see anyone thinking that but you. I think the previous article of a “Cure for Blindness” pretty much summed it up. OSU gets put through the ringer over tattoos and we’re brushing aside allegations made on Clemson. I remember that summer where every allegation against OSU was published without hesitation and constant media attention. Kicking the shit out of OSU has nothing to do with this but everything with how the media chooses to ignore pretty serious claims.

Comment 21 Aug 2019

So he’s responsible for the 30th ranked defense and a horrible kicker that cost them games? That’s a weird flex. I’d like to think that he took a team that came off of a miserable 0-16 and helped lead a team to 7 wins and was one of the most efficient QBs the final 8 games along with breaking a rookie TD record in only 14 games. 

Comment 21 Aug 2019

Hue Jackson was a PoS and if you noticed Mayfield wasn’t the only Browns player who thought he was a clown. Hue was a shit coach that won 3 games in 2.5 years and jumped at the chance to take a job believing he could beat his former team which only highlighted how horrible he was. Seeing how infinitely better they were without him 

Comment 21 Aug 2019

What exactly is Bosa going to do that he didn’t already have the chance to do? People need to stop fucking crying about it. It didn’t bother then doesn’t bother me. I was more embarrassed by the play calling and crap defense. Mayfield is not the first player to celebrate a victory in the Shoe and won’t be the last. We’ve had our fair share of moments so let’s stop with the bull shit acting OSU has been above all that.

Comment 15 Aug 2019

No, if at OSU we would not get overlooked for PEDs like Clemson does. 

Comment 13 Aug 2019

That sounds like entitlement to me. Being recruited gives the player the opportunity to set himself up for a future. Everything relies on the player living up to that potential, and working towards that goal. The best player should play. I honestly didn’t mind his trash talking, but when the transfer became real he left. Now it is looking like a transfer may happen again from Miami. If you’re constantly running from competition, it’s best to learn nothing is guaranteed to you at 20. It doesn’t get easier from here on out with that mentality.

Comment 07 Aug 2019

IMO sports journalism has turned more into professional trolling. At the end of the day, they are offering up an opinion for clicks/views. They just know that only a few teams will get the attention of their fans and haters. 

Comment 29 Jul 2019

He walked on at two BCS schools, went to the playoffs and won the Heisman. Set the rookie QB TD record in only 14 games with pretty much only Jarvis Landry as his legitimate target. Definitely was one of the top Rookies offensively last season. I’m pretty sure his body of work so far has proved his doubters wrong, so I think he has a right to be cocky with the lack of on field respect he receives. Football is the ultimate team sport. Trent Dilfer won a super bowl, does that make him a great QB all of the sudden? Is winning a championship the only measure of talent as a QB? Lot of great QBs who never have won. 

Comment 29 Jul 2019

There were a lot of fans that didn’t like Urban after that and often criticized his team’s arrest record at Florida and his lobbying to get SEC teams in the NCG. Perhaps everyone was a stretch. But your opinion changes when someone comes to the good guys. I’m sure we wouldn’t look as fondly on him if he didn’t come here.

Comment 28 Jul 2019

I’m willing to bet every OSU fan thought Urban was a douche after the 2006 National Championship. It’s amazing how those views change when he became OSUs coach. The biggest issue I had with Mayfield was his arrest. The rest doesn’t bother me as he pretty much has the support of his coaches and teammates. Are you really trying to act like you’re offended by how he’s handled Hue Jackson’s incompetence and cowherd’s troll attempts?

Comment 10 May 2019

One of the big reasons why Meyer hires coaches is based on their ability to recruit. So I doubt you’re knee-jerk reaction is an accurate portrayal of his ability. The negative on Day is he’s an unknown coach and the D was utter garbage last season. Every established program will use that to negatively recruit against OSU when it comes to elite prospects. Day just needs to win. As long as his offense is still dominating and the D turns around he’ll do that. For perspective, Dabo was a relative unknown and didn’t really turn Clemson into the power it is until 2015 and he’s been there since 2008. 

Comment 20 Apr 2019

The pieces in the machine last year was a terrible defense. Probably one of the worst defenses I’ve ever seen in my life at age 40. I never said JT was not a good leader. But I think after last year we can admit he was not the best QB on the team. Again I pointed to the fact that Jones was a better deep threat QB than JT in the championship stretch which opened up Zeke to run wild. We followed that up with trying to make Jones a read option QB which failed. For as great of a coach Meyer was he was reluctant to change his offense to fit a QB that didn’t run what he wanted. Keep in mind, UF had a history of losing games they shouldn’t of as OSU did because the offense was what it was. At some point everyone figures out the game plan. We as OSU fans knew what the game plan was under JT. Talent alone we should win 90% of our games.

Comment 20 Apr 2019

Exactly, Jones forced teams to respect the deep ball and nobody could stop OSU. The next season they tried to force Jones to run the read option which failed. I think Day did a great job preparing Haskins to run an offense completely different than the one he waited behind.