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Comment 18 Sep 2018

The Pats also signed Kenny Britt and Corey Coleman for a week, so let’s pump the breaks on every move they make is golden. I personally wanted Gordon to work out this year. But if you have a guy that’s highly unreliable and is a failed test from being banned a 5th rounder is a pretty good deal for a guy who has played 10 games in 5 years. Right now Calloway is not in any jeopardy from being banned so that fact is why he’s more valuable and he just watched Gordon get shipped out, so hopefully he’s got the message the team comes first. Not injuring yourself at photo shoot 

Comment 17 Sep 2018

He had it 5 years ago, he’s been gone so long I don’t think anyone knows what he is anymore talent wise. I’m sure he’s still good, but I’m guessing they’re happy with Antonio Calloway and are willing to part ways with Gordon.

Comment 17 Sep 2018

Landry was acquired for 4th round pick. I’d say a 5th rounder is a pretty good deal considering Gordon has only played 11 games in 5 years and is a failed test from being banned for life.

Comment 17 Sep 2018

Hue is gone if he doesn’t win. No coach is jumping at the chance to coach the Browns with the roster that was in place two years ago? The constant firing of coaches had to stop. At least now the roster is more desirable and threat of being fired in less than two years is gone so you weren’t going to find great candidates if you fired Hue 2 years ago 

Comment 17 Sep 2018

Yes, and it shows what bad quarterback play can do. The Browns are getting average QB play from Taylor and they should be 2-0 against 2 playoff teams. The D is pretty legit. Offense is ok, I personally would like to see them take more chances down the field. The only issue is special teams which is now searching for a new kicker.

Comment 16 Sep 2018

I’m in your camp. Not sure if you read the reports but he injured himself at a non sanctioned photo shoot and was dishonest about it when he showed up. Sad part is we’re hoping for Josh Gordon 6 years ago and there is no guarantee he is that anymore. Maybe the Browns know that and are willing to part ways. I’m thinking Dez is an option now 

Comment 16 Sep 2018

Big Browns Fan; when Hue was hired he was at the time the most sought after coordinator. I will error on the fact that year 1 cycling five different QBs and dismantling a roster is not a recipe for success. Year two a total shit show but a terrible roster still to work with. Hue is on a very short leash this year. We had to give him the chance because no worthy coach you want will ever want to step into a job when you’re giving less than two years. So far I cannot say he’s doing bad because he’s lost two games based on a kicker. Again short leash but so far he hasn’t done bone headed moves. For the love of god give me a competent kicker because we should be 2-0 with that 

Comment 24 Aug 2018

Because making a comment after the fact is so commendable? I would appreciate the guy more telling it like it is before we found out ZS is a PoS. Love Shazier, but it’s kind of like the neighbor interviews about serial killers. I always knew the guy was strange but didn’t say anything and here we are talking about it 50 dead bodies later about how I knew 

Comment 23 Aug 2018

Just an honest question but if OSU and Urban make some sort of comment about CS, couldn’t that be used in court which I believe the Smith’s are about to be in? I’m just thinking that any comments here on out can be used in court  and I’d think OSU is just trying to stay out of a private issue. That’s just my opinion 

Comment 19 Aug 2018

Isn’t that basically what the media has done to Meyer because he wasn’t prepared to talk about ZS being Arrested, reports of allegations of DV in 2015 at  media days? Seems pretty careless to push a storyline based on opinion rather than facts.

Comment 18 Aug 2018

This is going how I thought, let the media get over it’s over sensationalism of the issue and and allow the facts to come out with other issues to take center stage like Maryland to where people realize that assuming Meyer was truthful in reporting did everything right it’s a non issue. Again as long as assuming Meyer followed procedures he did nothing to warrant termination. 4 weeks ago the media wanted Meyer fired based on a story that Smith was arrested which was not true to which Meyer said it didn’t happen which is true. Why does McMurphy have a pass for several edits to a story that he claimed was true? Meyer is a great coach but he’s not Batman his duty was to report and by what we know he did, the Powell Police did the job. Anyone’s moral disagreements are with the Powell PD. We’re placing too much on what the media thinks over what is realistic in this situation. The media is just trying to create a story for clicks