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Comment 03 May 2018

The Browns lost 6 games last year by 6 points or less and they were dog poo. The optimist in me says Tyrod with Landry, Njoku a Clean Gordon and Calloway. Can win 6 with an improved secondary 

Comment 22 Apr 2018

Comparing two vastly different rosters and saying one manager is better than the other is not fair to Price. Dusty has been given great teams to work with and has come away with nothing.

Comment 19 Apr 2018

Dusty had World Series talent that were picked to win it all in one of the years he was there, that's what was disappointing about Dusty. He was always out managed by teams with equal talent.

Comment 29 Mar 2018

Zeke had 125yds, the non factor in the game was the Dallas D going down 21-3. If you get behind you’re not running at the end of the halfs. You can make the case that it’s a passing league, but you cannot deny that Zeke carried a rookie, Gurly when healthy was a game changer with Goff as a 2nd year QB, and Fournette was a weapon that improved a lackluster rush offense. The league is sifting to a power run game again in taking advantage of the smaller athletic LBs that everyone wanted when the ball was being spread around. Brady, Manning, Brees, Luck and Rogers are on the way out. It seems like it’s turning back into ball control and D again. 

Comment 29 Mar 2018

The problem with the Browns is constantly trading back for picks. What does this team look like has they just took the best available at the pick. They need to take the best QB they believe in, and take the best at 4 which would benefit either RB, DB or DE. Trading back and getting the 2nd or 3rd best position player hasn’t worked.

Comment 29 Mar 2018

That’s a team that went 13-3 with two rookies in the backfield. Biggest reason they won 13 was Zeke leading the league as a rookie. If you could just throw any RB behind that OL in Dallas then there shouldn’t have been a drop off. And I’m fairly certain before Zeke was suspended 6 games, Dallas was considered a SB contender. But sure we can play that game, a team that went 7-9 in 2017 won the SB in 2018. Hence the term contender, if you’re a good team with a solid roster you’re usually considered a contender. Zeke pretty much put them into that category with his play.

Comment 28 Mar 2018

I think we are all well aware of how bad PSU’s OL was last season and everyone knew Barkley was getting the ball. It’s probably why he had close to 700 yds receiving as well 

Comment 28 Mar 2018

Are you saying 13-3 teams are no longer considered super bowl contenders? Keep in mind that’s him carrying the team with a rookie QB as well that plays better with Zeke in the lineup.

Comment 28 Mar 2018

But you literally saw how good the cowboys were with and without Zeke. Jalen Ramsey is not picking up the slack on the offense to make the cowboys better. Jordan Howard is probably the best RB in a Division in which they are in last place and they’re the only team that’s dedicated to the run. Being a good RB doesn’t necessarily make him a great RB.

Comment 28 Mar 2018

Zeke and Fournette both top 4 picks, pretty much turned their teams into playoff super bowl contenders with mediocre QBs. Jordan Howard, a good RB is not a game changer like those two. 

Comment 28 Mar 2018

Stats are a pretty good indicator of ability. If Allen was truly the top talent everyone said he was he should have had no problem completing over 60% of his passes and over 2k yards against WAC competition. Arm strength alone does not make someone really worth a top pick. As for Farve CFB is a drasticly different game now, offenses are built now to pump up the QB stats in spreading the ball around.

Comment 27 Mar 2018

Yeah, I'm not understanding the Allen love. That is not to say he doesn't possess the physical ability to succeed, but we literally had that in Kizer last year.  I need more than the strong arm argument when he completed 56% of his passes in two seasons against WAC competition.

Comment 27 Mar 2018

That's been the story the last two drafts... No QB has really seemed like a sure bet, but the last two drafts have produced Goff, Wentz, & Watson. Trubisky is still a wait and see. If you feel that any one of the 3 or 4 is the best, then take him. I'm not going to hold the OSU game against Darnold mainly because that was an instance of OSU dominating USC's OL all night. Rosen worries me because of his injury history, Mayfield could be good but I think his game is built on being mobile more than being a pocket passer. Allen is a project.

Comment 14 Mar 2018

I fully believe Taylor is a bridge QB for who the Browns draft at 1. If his stats dipped over the last 3 seasons in Buffalo it probably has a lot to do with his WRs getting progressively worse. And his last game was against the best defense in the NFL in which bortles won the game going 12-23 for 83 yards. 

Comment 12 Mar 2018

I’d wait until free agency ends. I didn’t think last Friday we would trade for Landry, Randall and Taylor. With the most cap space I feel like the Browns are going to make a push for some quality players that may shift what we need in the draft. 

Comment 09 Jan 2018

The UGA matchup was an agreement to play in 2020 & 2021 if dates could be set. The agreement got canceled in 2012 mainly due to the Big10 /PAC 12 partnership. 2020 & 2021 UGA  was replaced by Oregon who at that time was the better team.

Comment 04 Jan 2018

Let’s not totally ignore how 2016 ended with: 44% against MSU, 46% vs ttun, 57% Clemson,  2017 OU 54%, iowa 52%, 37% ttun, 46% Wisconsin. This wasn’t JT throwing bombs all day, this was predominantly throwing WR screens and 5 yard passes. A lot of games won also were not because of his arm, it was because of his legs. I would rather have a QB that is a passer with an ability to run when needed. JT was a runner who could pass from time to time.