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Comment 02 Jul 2019

He’s 6’4 230 and looks skinny right now. I don’t think he will have issues getting to 260ish after a couple of years. 

Comment 27 Jun 2019

Ringo is a freak athlete, but he was getting worked at the most recent Rivals camp in 1v1. Straight-line speed is one thing, agility is another. He didn't look super fluid to me.

Comment 13 Jun 2019

Givler isn’t the type to give an update unless he hears something has changed. I wouldn’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing that he’s quiet. 

Comment 10 Jun 2019

Even faster than Fields 40 time is how quick bucknuts posted that rivals intel. 

Comment 04 Jun 2019

Sorry to break this to you.... but the hard part for me was actually finding availability for the interview. That frustration will be coming next unless you live near a location that has frequent availability. 

Comment 24 May 2019

Did 247 mention Henry is recovering from an injury? No they didn’t and their over reactions from worthless camp testing has been and always will be a joke. 

Comment 23 May 2019

It was a study I read back in the Scout.com days some years ago. Academics were also mentioned like the poster below said. Skill positions tend to venture off more and lineman tend to stay closer to home.