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Comment 18 Jun 2013

Nice list but


It should be at the bottom of the list. 

I'm in MN now and Treegasm '13 is almost complete.  No tree species 'gasms like the Red Pine.  For weeks everything has been covered in yellow pollen.  It penetrates (yeah, that's the term) even the slightest crack to infiltrate every surface in every building, vehicle, and boat for miles.  The cottonwood fluffs are nothing compared to the red pine's thick yellow silt.

If its obnoxious ejaculate is not reason enough to remove the Red Pine from any Top Ten list:

-Maine had the Paul Bunyan legend first.

-Bob Ross never painted a Red Pine. 

-Red Pines are lousy climbing trees.


Comment 12 Apr 2013

Mark May has a crush on the Buckeyes.  He behaves exactly like a 12-year old boy who torments the girl he secretly likes.  

Comment 30 Mar 2013

I'm a basketball Buckeye.  You want to bitch about a player?  This game falls squarely on Craft.  He was left open and failed throughout the game to step up.  DT was double and triple teamed.  DT is a grown ass man and played despite it.  Amir, Ross, and Scott showed grit and glimpses of next year.  Craft failed. Epically. 

Comment 04 Mar 2013

Chuck Klosterman (he of Sex, Drugs, and Coco Puffs fame) is predicting a 1-16 upset this tourney.

If Gonzaga gets a 1-seed, Chuck may be on to something. 


As for us, well, I think it's time to dig up the True Grit pics from last year.  I believe this team will ride into the tourney, reins in teeth, a shotgun in each hand....