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Comment 29 May 2019

Even if we don't land any of them, which would be disappointing, I would be perfectly fine with getting Lawrance Toafili, if he's still tenable. 

Of the 3, I'd imagine Evans stays down south, Robinson either stays out west or OSU, and Milton OSU or whatever other school he holds in highest regard.

Comment 23 Mar 2019

If you had to put money on one picking us, who do you think? Sounds like McCarthy is more likely of the two, but both will be two of the best in the 2021 class. I'd imagine that the staff isn't necessarily pushing for a commitment now, and getting them to play more, get more film of them, and evaluate.

Comment 04 Mar 2019

Exactly. Take the 40 times with a grain of salt. Take into consideration their frames as a point of reference for their size (hence why D.K. Metcalf running a 4.33 is so impressive), but also their respective positions. Different drills are more/less important for certain positions. WR's, DB's, and RB's (positions where 40 times are considered more important), are not that often going to run 40 yards in a straight line, so considering their agility in shorter spaces is far more important. 

However, all of these tests exist just to put a quantitative measure of a prospect's qualities, to actually put a value on a certain skill. The combine/pro day drills and the prospect's film give you the best picture of their ability (not #'s ran in underwear in an indoor facility, meant best for performance).

Comment 04 Mar 2019

Gentry ran horribly, didn't even look half fluid during drills. Combine his drop tendencies on film, and you have essentially an UDFA grade. 

While the following may not be about him, and instead Georgia TE Isaac Nauta (who I believe we recruited), it still rings true for Gentry's 4.90, 40. 

Comment 04 Mar 2019

With collegiate S&C coaches, especially ones to the caliber of Mickey, we'd have to think that after about 3 years here, he'd probably run around low 4.5s to high 4.4's.

Although even if it is 4.5s. which is still solid (6'2, 228 lbs' Arizona St. WR N'Keal Harry ran a 4.53), that matters far less than the agility drills like the 3 cone and shuttle. And a 3.91 shuttle is godly, especially for a HS Jr. (The fastest shuttle time in combine history is Tennessee CB Jason Allen, at 3.81). Add to that already existing traits, like his natural hands / tracking ability / high-pointing, he's bound to be high tier WR at the collegiate level (elite w/ Brian Hartline).

While he's doesn't display the same quick twitch on film as his agility drills would indicate, he still has the natural tools of playing WR (the part of being a WR that involves catching the ball and creating separation).

Comment 15 Feb 2019

Johnny Wilson, 6'6 220 WR from Calabasas, CA. #2 ranked WR on 247. Recently put us in his top 5, along with Oregon, Texas, UCLA, and Washington.

Comment 12 Feb 2019

I wouldn't think so, especially if we miss out on Bresee. They do have very similar body types, and would both fit as 3-Techs, but Henry and I would assume Bingley-Jones are takes. If they both want in, I would think the staff would more than happily accommodate them both.

It also helps that there aren't too many feasible NT options out there. There's Aidan Keanaaina, but it sounds like he's commiting to Notre Dame on February 13th, and Tre Williams "apparently" wasn't a take (idk what happened), so I would assume we aren't taking a 1-Tech guy, as of now.

Comment 01 Feb 2019

I definitely feel McCarthy is the best of the bunch. He does indeed have the best arm and he puts some good touch on his deep balls. His release is slower and needs to come out with a little bit more conviction, but the upside is there for him to become really good. He could really stretch the field with his mobility and deep accuracy. He's got a little bit of Jack Miller in his game.

While I believe McCarthy is the best of the group, I also quite like Kyle McCord. His arm isn't nearly as strong, but it's a little less "cumbersome", if you will. McCord has very impressive accuracy and touch in the intermediate parts of the field. McCord is definitely the more "pro-ready" QB, if you want to apply that to high school sophomores. His technique is smooth; his footwork is good (better than McCarthy), but still could use some work. He definitely has to overcompensate a little more on deeper throws, but his accuracy makes up for it, at least at the high school level. McCord is more in the mold of Nick Foles, but more mobile.

Preston Stone is a very mobile QB, but with not as strong of an arm (I'd put it somewhere between the first two guys). He'is quick to get out the pocket, though. He's got higher upside than the other 2, mainly because some of his throws are absolutely beautiful, but his passes have a lot higher variation, as on certain throws, the ball wobbles, pointing to his weaker velocity. I also see too high a number of desperation throws, hoping the WR comes down with it (where the DB never looks back those plays), Trace McSorley-esque. That, though, is an unfair comparison as he's closer to Shea Patterson than McSorley. All 3 guys are going to be elite guys come their senior years.

Comment 22 Jan 2019

Cousin, I believe. And as much as I'd love to have a guy named Demon as a pass rusher, it's pronounced Da-Mon.

I'll still call him Demon, though. :P

Comment 03 Jan 2019

Hmm...I would personally think that one would have a positive relationship with their future position coach, unless of course they knew the coach was going to be canned. Does that then mean the school is negatively impacted or does the relationship with the head coach, especially one like Franklin, overarch that? I would assume so, but these are 17-18 year olds making decisions that shape the rest of their life, so it's got to be accounted for.

Comment 03 Jan 2019

That makes sense. I wouldn't assume that Franklin doesn't have a major role in his recruitment. I just didn't know if the "revolving door" would affect him, or how much it would affect him. 

Comment 02 Jan 2019

Penn St. fired WR coach David Corley. I wonder how much this affects our chances with Julian Fleming. On 247, it says that he's the main recruiter in the battle, but I don't know how much was Corley and how much was Franklin or any other recruiter. I know they lost Gattis last year and Corley took over, I just wonder if having a revolving door of WR coaches would affect Fleming or how much it would affect him. 

Comment 31 Dec 2018

I think the thing was that he had really high highs and low lows. They both need to get better at reading the game a little bit more, especially with blitzes and disguised looks. Both of their downfield accuracy can be spotty at times. Herbert definitely has beautiful touch, even in contested situations. My main concern with Herbert is with his tendency to make one read and bail; I definitely have more concerns with his mental processing than I would with Haskins.

I can understand the pre-concieved notions that Herbert is better, and he definitely can look very pretty, but I would definitely prefer Haskins. And both of these guys would be overshadowed next year by Fromm and Tua. This year is pretty garbage outside of Haskins or Herbert. I quite like Brett Rypien and Daniel Jones (slightly less though), who both may carve out decent NFL careers, their upsides aren't nearly that high.

Comment 25 Dec 2018

Ahh...I would guess then, maybe, a top 3 or top 5. I'm not expecting a commitment, but crazier things have happened. I would certainly hope for a boom!