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Comment 11 hours ago

Texas had NO business in the top 20. The CFP committee has a direct relationship with ESPN and you better believe SEC bias plays a major factor in their decision. Its not conspiracy, its business. Texas should have 6 losses right now (two wins by last second FGs) and they haven't beaten anyone. They were in the top 20 to further boost LSU's resume. Similarly, UGA and Bama ranked where they were was specifically to set the SEC up for two teams assuming both win out (UGA losing to LSU in the SEC title game puts LSU and Bama in; UGA winning SEC title, puts them and LSU in). Watch Texas remain in the top 25. IMO, Indiana has quality losses, even in blow out fashion to OSU. They are a top 25 team.

Comment 10 Nov 2019

If all the info out so far about what he did is true, then he should never had been suspended. Make him sit Rutgers, then come out to destroy PSU and Michigan. The kid deserves to leave a legacy and has done more than enough to earn that right. He is, by all reports, an incredible person and teammate on top of what he does on the field. We've been lucky to have him and I want him to be able to go out on his terms, with a National Title ring, All American status, National Awards, and then crush it in the NFL. 

Comment 10 Nov 2019

Play a complete game, stay healthy. Just win. I don't care about another massacre, I just want OSU 100% going into PSU. 

Comment 09 Nov 2019

1. LSU, 2. Clemson, 3. OSU, 4. Alabama, 5. Oregon, 6. Georgia, 7. Oklahoma, 8. Minnesota, 9. Utah, 10. Penn State

Rankings based on who would beats who (i.e, #1 beats everyone from 2-9)

Comment 08 Nov 2019

Still amazing how OSU is consistently involved in NCAA issues over the years. Its remarkable that other schools, specifically southern schools with a direct financial relationship with ESPN, dont ever have to through this every year. The scrutiny bias is real and is astoundingly obvious, yet here we are. Alabama players have posted pictures of piles of cash and nothing came of that, despite the obvious connection to offering money to recruits. OSU compliance needs to be stronger than they have been. If this turns out that he got money from a person who has no direct relationship with OSU and then paid it back, then OSU compliance and the NCAA should all be lit ablaze. 

Comment 08 Nov 2019

I dont see how he plays again at OSU if he did accept cash from someone. That stuff gets you clipped hard and with only 4 reg season games left, I dont see how NCAA/OSU let him play again for that mistake. If its something less, then maybe we see him again, but these situations rarely end up with a slap on the wrist, especially when it involves Ohio State. 

Comment 03 Nov 2019

Browns still have 4 games against Steelers and Bengals. If they don't win at least 3 of those, Kitchens is gone. They needed to have someone with legit NFL HC experience, not a dude who lets Baker be a moron on and off the field. 

Comment 03 Nov 2019

Helton's players play hard for him. He may not be able to manage a game (although SC has had some injuries), but his team cares about him. FSU didn't even want to play this year.

Comment 03 Nov 2019

SC is a tough gig. I think you can pull the west coast kids, but you aren't going into Georgia, Florida, or Texas with as much ease as they may have been used to. Recruiting has changed so much since SC could snag players from Ohio, Florida, Louisiana, etc. I just don't see anyone, even Urban, being able to roll right into those prime recruiting states in the central and eastern parts of the country and be able to convince kids that SC is the place to be over more consistently successful programs (OSU, Bama, Clemson, etc). 

On top of these types of geographical recruiting challenges, you have to deal with solid Pac-12 programs that have been established since USC's struggles: Washington, Oregon, Utah, and even the likes of Stanford and Washington State. Any coach that goes there is going to have to effectively rebrand USC football, which hasn't had an identity under Helton. To me, its a 3 year rebuild to get them to being the top dog in the Pac-12 year in and year out. Not sure if its worth Urban or a top tier coaches time, especially someone already coaching a top program like Franklin. Its a risk with a huge reward, but always could lead to unemployment in a few years if you struggle. 

Side note: I wouldn't be too shocked to see Chip Kelly turn UCLA into something. They have a few nice pieces, but haven't really been able to find consistency. 

Comment 28 Oct 2019

LSU has really one high quality win to its resume and it was at home this past weekend. Burrow beat a crappy Texas defense and immediately became the Heisman favorite. Thats the way it is these days. The Heisman front runner is announced after Week 1 and until they fail miserably, they will continue to garner momentum. It Is easy as hell to impact the entire game at QB, its incredibly difficult to do that on D, especially DE. Chase Young has single handedly changed the trajectory of a game from DE. If he can lead OSU to a win vs PSU and Michigan in the same way he did vs Wisconsin, then you give the man the trophy. Hell, Saturday evening and Sunday very very few national pundits (especially on ESPN) were even mentioning Chase in the Heisman conversation. Its ridiculous how a once revered trophy has been completely diminished recently.

Comment 27 Oct 2019

Michigan was the superior team heading into last years game. OSU put together a complete game and smoked them. OSU needs to stay healthy and beat PSU, then focus on Michigan. Im not convinced that Michigan is any good at this point. Let's see them string together consistent performances before we suddenly freak out like its the 90s again. 

Comment 20 Oct 2019

ND is a legit offense, especially when motivated They should have beat UGA in Athens. ND 31 Michigan 17. I don't believe in Michigan's offense until it can win them a game solely by itself. OSU has looked like a work in progress on O the entire season except Nebraska and still can generate a ton of points. Michigan's has yet to really show that.

I think Wisconsin holds OSU in check, because without a solid running attack, OSU's offense seems to sputter a little bit. Wisconsin will sell out of the run and make Fields have to hit people down field (he is not consistently solid at deep passes yet). The defense hasn't faced any legit offense yet. Taylor will make them work, but Wisconsin will have to show they can actually throw the ball to make OSUs D have to make an adjustment or two. Penn State will be the real test for OSUs defense, especially Hamler, who is going to be the only serious playmaker OSUs D will face all year. 

Comment 29 Sep 2019

long way to go, I am impressed by the start. IMO, no real tests as of yet. Michigan State will provide some difficulties; however, if the team doesn't sleep walk, then they should win the game by a few scores. At Northwestern could get weird, but if OSU can establish the run early then they can do what they did at Indiana and Nebraska. Wisconsin is going to bring the wood. Thats the real test for this offense. I am confident in the defenses capability against Wisconsin, especially at home, but the offense is going to have to be pretty perfect. Penn State is also going to be a challenging defense, moreso than Nebraska and finally Michigan should be a tough one since its on the road. The real tests are coming, but the offense is developing really nicely. If it continues and they stay healthy, then they go undefeated in the regular season and win the B1G. 

Comment 29 Sep 2019

Frost is going to do great things at Nebraska. Will they consistently compete with the likes of OSU? Maybe, maybe not. But I hope Husker Nation has patience and lets the man do his thing. His team was fighting until the end and thats a testament to the culture he is building. Its refreshing to see a coach act the way he does. I feel he and Day could be terrific cross divisional rivals in this conference once Nebraska gets the train rolling.