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Comment 12 Mar 2017

Only way that happens is if the B1G continues its decline as a whole. Theres no solid interior presence on the OSU bball team for next year. No pure scorer. No shut down defenders. Its a team of a couple guys who can have good nights every once in a while and a few that put in solid effort but the cupboard is pretty empty at OSU going into next year. If they can reach 20 wins (including post season play) next season, then its a success. 

Comment 23 Feb 2017

must have been a pain in the ass for ESPN audio crew to find a good place to put the "crowd noise mic". That being said, all 12 fans there are at least being a little bit loud. 

Comment 22 Feb 2017

what do you mean "not working"? If by that you mean lecturing then yes, because they use lecturing as a means of paying the bills and getting grant money in order to conduct their own research, which is what they spend most the time and those "months of the year" you reference doing. Not too mention the countless papers and exams they have to mark. Its not just a 9-5 gig, its an all day gig and they soak up what little actual vacation time they get when they can get it. Professors, generally speaking, work a hell of a lot harder than an athletics coach, you just dont hear about it on ESPN or the like and so have no knowledge of the time and effort it takes to be a college lecturer. In addition, its actually very hard to land a professorship, especially at schools like OSU and UC. Many of them are entitled, yes, but its mainly because of how hard they had to work and have to work to get/keep their jobs. Don't act like they are some elementary school teacher who gets 3 months off. 

Comment 14 Feb 2017

Over the last two seasons, the passing attack has been at a high school level. Until the offense can move the ball through the air consistently and possess and utilise a downfield threat, I dont think OSU is the best team in the B1G, much less the nation. PSU is the team to beat in the B1G and should be considered a stronger national title contender at this point. 

Comment 07 Feb 2017

My question to Day--and to Urban--is, if JT doesnt take significant steps in his pre- and post-snap reads, fundamentally altering his throwing motion, and developing arm strength, will they genuinely give Burrow/Haskins a look at starting? I dont see how JT gets significantly better in one offseason when the issues he has aren't things that can just be switched on or off. He's been throwing the ball in that ridiculously delayed form for years and his arm isn't going to be able to sling it into tight windows any time soon. The dude may re-develop into a distributor type QB, but we need a real downfield passing threat to compete for the B1G and National titles. I dont see it with JT at QB and I dont think Day is going to be able to get JT to that level due to the inherent issues with the type of QB JT is and will be.

Comment 07 Feb 2017

If QB play is the sum of the offense, then why do people praise JT for his 2014 season and then blame the offense as a whole for his struggles since then?

Comment 31 Jan 2017

All of the schools have prep schools like NAPS for Navy (Naval Academy Preparatory School). Chances are the majority of those classes will go to them for a year then onto the Academies (should they qualify). I had a friend in high school go to NAPS because Navy didn't need him in the class for that year but would for the following year. Its like a grayshirt but you get to play football at a place that is still connected to the school you end up at.  

Comment 16 Jan 2017

Myers struggles were attributed to the offense they ran at his HS where he was exclusively a run blocker. I dont think they should have assessed him in the way they did given it was his HS scheme, not his talent, that led to the challenges. 

Comment 12 Jan 2017

i swear my youth league team dribbled, passed, and shot better than OSU. Even when there is no pressure they can't do anything fundamentally sound.