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Comment 10 Jan 2020

Kmp10 - Your assessment of Fick not being blue blood and having an MSU ceiling is based on what exactly?  You're going to consider anything he's done at Cincy?   You're using NFL coaches as the gold standard for college coaches?  Nick Saban failed miserably in the NFL and ran back to college with his tail between his legs.   Oh yeah, then he became (arguably) the best college coach in modern day.   Oh, and Jim Harbaugh took a 49ers team to the SB, but hasn't had much success at scUM.  Many other examples of NFL coaches who haven't had great success in college.   

Comment 05 Jan 2020

Sometimes, Kirk needs to be quiet.  When the news came out of Chase Young flying his girl the bowl game.  Kirk was quick to say "I'm hearing it's 4-games."   It ended up being two.  Kirk likes to open his mouth and insert his foot sometimes, when it's best to not say anything at all.   

Comment 30 Dec 2019

Can't have it both ways.  If Bama smacks scUM then the pundits (ESPN) are singing Bama and the SEC praises. While disparaging the B1G conference.  Then everyone is all upset with the media drooling over the SEC.   Like it or not, scUM is a part of our conference.  I want the B1G to shine.   

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Agreed.  Teague isn't fast twitch, and his first step is very slow.  RB's should be like sports cars, zero to top speed in 2-3 seconds.   He just can't get to top end speed quickly.   Really needs to work on his first step.   

Comment 20 Dec 2019
NPF is only a true sophomore, or maybe RS Frosh. It's extremely rare for OL to play immediately as a true frosh. They need time to develop in the weight room. Especially a guy like NPF that needed to put on weight. So let's wait to have this conversation next year when NPF is a full time starter and after 2-years in the weight room with Marriott. Another example: Josh Myers and Wyatt Davis. Both were 5-star recruits. Needed 3 years to develop in the weight room.
Comment 14 Dec 2019

Before he took the podium, he walked over and hugged Ryan Day and Coach Mick.  He didn't have to do that.  The kid is a class act.   

Comment 14 Dec 2019

What concerned me, in the first half of Wiscy game the D was run over and gashed on ground.  If Clemson's run game gets with with Etienne, they will do whatever they want on offense.  First objective, stop the run.   

Comment 10 Dec 2019

Awards season can also be a much needed rest, rather than a distraction.  This teams had three hard fought games in a row. Players need a little break.  Not only to get healthy physically, but mentally.  I'm sure they have lives outside of football.  Go have some fun young bucks.   

Comment 10 Dec 2019
So what "information" are you hoping to glean exactly? You've found that clemson fans are confident in their team, and don't think Ohio State can win? Or you may have found a Clemson fan that said something negative about Ohio State Yeah, real detective work there buddy. That's Pulitzer prize winning stuff. Oh by the way, we feel the same way about our team. That's why they'll play the game to find out.
Comment 10 Dec 2019
Of course they're confident, they have every reason to be. Did you want to read on their website that they're cowering with fear and they're considering withdrawing from the game to save themselves from the humiliation? And who gives a fuck what their fans are saying on their website. Their website is for them, our is for us. Stop with this bullshit of going to other fans sites.