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Comment 02 Jul 2020
No idea what's happening with CFB in the fall. I live in California and it was in the news today USC will not conduct in person classes this fall. Most if not all California schools will be closed on the fall. Are we going to have conference such as the PAC 12 where some schools participate and others don't? That would be weird. I would imagine if one school doesn't participate, all schools out in that conference. Who knows.
Comment 26 Jun 2020

Seyekcu - I certainly wouldn't want to be a black athlete and represent a racist student body.  As an athlete, you play for yourself AND for the fans.  If the fans are a bunch of racists hillbillies, maybe you need to sit out.  They certainly don't appreciate you.   

And he's not stopping anything he loves.  He has a full ride scholly to Ohio State.  All his hopes and dreams on the football field can still come true.   

Comment 02 Jun 2020
Curfews are anti-American. This isn't communist China. The Government shouldn't be mandating adult people to stay home. I have a problem with curfews from a civil liberties perspective. This is a free country and we should always be free. If the police can't break up violent and looting protesters they should bring in the national guard to assist. I hate the "we're going to punish everyone, because of a few bad apples" mentality. Then you have the over zealous cops trying to arrest people taking their dog for a walk. Smh! Ugh! And the cops wonder why people are protesting against them.
Comment 15 May 2020
Just think of all the fond memories we've given scUM over the last 20 years. I'm sure names like Troy Smith, Ted Ginn, and many many others eat them alive. Yeah the 90's sucked, but we've more than made up for it. So I'll see your 1990's you scUM bastards and raise you two decades.
Comment 30 Apr 2020

We need to recognize power 5 college football as a minor league NFL system and just full on pay players.  There's nothing amateur about power 5 CFB.   Name, likeness, and image is a good start.  However, I'm sure the devil will be in the details, and the NCAA will come out with fine print that f*cks the players.  

Is there "guard rails" on Gene's $2m salary?     

Comment 29 Apr 2020

Kmp - This is a ridiculous argument.  First of all, many of the athletes don't wish to go to college, but are forced as it's the only legitimate NFL minor league system.  If you give me something for free that I don't want, what's it worth to me?  So those values your quoting are meaningless.  In the words of Cardale Jones "We didn't come here to play school"  

Secondly, what's the cost per individual player?  It's not much.  Per player it's probably $20-$25k per year?  Meanwhile many of the coaches are getting paid over a million.   School administrators are making millions. Gene Smith makes $2m a year.  So the players are making everyone around them rich, while receiving a paltry 20K a year in benefits?  This is hardly a fair system.   

Comment 24 Apr 2020

This is why players want to sit out bowl games.  JK was hurt in the playoff game, sat out the combine.  Now it's costing him in the draft.  JK should've gone ahead of Jonathon Taylor.   

Comment 05 Apr 2020

Okay, the transfer portal is happening everywhere I get that.  But we need to use the portal to our advantage.  The football team is doing an excellent job at this.  On the football team, we're getting great value in the portal.  The basketball squad has guys transferring, and we're not replacing with equal or better talent.