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Comment 10 Jun 2019

Werner is one of the worst I've seen in a long time.  The guy could not stop the run, constantly out of position.  Watching Werner in the Maryland game was pure comedy.  They made him look like a clown.  He was thrust into a starting position too early, wasn't ready.  Needs to put on 15-20lbs in the off season.   Even if he puts on the weight, not sure he's a good enough athlete to play here.   

Comment 09 May 2019

Don't need to watch UK football to know that never (okay maybe the rare rare exception such as Tim Couch) has a QB at Kentucky been good enough to play at Ohio State.  If we start settling for UK QB's, we're just never going to compete with Bama, Clemson, and Oklahoma.   I get it, we had to take this kid for depth.  I hope he sits thirds string and never sees the field, because if he does, we're screwed.  There's a reason this kid ended up at Kentucky and not at a better school.  There's a possibility this kid is a diamond in the rough, but very unlikely.   

Comment 08 May 2019

If it comes down to Gunnar Hoak, we're in big trouble.   Let's keep in mind, the kid was a backup QB at Kentucky.  I don't ever remember a time when the backup QB at Kentucky was good enough to start at Ohio State.  We needed him for depth, but hoping it doesn't come down to him.    

Comment 08 May 2019

Agree DroneBuck.  We have some solid RB's.  But we don't have anyone elite.  Dobbins had difficulty running between the tackles last year.  McCall with his lack of size, isn't a true RB at this level.  Haven't seen a large enough sample size from Teague, but he doesn't look elite.  We'll have to wait and see on Chambers/Crowly.   I want to see the next Zeke, Beanie, Eddie, MoC, but unfortunately doesn't appear this team has that caliber of back.   

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Time to come back to reality with recruiting.  Urban was recruiting on a level this program has never seen.  Urban was going anywhere in the country plucking 5-stars, taking almost anyone he wanted.   Our fan base got spoiled.  That wasn't going to last forever.  Ryan Day isn't going to recruit on that level.  Can't expect Day to snag anyone he wants when he's never done anything as a HC, completely unproven.  

Comment 01 Feb 2019

Sign the kid already!  Grew up a Buckeye, scores 30, game.  Athletic and can shoot.  

Holtmann is determined to not recruit in the state of Ohio.   

Zero Ohio kids committed in the 2019 class, and one in the 2020.  We have talent in our background, get off your ass and get it Holtmann!   Meanwhile, Michigan State continues to raid Ohio and take the best.  Unbelievable.   

Comment 18 Jan 2019

Whatever was the "violation of team rules" was the most tight lipped thing I've ever seen in the information age.   Absolutely nothing leaked on this story, that I saw.  Would've thought someone in the know would've leaked it.  All it takes is for someone to know, and come in here and post it.    

Comment 11 Jan 2019

@Kmp10 - Many people including myself think it was cowardice to talk smack to the media during the Rose Bowl, and talk smack on social media, then run away.  If you're going to talk a big game, be prepared to back it up.   

Would've had no problem if he kept his mouth shut and transferred.  But no, he had to go running his mouth.  Then he ran away when he realized he couldn't back it up.  He should've been quiet and transferred.  Issued a statement to Buckeye nation how grateful he was for experience.  Then I would've had no problems with it.     

Comment 10 Jan 2019
I would bet everything has already happened behind the scenes. I can guarantee you he already has a school he's transferring to. He's already talked to the coach of that school and worked out all the details. It'll come out in a few days the name of the school. Before he jumped in the "portal" he knew where he was going to land.
Comment 10 Jan 2019

At 54 years old, highly doubt Urban is done coaching.  Sabans 67.  Urban has a good 10+ years in the tank.   Urban has a huge ego, he'll want to coach again.  If anything for the media attention.   He's not going to want to stay in some BS drummed up job Ohio State's given him in the athletic department for long.  His health problems will miraculously become manageable when the right school calls.      

Comment 08 Jan 2019

We've recruited well at LBer.  But for some reason, guys we're recruiting aren't working out.  Hilliard was a 5-star kid.  Doesn't play.  Booker was a high 4-star, (and Mr. Football in Ohio) only started one year of his career.  Deandre Jones high ranked recruit, doesn't play.  Nick Connor, a 4-star kid, doesn't play.   Even some of the guys that are playing aren't working out:  Werner, Borland, Browning.   

We're getting plenty of talent. If all the guys we're recruiting aren't working out, it's not the players, it's the coaching.   

Comment 06 Jan 2019

To get Justin Fields to transfer to Ohio State, there must've been a lot of work done behind the scenes.  Many conversations between Justin and the coaching staff.  Doubt the staff was working diligently to get Justin to transfer so he could sit the bench   Of course the staff is going to say publicly there'll be a QB competition, and the best guy will play.  And I think that's true to an extent.  But I don't believe Ryan Day is thrilled with Tate's skill-set, so he went out shopping for a new starting QB.    

It's not looking good for Tate.