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Comment 24 Jan 2020

I'm glad I don't follow basketball because then I'd probably be as miserable as the 11W staff seems to be this week. Winter sucks enough what the hell do you have to drag all this maudlin reminiscing with a side order of superstitious claptrap out for? What ifs and worst losses and curses. 

This is what I get for not going straight to the stories from Shot Show isn't it? Frelling offseason. 

Comment 30 Dec 2019

My last sentence is saying that Ohio State was always going to play Clemson. We could have obliterated Wiscy in the conference championship and they could have still justified LSU at number 1 right?

Suppose the Sooners had done something to justify jumping Clemson. They could have kept Ohio State number 1 and dropped Clemson to four. Then they could have been all Clemson hasn't played anybody couldn't they? 

This is not raw from Saturday. This paranoia/crazy/lunatic is much deeper. I look at everything the playoff committee does from the aspect of doing their best to make sure an SEC team ends up in the title game. This system is just as gamed as the BCS. 

Comment 30 Dec 2019

Is it just something you don't hold onto or is it rare for the replay booth to stop a play that went against the offense when the offense is rushing to the line to get set and run the next play? As long as we're complaining about the replay booth and being fringe lunatics I'd have liked them to stay out of that one because they gave Clemson a free timeout when they were reeling. 

Comment 30 Dec 2019

I'm happy to consider myself a fringe lunatic. I grew tired of making myself crazy trying to stay sane so I just went nuts and had it over with. I've been much happier for it. 

I think that the desire to protect the SEC and desirability for an SEC-ACC title game made Ohio State number 2 in the final poll in the first place. The committee knew what the Sooners were and neither Virginia nor the Sooners gave them enough justification to keep Ohio State number one while moving Clemson to four and the Sooners to three. 

Comment 30 Dec 2019

Funny thing is though that Joey got ran after a play that was going to put the game out of control in favor of the Buckeyes. There is a lot of not-an-unreasonable-take to your idea that Joey got tossed on purpose. It was a bit flagrant but from a "we need to keep this game close or only the Buckeye fans will keep watching" standpoint it was a pretty similar moment. 

Comment 30 Dec 2019

More money right now. But at the risk of not having an SEC or ACC champinoship winning game for replay on their networks. But it isn't just the ratings and viewers for the championship they want. 

And at what risk really to what they expect to pull for the championship game? The championship game they put the former Buckeye and kid from Ohio who won the Heisman in. Buckeye fans, sure not as many, will tune in hoping to see Clemson get beat. There isn't just one ratings number for one game that counts here. 

Comment 30 Dec 2019

When I think about that sort of thing I consider how often "Iowa's Greatest Games" or "Purdue's Greatest Games" are beating Ohio State. My Facebook thread was full of folks who never post football stuff taking shots at the Buckeyes. 

I have long maintained that one of the reasons for an expanded playoff is folks like to see Goliath fall. The ratings for the Fiesta Bowl were high because it is a game Ohio State might lose. Where gains are made is with viewers who don't usually tune in. The gains on this stuff are in the margins. Ohio State is one of the most hated teams. Folks like to see the Buckeyes lose. That's made for gains in the margins. 

It isn't an accident that we were ranked number two. (The CFP system is just as gamed as the BCS.) The powers that be get their shot at one of those games Ohio State can lose while also getting a shot at their ACC-SEC final providing a championship winning replay for either of their networks. (And OSU fans tune in to hopefully see the Ohio boy beat the team that took the Buckeyes out.)

It seems a possibilty there are ratings numbers that can be found to back all of this up. Clemson beating LSU probably doesn't play as well in replays as Clemson beating OSU. 

I also note that I hadn't watched any of the Sooners this season. I thought they had a shot because I didn't know anything about them. Given how inept they looked and how the next reasonable choices from the Pac-12 likely compared even had we won it is difficult not to see the committee as having chosen LSU for the final. This is all business and business hates risk. Way less risk to the business making Ohio State number two. 

Comment 29 Dec 2019

The thing I think is not getting talked about with the Wade hit is he seemed to be putting his head across the front of Lawrence like in a rugby tackle. The letter of the law versus the spirit of the law. 

Hearing we needed to make more plays is tough to swallow when the play we made to cause a fourth and fifteen well on the Clemson half of the field becomes a first down and loss of our best DB.