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Comment 17 Sep 2018

You're posting about it because you are looking for hope that you have a reasonable grasp on reality at a time when many of the institutions meant to help all of us with that aren't always doing the best job of it. Some seem to be actively working against our knowing what in fact is. It seems perfectly reasonable to me to worry that you're looking at things through a flawed lens. You're kind of  asking if you're being a PSU fan who defends JoePa not knowing about Sandusky. 

Comment 17 Sep 2018

First as the head football coach at a major university he's likely not allowed to talk to police because it will look bad in pretty much any and all circumstances.

Also if one of your employers was alleged to have committed a crime how much information on that allegation are you going to get from talking to the police? But you're going to get more if you're the head football coach at Ohio State or Alabama or Clemson right? Which in my flawless circular logic leads us right back to why he's not allowed to talk to police. 

Comment 17 Sep 2018

That fake fair catch should have been a penalty. The receiver was waving at the coverage men. Should have been a mis-leading fair catch call. In our everything is targeting day and age those guys already have to be a bit gun shy and cautious. Should have been overturned and penalized on a video review but review doesn't work like that. Arkansas just got some other punt-returner(s) hurt and some other coverage player ejected and suspended. That play should not be being lauded. 

Comment 17 Sep 2018

I do think we were a bit under-prepared to start the game. I also think the coaches aren't putting the linebackers in good spots which gets combined a bit with the linebackers not being experienced. The d-line is so good you want them to get upfield but this is letting linemen get to the second level. 

I'd also point out that one or two of the obvious holding calls on the TCU o-line or their wide receivers having been made would likely have erased a couple of TCU scores or at least conversions. 

TCU also just burnt out their o-line in the first half. All that tempo and all those pulls and such -- all that out coaching and out scheming came at a cost. 

Comment 16 Sep 2018

I think one of the issues for the linebackers is the first job of the d-line seems to be getting pressure and not keeping the linebackers clean. Our talent on the d-line is getting used against us and it is making it even more difficult for the linebackers who do have some growing to do. That big run the center got to the second level untouched.

Comment 16 Sep 2018

I think the linebackers are getting a hard time because the goal with the d-line is to get pressure and not keep the o-line off the linebackers. That long run the center was unobstructed to the linebacker. It was a bad play call but there is some of that often. Teams are just ignoring the d-line and heading to the second level. There is scheme or calls issue as much as any deficiencies in the linebackers.

Comment 16 Sep 2018

TCU is fast but I think the big thing is they were playing faster. Missing Coach Fickell I thought about when he would talk about not wanting the guys to think. Early on there was a lot of thinking. I think we were a little unprepared for what they were doing and that have them a speed edge. As the last quarter rolled around we started figuring it out and got faster.

Their o-line was gassed at the end which also slowed them down. All that holding takes it out of you.