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Comment 9 hours ago

Gophers being undefeated and winning the west or just being one loss and winning the west would be a very good thing. Undefeated Minny would be a much better B1G Championship Game than a rematch with 2 loss Wiscy (assuming we take care of business this week) or two loss Iowa. A final day of the season with a couple of rivalry games with undefeated seasons and trips to the conference championship on the line would be a lot of fun. 

Whatever happens in the west the Buckeyes need to just keep winning. 

Comment 19 Oct 2019

Held them to 3.3 YPC. I will take that level of pedestrian on the road in a route with the second team on the field a bunch.

NW had a few chunks that a back like Taylor could take to the house maybe. But it seemed to me there were times they just did not try to block the DL. NW O-line would just head for an LB. There were a few plays like that by MSU. I know those plays seem scary but I think the coaches have probably seen them too. 

I get what you are worried about and I am worried as well. Though I also have a coaches have seen this and will have an answer. 

Comment 18 Oct 2019

Even as bad as that first quarter against MSU was there were still a couple of plays that we just didn't make. I also think MSU kind of blew themselves out in the first quarter. Even if NW can slow us down their offense won't be able to keep them in it without every trick play and maybe a fake kick. I like 38-0 with the game seeming to just fly past. I see is going into grind clock mode early in the third.

Comment 15 Oct 2019

I watched NW with their crap offense score more on Wiscy than TTUN did. I watched NW's undersized undertalented defense keep them in that game on the strength of preparation alone. I do not doubt that Wiscy is a valid and quality team. They always are. They are rarely an elite team. And it is going to take an elite team to beat Ohio State. 

Can they beat us? Absolutely. Taylor is legit. But so was Gordon. 

Comment 15 Oct 2019

Minny-Wiscy are rivals. If TTUN is not eliminated from being our rival because we keep beating them neither are the Gophers in relation to Wisconsin. And this sure looks like the end of a rivalry game to me. 

Gophers might not be all that. Still not sure Wiscy and PSU are either. Gonna be fun to find out though.

And come on. OSU/TTUN for the East and Minny/Wiscy for the West on the final day of the season? And the Bucks and Gophers going undefeated to Indy? Media wouldn't be able to stoke the boilers on that hype train fast enough. The way they've tried to play up the "Come watch OSU get upset!"angle already this season. Cinderella versus the Big Bad Buckeyes for a trip to the playoff? There would be no bigger stage for the Buckeyes to show they belong in the playoff on. Undefeated Gophers is soooo much better than a re-match with Bucky. 

Fun on a Tuesday morning. 

Comment 15 Oct 2019

I'm not ready to crown Wiscy in The West. Minny gets Wiscy at home to close the season. I like them to dispatch Rutgers and Maryland over the next two weeks. Off week before PSU at home. Iowa and NW on the road before the Badgers. If they flat out beat PSU and don't lose some sort of heartbreaker or have some sort of crazy emotional game and don't go into Kinnick with a hangover... 

It is not out of the realm of possibility for them to go into the final game of the season undefeated. And I'm going to give a Tressel disciple a puncher's chance at least in a rivalry game at home to finish the regular season undefeated. That will be one of the biggest games for the Gophers in some considerable time. 

Gophers need to become our third favorite team I think. They beat up on PSU, send them shell-shocked to face the Hoosiers and come stumbling into The Shoe. Beating an undefeated Minnesota with wins over common opponents in Inday would be way better than a second win over Bucky Badger. 

Comment 14 Oct 2019

They had a fifth year senior QB to go along with Johnson to start the season. It looked like they were going to platoon the two guys till the senior got hurt against Stanford. Johnson just doesn't seem quite ready then he got hurt against Nebraska. NW moved the ball on Wiscy here and there. NW scored more on Bucky than TTUN did. Badger defense is what won that one for them. 

If NW has a really good night this might be like MSU for the first quarter. Their offense might get us with some trick-plays and misdirection type things but the levels of not showing up it will take to lose this are pretty huge. NW just doesn't have the play-makers to keep up. There is no Rondale Moore hiding in the Wildcat roster.