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Comment 08 Mar 2018

Nice thought there with point 1 but that seems less likely than the happy ending. Having seen how it went the first time around and with the way they've guarded Paige I don't see The Center trying to do an end around and recruiting Henry. Henry is also a bit younger than the Connors's boy and I don't think is quite as isolated as that kid was. 

If you want to look at this through the setting up a spinoff lens, I go with Henry ending up in the FBI with Paige going into the family business. 

The whole thing is going to hinge on Stan in my estimation. He gets compromised somehow or catches on that Andrea is a spy and he gets on the track to end this. 

Comment 08 Mar 2018

Henry gets shipped off to boarding school not to be heard from again. 

Pastor Tim and wife are sent on their relief/missionary job and end up murdered along with their child by the local communist revolutionaries. 

Paige is left fluctuating wildly between keeping it together and losing it.   

Stan's girlfriend is most certainly a plant from The Center.

This is where it gets complicated speculating because there will be all sorts of double-cross and mis-direction and each side with double-agents all with their own agendas. 

I think the key to all of this will be Stan. Will he be compromised? Will he catch on and somehow manage to stay clean and stop the bad guys without selling out Paige and Henry? Who actually ends up being the "good guy" in this story? 

Paige goes to Stan, Stan realizes his girlfriend is a mole, Stan wants to stop Phillip and Elizabeth but not ruin Paige and Henry so we get The Jennings serving up most of the operation in exchange for fleeing and leaving Paige and Henry behind? 

Comment 19 Feb 2018

I have nothing good to say about the technical and film-making aspects of this movie except I liked the 3d scanner sand table thing from the opening. Bouncy framing for the sake of bouncy framing. Muddy action. Going to the spinning camera shot too many times. Nausea inducing editing choices between moving camera shots. TV lighting.

I did not care for the design choices for Wakanda. 

The film is far too sympathetic to the villain. 

All of the good in this movie is on the cast in my opinion. All of them very fine actors. 

It is entertaining and a pleasant time at the movies as all of these things are but the effusive praise for it makes me ask the question, "Who are you trying to convince?" 

Comment 19 Feb 2018

From a movie or cinema standpoint "Logan" is arguably the best comic book movie.

I thought "Thor:Ragnarok" is on par with "Black Panther" in that upper middle/middle of the middle tier movies. The bit with Hulk and Thor in the middle went on too long and the movie only had the one joke. 

I don't think subsequent viewings will soften me on "Black Panther" unlike some of the other MCU films. I think the cast is really good and is on initial viewing covering up for the inadequacies of the setup and story.  

Comment 19 Feb 2018

What "Black Panther" movie did you see? That was a standard hero movie. Very typical Marvel fare being better than "Okay" and not quite up to "Good." You might even have seen it when it was called "Thor." Solid movie but I'm not getting all the effusive praise being doled out to it. 

That setup for the second half was an enormous ask to go along with and made my big problem from the first half considerably worse. 

Very strong cast who did a lot with what they were given. 

Comment 13 Feb 2018

On the one hand what an awesome feat of engineering. On the other hand what do I need from the gun store to put those things down? 

Comment 13 Feb 2018

The cost was too high to gamble on the bring it in on Saturday morning when those who could veto it aren't there and then ask for forgiveness route. I made it quite clear I was seeking permission and not to have the company purchase it. And I'm sitting at 0-2 on that tactic for changing things already. 

New employment would likely require relocation and that isn't an appealing option for a number of reasons.