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Comment 5 hours ago

So many times last season they would be in control of a game and not score of not score a clincher. It was very frustrating to watch. Hopefully they'll be able to keep this up against top sides as well as keeping up these meltdowns of the less talented clubs. But just changing all those draws against clubs like West Ham to wins will move them up the standings.

Comment 17 hours ago

They look like they're having fun even when the going is tough. They also seem to have that "all together" thing going on. It took them a bit of time to wake up I thought today and the game could have been very different had Swansea made something of one of their early chances. 

They were having a tough time breaking them down but they were getting chances and earning corners. 

I'm with you though. It is just West Ham and Swans and I don't want to get too puffed up but this could be an exciting season. But those last three goals were some beautiful things. 

Comment 17 Aug 2017

I think it should simply be taken at face value. Melisandre believes in prophecy and such and in visions from the fire. Likely some of these visions are of her death perhaps with Varys. One of the priestesses in Mereen knew something "secret" about Varys. Varys himself mentioned having heard things when he was castrated and his parts were burned.

Varys and Melisandre may have some sort of unknown history. I think generally Varys has a distaste for the followers of the Lord of Light. Varys also doesn't like surprises and she was probably a surprise in arriving at Dragonstone. 

But there isn't some clearly laid out knowledge of what's to come with regard to all of that you've missed. 

Comment 16 Aug 2017

The problem isn't necessarily the music so much as the PA and the music and the acoustics of the venue not being compatible. Then there is the general population being largely tone deaf while I am not. On average people hear but don't listen. As someone who listens the PAs in large venues are typically offensive to me. 

Then there is the part where the music over the PA always sounds so "corporate." 

I prefer the band. 

Comment 16 Aug 2017

Or Gendry just gave over the hammer as Hound got disarmed and so Gendry could help with whatever they're going to use to catch some of the wights. 

Or Gendry tripped/fell and tossed the hammer to Hound. 

Or Gendry just set the hammer down to help with whatever they're going to use to catch the wights and Hound had to pick it up. 

All kinds of reasons without Gendry being dead. 

I agree though it would be within the style of the show to dispatch Gendry in this endeavor. I just think he makes it back for a reunion with Arya. Jon, Gendry, and The Hound all turning up at Winterfell with Sansa, Arya, and Brienne all waiting? 

Comment 15 Aug 2017

We do not know what particular properties of Valyrian steel cause it to be able to withstand the attacks of white walker wielded weapons. At Hardhome all the regular weapons disintegrated when combating the white walker. Longclaw was able to withstand this attack and give Jon a chance to deliver the killing blow.

We do not know if any of the properties that allowed Longclaw to survive would remain were Longclaw to be reforged into a pair of short swords or daggers or arrowheads. Working the steel into a new shape as was done with Ice which may require far different metal working technique than normal steel is one thing. Allowing it to retain any of its more magical properties in doing so may be another. At this point I think that remains to be seen. (I think it unlikely though that Widow's Wail and Oathkeeper will not perform similarly to Longclaw in the series when the time comes. It will feel cheap to the audience to kill Brienne or Jamie in that way.) 

Comment 15 Aug 2017

I miss Keith Jackson sooooo much. For me the problem isn't all this other stuff on other channels it is that the "regular" broadcasts seem to be so over-produced with claustrophobic close-ups and constantly cutting to the crowd and such. 

Comment 15 Aug 2017

I think we're safe in assuming at this point that anything that is a "must" in the books is not a "must" in the show. I'm also not remembering anything about CoF being a must have in the books.

Bran and company are still in the cave in the books aren't they? I think Book Bran's path to Winterfell is likely quite similar to Show Bran's path. 

But if the Reeds are descended from the CoF somehow... 

Comment 15 Aug 2017

I think in the books the primary role of Howland will be to tell join who is mother is and thus who is father is not. Good thought though that the Crannogmen might have some magic against the NK and his army. 

I think we see Howland and Meera and whatever men the Reeds can muster in Winterfell as the big reveal for the finale or the big reveal to start the final season. 

Comment 15 Aug 2017

I'm worried that the swords made from Ice have been rendered into particularly good but no longer Valyrian steel in the melting down and re-casting and re-forging of them. I don't think they'll go that way but... 

I think Ice was primarily a ceremonial weapon. It was an enormous greatsword and The Mountain would be about the only one who could wield it in battle. Ice is important as Valyrian steel is one of the only things that can kill White Walkers. 

Right now the most important Valyrian steel weapon on the show in the short term is Longclaw (Jon will need it to get his mission done in the next episode) and in the long term is Arya's dagger. My guess would be that dagger is the only thing that can kill the Night King. You'll be able to fight him and perhaps subdue him with the likes of Longclaw but you'll need the dagger (likely in the hands of Snow or another Stark or maybe Daenerys) to remove the dragonglass that created him and thus end him forever. 

Comment 15 Aug 2017

Also in the "Hardhome" episode the WW walked through the burning breach into the meeting hall. So I don't think fire will work on the White Walkers. I'd think you use the dragons on the wights keeping them off your soldiers armed with dragonglass and Valyrian steel who might then fight the White Walkers in a more traditional manner. 

I think the big question is whether the WW will be able to destroy a dragonglass weapon in the same manner as a steel weapon like we saw at Hardhome. Sam backstabbed the WW he killed. He didn't try to parry any attacks with it. 

As to Dawn is that a Valyrian steel weapon? I think in the show the only Valyrian steel weapons are:

Ice -- Ancestral greatsword of House Stark destroyed to make Widow's Wail and Oathkeeper

Longclaw -- Jon's sword via Lord Mormont

Arya's Dagger -- Arya's new toy via Bran via Littlefinger

Oathkeeper -- Brienne's Weapon via Jamie Lannister formerly part of Ice

Widow's Wail -- Jamie's sword formerly part of Ice 

Heartsbane -- Ancestral sword of House Tarly currently in keeping of Samwell. 

Are there even any other Valyrian steel weapons mentioned?