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Comment 14 hours ago

Did this all start as an actual investigation of LSU or did it start as part of the criminal investigation of this Funes? Did the 180 grand come from the funds stolen from the foundation? The FEDs or whatever investigative body went to LSU tracking the missing loot and now the football team is under the microscope. My guess is this Funes doesn't get caught and it is still just basketball under investigation. 

Comment 20 Jun 2019

I think this is the really big thing. Cell phones and the internet have just made it so the most egregious instances get spread far and wide. I don't think we're more or less prone to losing our tempers than in the past. 

Comment 20 Jun 2019

I umped little league in the late 80's while in high school. Got an angry earful on more than one occasion. Had everyone on both sides yelling at me over a ball that came down "just" fair because all I did was indicate fair. Even the smart "nice" coach who knew I was right in the end had lost it. No one came after me but I also always made a point to be on my way in a hurry. 

Comment 13 Jun 2019

No where in that article does it say what a USWNT game earns versus what a USMNT game earns. This entire argument hinges on the men not winning compared to the women. From your article:

The differences in World Cup prize money offered by FIFA are well documented, and the disparity continues to rankle many who argue the Women's World Cup deserves more. For instance, the German men's team got around $35 million for its 2014 World Cup win, while the U.S. women only got $2 million for winning the Women's World Cup the following year.

From that alone this is all feel good we're-not-sexists posturing because the men don't win. They're claiming they do better work than the men aren't they? Like they did here:

Comment 13 Jun 2019

Here's that conversation from 2015:

I just dug around. In 2015 the average attendance was ~26,000 for the women's matches. In 2018 the average attendance for the men's matches was ~47,000. The men earn more because the men earn more even with less success. 

And the success for the women's team which has been ongoing for some time now is in no way putting an end to the "It's only soccer" attitude with regards to the men's game. 

Comment 13 Jun 2019

Yep. This scoreline makes it harder for Sweden to win the group on a draw with the US. You have to put every ball in the net you can. 

The only reason I could see to dial it back was to save legs but those women didn't really even look winded. They kept a blistering pace for the entire match. I hope that fitness level wasn't an illusion because of the competition. 

Comment 10 Jun 2019

I don't see that say the head coach being an employee of the private corporation can then exempt the team from any sort of compliance requirements with regards the NCAA. It seems shady as all get out but I don't see this giving FSU carte blanche to end around NCAA regs.