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Comment 16 Jan 2019
The Cooper years were terrible to me. I grew up in the 70s and losing that scUM game wasn't something I was used to. But Coop was a good recruiter. He had way too much talent to NOT win a national title. He had an embarrassment of riches. Thank God for Tressel
Comment 02 Jan 2019

Petersen is a great coach and Washington was much better than anyone in the B1G outside of Penn State and Ohio State. 

Give him credit for the comeback. If this OSU team could play a solid 4 quarters of football there is no one in the country that could beat them. No how no way. 

Discipline is an issue for the Bucks. Maybe Day can right that ship. Urban leaving is so saddening. He took Ohio State football to a new level. Haskins coming back would just guarantee a National Title game appearance and a Heisman for him. Not going to happen. 

Successfull year 13-1. I see them ranked top 4 at the end of the season. Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Oklahoma will be top 5. Georgia gets beat by Texas. ND won’t be in another playoff for at least 10 years. Okie got whipped by the National Champs. Clemson are pretenders. 

Comment 31 Dec 2018

This isn’t about schedules, it’s about recruiting and development of talent. Period. The southern teams have an advantage being in the middle of high school football that is played in the spring. Also, the exposure to Clemson and Alabama football is much greater in those areas than, say, Ohio State. 

We had one of the beat coaches in the NCAA and only played for one National Title. That is on OSU and not on the committee. The. Bucks lost to Va Tech, Iowa, Purdue that weren’t ranked when the loss happened. The Va Tech loss came early in the year. The other two were travesties. OSU can blame themselves for not being in the playoff for that reason and for getting smoked by Clemson 31-0 the last time they were in it. Bama and Clemson are taking care of business when the Bucks were losing to Purdue, badly. I’m a rabid Buckeyes fan, but let’s be real, Alabama would have picked apart our defense as badly as they did Okies. Go Bucks 

Comment 02 Dec 2018

How about they expand to take all 5 major conference champions. Add three wildcards. Wildcards would be like Georgia, UCF, and Michigan. 

Let’s say 1 vs 8 and so on. 

Alabama vs UCF, Clemson vs Michigan, ND vs Georgia, Okie vs Ohio State 

winners to the top 4 bowls. So Rose, Peach, Sugar and Fiesta. Rotating like they do now. Losers to lesser bowls. Shorten the season to 10 games. 

Comment 23 Sep 2018
Urban will be gone after this season. It's going to be his choice. I think this whole affair just sat badly with him. I didn't see him acting his usual self on the sidelines. Day will be HC next season. I'd bet money on it. Urban will be in an admin position going forward.