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Comment 07 Feb 2012

Like I said, all I can say is we'll see. I'm not comparing Hoke's track record to Urban's. Urban has had success that few coaches can even dream of. But Hoke blew away our expectations both on the field and on the recruiting trail. He's a much better coach than his career record indicates. I have confidence in our coach the same way you do in yours. There's not much more that can be said before 11/24/12. 

Comment 06 Feb 2012

All I have to say is we'll see. No one can deny that Urban has an amazing track record, but if there's anyone who can go toe-to-toe with him, it's Hoke. Urban has taken over programs that were already in good shape, whereas Hoke has won at places that were chronically dysfunctional before he arrived. 

In any case, I can't wait until 11/24/12. I think we can all agree on that.

Comment 06 Feb 2012

The "gentlemen's agreement" was made-up garbage when Joe Tiller accused RichRod of violating it in '08, and it's made-up garbage now. Brady Hoke got it right: the kid is fair game until he's signed. 

Comment 06 Feb 2012

As a Michigan fan, I respect this type of healthy mutual disdain. To be honest, I'm actually glad that Ohio hired Urban Meyer because it ups the ante for us and for the rest of the conference. I think Hoke is perfectly capable of going toe-to-toe with Meyer both on the field and on the recruiting trail, but I'm all for raising the level of competition. 

Here's to the rivalry being interesting again. 

Comment 21 Dec 2011

Yes, but that was because Tressel lied and told the NCAA he had no prior knowledge of the violations. There is no way the NCAA would have allowed the suspended players to play in the Suger Bowl if it knew that Tressel had learned of the violations months earlier and did nothing about them. 

Comment 20 Dec 2011

As a Michigan fan, I think the penalties are more or less appropriate. I would have liked to see a 2-year postseason ban to account for the fact that Tressel knowingly played ineligible players in the Sugar Bowl last year coupled with OSU's failure to self-impose a bowl ban this year. However, I don't think the penalties should have been as harsh as what USC got. USC didn't cooperate with the investigation, never took compliance seriously, and hired Kiffin to succeed Pete Carroll despite the fact that Kiffin served on Carroll's staff for the entire period during which the violations occurred. OSU at least pretended to take the matter seriously, despite its laughably pathetic initial response. Given that OSU suffered through a throwaway season as a direct result of the scandal, this seems fair. You guys are actually lucky that it wasn't worse.

Having said all that, the NCAA is still a hypocritical farce, and I agree with you guys that there's an obvious double-standard between the media's focus on the OSU scandal and the rampant cheating in the SEC that goes largely unreported. I think it's because of a cultural difference between the media in the Midwest and the media in the South. The former doesn't let fandom get in the way of a scoop. The latter acts like its purpose is to safeguard the program and its image. Yet another one of the SEC's artificial advantages over us (i.e., the B1G).