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Comment 22 Dec 2017

Now is the perfect time to enter the market after the dip yesterday. I recommend investing in altcoins and NOT in bitcoin. If you can handle extreme volatility, you do your own research and invest in coins with good technology you will make money. Iota, VET and ICX are great buys right now for short and long term.

Comment 30 Nov 2017

He kinda did us a huge favor ( albeit at the expense of Schianos career) because now we will have him for the foreseeable future. I don't think any other school is going to risk that PR nightmare.

Comment 26 Sep 2017

Not a Browns fan or a Peppers fan obviously, but isn't playing him deep the worst possible way to use him? It seems like the coaching staff should bear some responsibility in this as well. It's almost like they are trying to accentuate his weaknesses which is like... the opposite of what a football coach is supposed to do.

Comment 29 Apr 2017

I'm not a Browns fan, but I don't see what all the complaining is about regarding your draft? By all accounts you guys had one of the best drafts and you continue to pile up picks which are the most valuable thing in the NFL. It seems like your franchise is finally headed in the right direction to me. This was a crap QB draft so I hope you aren't upset about not doing something stupid like the Bears did. That was the worst move I have ever seen. It's highly unlikely any of these QB's ever amount to anything. Granted, I'm not a Peppers fan either, and I agree that he is overrated. But even with that, you guys still had a good draft. Just my view from the outside looking in. Go Eagles!

Comment 01 Feb 2017

Whatever school he chooses doesn't mean he was trolling the ones he didn't choose. Marvin is a good kid and has done nothing but conduct himself well during this process and any hype and attention we put on him was of our own doing. I hope if he doesn't pick us, the grown-ups on this site will act like mature adults and not bash the kid.

Comment 26 Jan 2017

Why do people insist kids are "playing a game" if they don't pick the school you want? It couldn't possibly be that he is doing his due diligence before making the biggest decision of his young life, right? It's not possible that he hasn't decided yet, it must be some sinister plot.