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Comment 15 Jun 2019

The fact is the majority of the UC players would rather be playing at OSU but were not offered. There lies the mentality they have. The fans are in basically the same boat. Live in UC country, cannot sport OSU gear without negative feedback, must root for UC. Must hate OSU because of all the mental gymnastics that has to be played.

Comment 13 Jun 2019

These lists are ridiculous. Something to write about in the downtime of a year. The 10 year old neighbor kid could make a list and put it in print. The amount of actual football acumen some of these guys have that are writing this stuff would floor us all if we actually knew. Most are based off who the writer likes and dislikes or which fanbase he is trying to please or fire up.

Comment 11 Apr 2019

They need to STOP TALKING about next year and just DO IT NEXT YEAR INSTEAD if they feel they can. What will they say after another trashing in 2019? Boy, I have harder, bigger badder feelings than I did last year and so on and so on and so on. After so much of it there is no point and it becomes comical. Put Partridge's coaching history against Mattison's if you want a real laugh.

Comment 05 Feb 2019

Will forever say that was completely planned from TTUN dirtbags. Eight guys circling an opposing teams player like that doesn't just magically happen. That was a desperate football team trying anything to win the big game. The funny thing was that was what helped to inspire OSU to win the game. 

Comment 21 Jan 2019

Rewatch this year's TTUN game and say the officiating wasn't horrendous. Even their faithful say the refs did everything in their power to keep them in the game. They are the reason I do not watch the NFL much. Rewatch the Browns/Raiders game this year. The Browns won that game until the refs decided they would not allow it. It is making it hard to get into knowing at some point they will decide the outcome of a close game. College is getting there too.

Comment 16 Jan 2019

The problem with fans and Tate boils down to the quotes after the rose bowl. Buckeyes do not usually publicly lash out at others through the media. They are not like Michigan players that have made a living talking ish on twitter, burning letters of intent, guaranteeing victories, etc.. So most Buckeye fans were particularly uncomfortable with his talk, attitude and attempt to ward off Fields, warranted or not. They also know that there are no guarantees to play at OSU for a junior or especially someone that had never spent a second on campus.

Comment 13 Jan 2019

I agree Lou. Any insulting comments are uncalled for but the kid put himself in the spot he is in. All he had to do was take the high road on the J.F. situation and chose otherwise. If you choose to speak out like he did there will be repercussions. My guess is this will be his M.O. throughout his career. He likes to let everyone know what he is thinking.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

Seems Day wouldn't guarantee him the starting job like he demanded so he is taking his ball and going elsewhere. That is it. Some have said "They must have guaranteed Fields would be the starter." Instead Tate's own words were that he guaranteed he would be the starter over Fields. When Day would not say the same and that he would have to work for it, he most likely pouted, stomped his feet and this is the tantrum. The QB1 Netflix series was a precursor to this. This is OSU. There are no guarantees anyone will play.

Comment 10 Jan 2019

I too was kind of disappointed with what I saw on QB1. I hoped it was just complete immaturity but then the kid really expected his dad to buy him a new camaro instead of the family car they were shopping for. If the cameras weren't there I wondered if he would have made a scene after being refused the camaro. Also more concerned about personal stuff like his twitter account and personal appearance than thinking team first. Yes he was young but there was just something that was not right. Just my thoughts that may or may not be justifiable.

Comment 06 Jan 2019

Given the situation and the personalities of each of them it seems like Tate will be the first and quickest to transfer if things do not go his way right out of the gate. Baldwin is more of the seeing things through and staying to graduate from OSU type. Just my take on what both have said to this point. That could change throughout the process certainly.