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Comment 22 Nov 2018

I must admit,  OSU football is no longer elite.  After UM does away with them on Saturday, the Bucks will end up in a bowl game vs LSU.  Joe Burrow will shred them apart and we will all be left with, “what could have been.”  I have enjoyed watching LSU this season and Joe’s march to the 2019 Heisman and an outstanding NFL career.  Only an idiot would not admit that our best qb after JT is wearing the purple and gold of LSU.  As I watch LSU, I see what OSU used to be...elite.

Comment 06 Sep 2018

That young man is class.  If only urban had seen it and realized what a quality young man he had as a starting quarterback.  Just watch people and see how far this young man goes as a college football player and a nfl quarterback. class.

Comment 05 Sep 2018

So did Joe Burrow’s.  I would put a lot more emphasis on a great perform against a very strong defense like Miami than I would a very weak defense like Oregon State.  Miami- traditionally strong

Oregon State- 1-10 last season.

Joe STRONGLY outplayed Hawkins.

Comment 02 Sep 2018

Former Texas coach Mac Brown, at half time, just called Joe Burrow “the difference maker”.  How about that boys!!  Am I the one who sees the greatness he has over hawkins!?

Comment 02 Sep 2018

Give me a break boys!  osu does not produce NFL level qb’s.  Joe would have been the first since “the gambler”.  “Record Holder” J.T. is just another example, like Troy and now Hawkins.

Comment 02 Sep 2018

Joe’s day to shine.  Hope urban is watching and gets sick to his stomach.  Hawkins was good yesterday, but I plan to watch a Heisman Trophy winner from Ohio shine for the Tigers.

Comment 27 Aug 2018

WHY AM I NOT SURPRIZED?!?!?!  While LSU moves forward with Joe,  osu will fail with Hawkins.  People, this is crazy, this is wrong, this so upsets me.  You know, there is no reason for this.  Yes, I am Pissed at urban and osu!

Comment 28 Jul 2018

My goodness people, even his former osu team mates, the best three as selected by urban to go to the B1G hoopla spoke and know his ability.  Joe Burrow National Championship/ Heisman Trophy Ohio State quarterback and urban let it go.  urban did not seem too happy during his interviews at B1G hoopla.  Joe will accomplish it all at LSU and osu will have to set back and deal with it, disappointment and all.  Then urban will be out the door.  The WORST decision in the history of college sports...and it happened at osu.  Deal with it people, deal with it.