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Comment 15 Jun 2020

BINGO!!  I’m more excited about a kicker or punter recruit than a Tight End. They will at least help us win games. Ruckert was considered one of the best TEs to ever come out of high school. But for us, if he didn’t have his name on his jersey we wouldn’t even know he was out there. Sorry to say, but TEs in Ohio State’s offense are nothing more than skinnier offensive linemen. 

Comment 19 May 2020

Yes and I know the alumni formed a large message group trying to raise money. Their goal is like $1.4 million. But again, that money won’t save the program. It wasn’t dropped due to lack of money. That’s why there wasn’t a fundraising push by the school. All of this was done for one reason. It will be good in the long run but the school is taking a PR hit in the short term. 

Comment 14 May 2020

Yea I think Palo Alto is one of the most expensive places to live in the country...even more than NYC and San Fran.

Ya but does it have the piles of used needles and human excrement on the streets like those places? If not, no thanks 

Comment 11 May 2020

And the crappy part about college athletics is he will be a DB at his second practice at Notre Dame. Some coaches will say anything to get a kid, knowing damn well they have no intention of following up on that promise. 

Comment 28 Apr 2020

Not sure why you got downvoted. All of those things are more likely to happen than a recruit getting the corona virus and dying

Comment 10 Apr 2020

I’m confident I already had it back in November/December. And so is my doctor. I’m from Putnam County where we’ve had “0” cases lol. I think we’ve only had zero cause it came through here several months ago before testing started. 

By the way, will you point out my errors so I can research what about them is wrong? I take great pride in analyzing and researching information before I form opinions, so if my opinion is wrong because of bad data I wanna know about it. 

Comment 10 Apr 2020

Here’s the irony. Your whole article here is YOUR opinion, telling us that other people’s opinions don’t matter. The fact is, just because Gundy and Dabo aren’t doctors or experts in the field (nor am I and a huge growing chunk of the population), but anyone that can read and took 5th grade math can see that the numbers don’t add up to the huge overreaction that the government took in this situation. 

I’ve been tweeting, posting on Facebook, and posting here since Day 1 ( and getting crushed for it, although much less now) imploring people to do some research themselves rather than blindly believe the media and/or politicians. Again, I’m not a doctor or expert, but I can read their work and do calculations myself, and this virus was NEVER gonna be the killer the media/politicians said it was gonna be. Quite frankly, the RO value of 2.5-3.5, which they are sticking to, means that by now anywhere from 50-100 million Americans have been exposed to the virus. Yes, it’s sad that 16,000 have died, but even using the low end of that range (50m) gives us a death rate of .03%. The average flu season kills 50,000 Americans so we are barely 1/3 of the way to that total. And that happens every year!  Yet they don’t shut down the country for that. There is a reason for this shutdown, and it has nothing to do with a virus. That would be a whole nother thread.

Its like the people that keep harping on “social distancing so this thing will end” soapboxes. Do they realize that makes no sense? Social distancing will INCREASE the length of time this virus is active. Experts agree the same number of people will be exposed whether it’s all at once or over time. At least until a vaccine that is 100% effective is ready, which is a year away. So by slowing the spread, you drag out the length of the pandemic. The whole point of social distancing was to help the hospitals treat those that needed it, not to end the life of the virus. Part of me wonders if we should have just let the virus run it’s course and have 1 really bad month in terms of deaths, rather than having 6+ bad months with everything shut down. 

The whole point of this long post is to get people to start thinking for themselves, rather than just regurgitating what their news network or politician says. They have agendas, and for the most part, our best interest isn’t on their agenda.  Think about this and you’ll look at things in a different light...Who benefits most from the information they give? If it’s the person/group providing the info, it’s probably skewed in their favor.

Comment 25 Mar 2020

I don’t know of any religious faith that preaches to take steroids and grab the junk of opposing players after tackling them. But you never know. I’m certainly not a religious scholar and there’s some crazy cats out there in this world

Comment 22 Mar 2020

I think it’s a bad decision if the NBA is his goal. I do think he has the ability to play in the NBA in a few years, so I think he should have transferred instead. However, if he just wants to make money, he’ll be making 6 figures over in Europe for the next 10-12 years if he wants. That’s not a bad gig either. 

As for what’s going on with transfers, here is my guess. Anytime you recruit very talented players, their goals are reaching the NBA. They play a certain style in AAU that suits their game and gets them ready for the NBA. When you come play for a coach like Holtmann, that style is drastically changed. I don’t think he cares about helping you reach the NBA. He wants the focus to be on defense and to run offensive sets every time down the floor. That style of play is not conducive to talented players with dreams of the NBA. DJ Carton and Gaffney clearly have the talent and athleticism to be NBA players. I think they saw that playing in this system is not helping them reach their goals. If those two played for Calipari at Kentucky, Carton would probably be a 1st rounder this year and Gaffney a 1st rounder next year

Comment 17 Mar 2020

My numbers aren’t wrong. Those are direct from the WHO and CDC. You are correct that the virus was found in Wuhan in early December but you fail to understand that is only when they isolated and named it. Viruses can and usually are around for months or even years before they are “discovered” and isolated. One of my best friends is a family doctor. He told me he had hundreds of cases in the fall with these same symptoms and every single person tested negative for flu. He is 100% positive looking back that it was CV 

Comment 17 Mar 2020

Who is saying to prepare for That??? It’s certainly not Trump or DeWine. They have both said multiple times that grocery stores will stay open, even if other public places are closed. 

As for the virus itself, I’m still waiting for an answer from anyone to explain things to me. I’ve posted on FB multiple times and on twitter as well. I’ve directly asked health care workers and politicians and still nothing. The WHO and CDC have given CV an R-nought of 3.  The virus has been in the US for 10+ weeks (most people think since the fall), how have only 80 people died? Things don’t add up. Unless about 5 million people die in the next couple weeks, either their R0 is way over inflated or the death rate is vastly exaggerated. As of now, based on that R0 score, the death rate is about .002%

Comment 16 Mar 2020

I call the people loading up on things idiotic. Think about this for a second. This virus has been in the USA for over 2 months at minimum. Most likely longer than that. If it’s as dangerous as they say and transmits as easily as they say, how are there only 80 deaths???  In that same timeframe, there has been over 4,000 deaths from the flu and about 7,500 have died in car crashes this year already. Where is the panic over the flu and why aren’t we banning driving?

Comment 15 Jan 2020

All depends on why he missed the state championship games. Some schools/coaches have crazy stupid rules. There are schools I know that make drinking and vaping a half season suspension. There are schools that will suspend you for missing curfew. 

Comment 07 Jan 2020

Ya I don’t really agree with naming names, especially incoming Freshmen cause you never know how they will develop. Conversely, I’m all for giving a nudge to the 4th year juniors and 5th year seniors that aren’t starters to look at other schools. They’ve had their chance to improve and become a starter and haven’t taken advantage of it.