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Comment 28 May 2019

Yep, lots of uninformed posters on here. This team has an RPI of 132, yet they are cheering their “success”. I cheer for the players, but the program is a mess and it needs to be addressed with a new coaching staff. 

Comment 27 May 2019

Like I said in the forum thread, this Big 10 tournament championship does more to hurt OSU Baseball than help. It will save Beals’ job, which means we are stuck in mediocrity for another couple years at least. We are at best, the 3rd best program in the state and actually on the verge of being the 4-5th and it is 100% because of Beals. It’s really embarrassing for those of us that know and follow OSU Baseball 

Comment 26 May 2019

Don’t do it OP. This win actually set the program back way more than it helps. OSU with Beals at the helm is average at best, and most years below average. All this win does is set the program back another year. 

Comment 17 May 2019

First off, Swish gave I believe 4 million at the beginning.  That paid for the turf, new weight room, players lounge, and updated locker room.  

Second, the connection is with the pitching coach Stafford. Stafford and Swisher are boys, and his dream was always to coach at OSU. Stafford was the pitching coach at Ball State under Beals. In college baseball, if the head coach takes a job at a bigger/better school, he almost always takes his assistants with him.  Thus, for Stafford to coach at OSU, you gotta bring in his head coach.

Comment 17 May 2019

Again, we can talk all we want about how bad he is, but it’s not gonna make a difference as long as Swisher is willing to write checks and Gene is willing to accept them.  Baseball is a non revenue sport that costs a lot of money to run, so we have 2 options. Either Gene finds money from somewhere else or we continue to have a shitty baseball program. 

Comment 15 May 2019

All depends on Nick Swisher. His money is who hired Beals and his money is who got him the extension. We will find out how badly Gene Smith needs Swishers money in a month or two. 

Comment 13 May 2019

Not sure why I got downvoted but honestly don’t care either. I’ve watched him play plenty of times, he is not a 4 in the Big 10. At least not the 4 most of us are accustomed to seeing.  He’s an outside guy. His strengths are slashing to the basket and his outside shooting. He could be a 4 if we play a really small lineup. His body and game reminds me of a young Tracy McGrady, obviously not as skilled yet, but that’s what I think he can become. 

Comment 08 May 2019

In related news, water is wet.  I wish him all the best and 100% agree with testing the waters as he did, but he will never play in the NBA. He can and will make a good living playing overseas though after his days at Ohio State are over. 

Comment 29 Apr 2019

Was gonna say the same thing. I listen to DP every day and he said many times he actually thought Haskins was the best QB in the draft. He said he wouldn’t be the first taken but that in his opinion he would have the best pro career. 

Comment 21 Apr 2019

I have no problem with Borland and Werner getting playing time...for Ohio Dominican. I’ve heard good things about those guys as teammates and leaders. But part of being a good teammate and leader is accepting your role that’s best for the team. Nothing against those guys, but if they are still our best options, then there have been HUGE recruiting misses at LB the past 3-4 years. And not just by our coaches but the recruiting services as well. Ohio State should be way too talented to have one dimensional players starting or playing significant minutes. Werner is decent in coverage for a LB and Borland is decent at tackling a RB when he gets his hands on him, but that’s about it. I think these two guys can play a big role in helping this team win a Big 10 and National Championship, but not as players on the field. 

Comment 01 Apr 2019

If you like sports, which being on this website I assume you do, take a couple officiating classes.  Once you pass the course, you are certified as an OHSAA official. It’s a good way to make extra money as a student or after you graduate. 

Comment 04 Mar 2019

To be a good QB in the NFL, you need to be able to throw a precise, accurate ball. The great ones can throw that perfectly placed ball with a pass rusher in their face, a CB draped over their receiver, with the game on the line. There’s only 1 QB in this draft that fits that mold and it ain’t Kyler Murray. And that’s not even talking about the mental side of playing QB, which includes going through progressions and prepping the opponent the week before a game. Kyler Murray will get the coach and GM of the team that drafts him fired in 3 years, assuming they make him a top 10 pick. 

Comment 26 Feb 2019

To be fair, I think fans of every college basketball team has said these exact same words at some point this year. The refs have been awful. They need to be called out on it by big name coaches for change to happen. And by change I mean repercussions for the refs after horrible games. 

Comment 24 Feb 2019

Said this in another thread and it got buried but Washington and Muhammad are the only 2 players on this roster that have a chance at the NBA. Both Wesson’s will be able to play overseas if they wish. 

Comment 20 Feb 2019

With all due respect, OSU/Michigan may be the best rivalry in sports, but if you could choose only 1 game in your lifetime to attend, you better choose UNC at Duke and it’s not even close. At Cameron Indoor Stadium is the key. From 2003-2005, I went to every UNC vs Duke basketball game and saw some amazing games with both teams being highly ranked. The games at UNC were no different than games at the Schott, other than the talent on the floor. But the games at CIS take your breath away. Until you step foot in that gym, you just can’t appreciate how tiny and cozy it is. Think of St John Arena with no balcony and the mezzanine being more upright. The first time I walked in was the morning of a non game day so I was the only one there. I honestly thought it was an old practice gym. There are high school gyms that are bigger. True story, my gf at the time and I sat at opposite ends of mid court in the very top row one morning, and carried on a conversation with each other without really raising our voices. That’s how close to the court you are no matter where you are sitting. It gets so loud and hot in there it’s really uncomfortable. I was actually at a couple games where Coach K passed out during timeouts. I can’t remember the year, but one of the games when I was there had both teams in the top 10 and Hansbrough was still at UNC...oh my God the atmosphere of that game with the Crazies going after him. I can’t imagine a better athletic event

Comment 14 Feb 2019

That’s how sad this team is in terms of talent, that you think Kaleb Wesson is far and away the most talented. I disagree with that take by the way. I think Muhammad has a chance at playing in the NBA in a few years. He’s not there yet, but I think he has the work ethic to get his offense close the nba standards. I also think Washington has a chance. Wesson has ZERO chance of ever playing in the NBA.