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Comment 28 Jun 2017

It's common knowledge around the alums and college baseball that Nick Swisher bought Beals the job.  There's a reason his name is on the field.  Once his money runs out (which could be soon now that he's retired) I see Beals being let go shortly after.  It's probably too late to make a change now, but anything short of an NCAA appearance next season and he's done.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Urban Meyer was coming to Ohio State even if Mickey Mouse was the AD. That was a done deal long before Gene took over

Comment 15 Apr 2017

That depends...what are we hunting for?  I'm not sure what's in season right now.  And my guess is we'd have a hard time getting off a good shot at said critter.  

Comment 14 Jan 2017

I'm not a huge Twitter guy but that tweet by Grimes is awesome!!  I have no hard feelings towards any recruit but it takes a special kind of person/athlete to succeed at the highest level, whether that's at Ohio State or somewhere else. Honestly, after hearing his reasons, I don't think he's that special person. He wants to be the GUY going in, not put in his time and earn it. Big turn off for me

Comment 12 Jan 2017

Unless the rules have changed since I coached in college, he will have to sit out the upcoming season.  He can file a claim with the NCAA, but rarely do they allow it. Again, maybe things have changed the past few years.  Let's say he doesn't play this year, does he declare for the 2018 draft without ever playing a down of college football???

Comment 04 Jan 2017

I agree with some of what he said, but the biggest difference is "in the locker room". What he did was on national TV, to a stranger, with millions of people watching.  That is VERY WRONG. But, doing that to a teammate at practice or in the locker room is kinda normal.  Hell, in my locker rooms, guys peed on each other, would have contests to see who could slap bare asses the hardest, play with themselves til they were erect before getting in the shower, etc.  All things that would put you in jail out in society, but is laughed at in locker rooms.  Certainly doesn't make it right though 

Comment 31 Dec 2016

I've been a Meyer supporter since his days at Utah. I know him personally and he told me during his year off that he would be the next Buckeye coach, but if he doesn't fire every offensive coach on staff I will lose all respect for him. And I will tell him that right to his face. This offense is an embarrassment and it reflects poorly on all of us fans. We stick up for them all year and when they look like this it makes us look stupid

Comment 30 Dec 2016

I usually bring up this topic but with individual athletes. Ohio has quite the track record:

Jack Nicklaus, best golfer ever

LeBron James, best basketball player ever

Pete Rose, all time hit leader

Cy Young, all time wins leader

All the best college football coaches are from Ohio, except Nick Saban, but he was born in West Virginia and played at Kent State.

Only thing we lack is a true All Time Great in football

Comment 29 Dec 2016

Maybe I read a different article than everyone else's but I don't see anything wrong with what he wrote. Can someone tell me why I should be mad as an OSU fan?

Comment 09 Dec 2016

I think we can all agree the play calling is atrocious.  But who actually calls the plays?  I've never seen anything written or said that identifies Beck as the primary play caller.  If he is, then yes he is a horrible OC.  No one ever bitches about Warriner and the play calling, why is that?  I could be wrong, but I would think Warriner has more say in the plays than Beck just because he's been here longer (5 years vs 2 years). 

Comment 01 Dec 2016

I had a dream last night that Okudah, Browning, and Marvin Wilson all got together and decided to wait until tomorrow to announce.  They wanted to do something cool as a group and make it be a Fifteen Star Friday for the Buckeyes!  

Comment 22 Jun 2016

I've had the fortunate opportunity to hang out with Todd on a few occasions as his son is a very good friend of mine. In the industry, is a giant as a producer, much more known for that than his own songs.  Just a great and very friendly guy. But then again, maybe he was being nice for his son's sake.  

Comment 09 Feb 2016

I think Urban truly wants to play 18 true freshman this year.  I know a lot of people on here disagree because I've said this before and got destroyed, but if a freshman and junior are the same player, you absolutely should play the freshman, especially this year.  The reasons are threefold.  1) the freshman will be better moving forward. 2) it will help with recruiting.  As a former player and current coach, I can tell you 99% of recruits see early playing time as an attractive reason to pick a school. I can guarantee we've lost good recruits in the past year or two because they see we don't play true freshmen.  3) if juniors or redshirt sophomores get passed up by freshmen, they may look to transfer, which would open up scholarships to use for new, hungry recruits.  The only thing that can keep the 2017 class from being the best ever is numbers.