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Comment 13 Oct 2018

Probably get down voted but don't care.  It's to the point where I don't even want him anymore, IF he is truly torn between the three schools like he says. But if his comments are all for show, then obviously my opinion would change.  Ohio State, Penn St, and Michigan couldn't be anymore different, so how can you like all 3 the same???  It's like telling a guy he can either have a brand new Cadillac Escalade, a minivan, or a 10 year old pickup. Certainly you'd have to question the person that even considers the truck. If he likes those two schools, then he would NOT fit in here at Ohio State.  He will have success wherever he goes because of his talent level, but you need to buy into the culture at OSU to be successful here.  

Comment 28 Aug 2018

I agree with Finebaum and McButtfuck that Meyer won’t be coaching at Ohio State next year, but for different reasons. It will be his choice, not the university or media’s decision. I said immediately after the suspension was announced, that this will be Meyers last year. He will win the National Championship this year, and then bow out.  If not for $40 million on the table, I believe 100% that he would have told Drake to go fuck himself last Wednesday. 

Comment 03 Aug 2018

If she wanted justice, she should have pressed charges. Her actions now show she wants retribution, revenge, and most likely money. If she was physically assaulted I feel bad for her. But I do not feel bad for how she has handled it

Comment 12 Jul 2018

Short of an injury, it’s 100% certain he will get called up in September, if not sooner. It will be strictly a PR thing, as the Mets need all the help they can get in that area. Here’s what non baseball people don’t understand; yes he’s hitting over .300 since May and up to .270, but every other NON 1st rounder would have been released after last season, and definitely this May with those numbers.  He is being given chances that other, non media frenzy players, would not be getting. That is my problem with this whole circus. I have nothing against Tebow, but he’s taking chances away from others, simply because of his name and celebrity.

Comment 18 Jun 2018

Who gives a shit?  No matter what QB they would’ve or could’ve gotten this cycle they would never be anything more than 3rd string. 

Comment 01 Jun 2018

They’ve had one whiff (Stephen Collier) which I don’t even consider a whiff, because probably no matter who they would have brought in, they would have been a backup to JT their whole career. And all accounts are that Collier was a model backup and that teammates loved him.  

Comment 09 Apr 2018

All that matters is that the players are motivated to be the best.  It doesn’t matter if that motivation is intrinsic or extrinsic. They both can be effective. In fact, I’d argue that extrinsic motivational factors are more productive for athletes.  And for those that are confused, intrinsic would be the pride of playing for your favorite/home state school.  Extrinsic would be for the fame, NFL, money, girls, etc.  Those can be very powerful factors when it comes to putting in the necessary work to be successful. I played a secondary sport at OSU...I chose the Buckeyes for the first reason, but I can guarantee you, me and my teammates weren’t spending all those extra hours practicing and training because we loved Ohio State. We wanted the rewards that came with success, both as a team and an individual. I don’t care why a player chooses to play for Ohio State, all I care about is does he want to be the best.  You don’t need to be from Ohio to want to be an All American and/or NFL stud.

Comment 26 Jan 2018

Wherever he is, you know he’s typing plenty of quotation marks and emojis and giving people headaches trying to understand what he is saying.

I’m sure he’s a good guy, but every time I see his name I picture an 80 year old English Lit professor grinning in his library and smoking a cigar while commenting on 11W 

Comment 16 Jan 2018

As he’s an area guy I’m hoping he succeeds, but I just don’t see it.  He’s a role player at best. I don’t see him as a guy playing a big role for a big 10 champion. I’ve been wrong before and I hope I am here

Comment 08 Jan 2018

It still comes down to play calling for me.  Watching the Oklahoma/Georgia game was so frustrating. To see the types of plays that Oklahoma used and making a really good Georgia D look horrible, yet we don’t have any plays like that. I wish we would just watch that tape and run the exact same plays that Oklahoma ran. With our talent, no one could stop us.  

Comment 02 Dec 2017

You're right. And we should also travel to the games in horse and buggies.  Also, passing plays should not be allowed and absolutely no games on tv.  Freshman should not be playing on the varsity team and no scholarships given to players.  After all, aren't those all traditions that used to be the norm?  It's called evolution. The fact is, players and recruits like alternates, and from everything I've seen on this site and social media, the majority of fans like them. Traditions can change and they usually do for the better