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Comment 04 Jun 2014

A few others have mentioned it, but I would definitely buy a flex fit style hat, and I wouldn't care if the price was a little higher.  And of course I'm buying those tumblers when they become available!  My best friend is a Michigan fan (I know, I know), but the next time he comes over to enjoy some of my Woodford Reserve he will be sipping out of an "Ohio" glass.

Comment 02 Jun 2014

Groveport, the book readers might actually be in the same situation as those that only watch the tv series.  Unless I am mistaken, Martin hasn't finished writing all the books, and HBO already knows how he wants the story to unfold.  If that's the case, the tv series might conclude before the books do.  

Comment 22 May 2014

I watched that 30 for 30 on the Youngstown boys, and they painted Geiger as slightly racist in my opinion.  Clarrett was a true freshmen, fresh out of a terrible childhood with bad influences all around him.  Geiger could have used Clarrett as an example of learning from your mistakes, like Tress did so many times later, but that didn't happen.  He didn't let Clarrett fly home for his best friend's funeral when they were already in Arizona for the title game.  Didn't want the bad PR from having a "thug" on the team.  Let's go ahead and force him out of the university too.  The way Smith handled the tattoo situation was less than desirable, but I'll take him over Geiger any day of the week.

Comment 21 May 2014

I'm a little biased here having a played for a catholic high school.  A couple thoughts...

1.  People always say the private schools recruit, well there are plenty of examples where public schools do as well.  Trotwood here close to Dayton magically has the best athletes in the area, and are always going to state.  My team was lucky enough to make it to state my senior year (the only player we had play college ball above Div-III walked on at Eastern Michigan), but we got curb stomped by Columbus Brookhaven 39-3 in the semis.  They had close to 10 division I players on that team.  Is that just by chance that they all went to the same Columbus high school?

2.  This new system still won't do anything about big boy Div-I football in Ohio.  Elder, St. X, St. Eds, and St. Ig. are still going to rule the state.  

3.  I don't hear anyone complaining how the farm schools in central Ohio dominate the lower divisions.  Coldwater and Marion Local are piling up state championships like they are going out of style.  Do they recruit too?  Or do they just have communities that are heavily involved in their football programs?

I think in general this will hurt the private schools in lower divisions (like my alma mater).  

Comment 12 May 2014

Looking at TTUN's schedule, I see them winning 9-10 games this year.  They play at the Shoe, at Sparty, and at Notre Dame.  Other than those three, their schedule is a whole lot of mediocrity.  I know a lot of people say they hope scUM loses every game for eternity, but a better scUM is better for us (when OSU beats them), and makes for more entertaining football.  

Even if Hoke never puts his headset on, those two coordinators have been around a lot of winning, and crystal footballs.  With the recruits they have brought in and a coherent offensive game plan, I think they are going to be very competitive this fall.

Comment 06 May 2014

I am not married nor do I have children, but I plan on doing both someday.  Shit like this is exactly why I hope God blesses me with boys.  If three men did this to my little girl, they would be dead.  That police report is beyond disturbing.  

Comment 09 Apr 2014

I know this is an OSU site...but come on.  Owens ran really fast at the Olympics to shove it in Hitler's face.  The Wright brother's invention just allowed us to bomb the shit out of Europe during WWII.  

Is there even a reason why there was a 24 hour runoff?  Still salty over the NCAA loss to Dayton?  Thought so...

Comment 07 Apr 2014

This is tough, but think about this:  Which of the two options have impacted you in some way?  Have you been on an airplane recently or had something "overnighted" for work?  I am not trying to diminish the accomplishments of Owens, but they are just that, individual accomplishments.  I obviously have a little bias here, but Jesse Owen is still a boss.

Ohio is pretty much the best state ever.

Comment 20 Mar 2014

I hate that my two favorite teams had to play each other, but I was pulling for my Flyers.  Sibert hit his first shot then didn't do much at all the rest of the game.  I loved the way Craft played, but I'm ready for some fresh blood in the program.  Scott is a great defender, not as good as Craft was, but he is much better on the offensive end.  The basketbucks will be back in the sweet 16 soon...too many All-Americans flowing through the program not to...

Comment 18 Mar 2014

Not sure I agree with you on this.  The UD campus is probably 60-70% OSU fans due to football.  Dayton doesn't quite have the inferiority complex that everyone in Cincinnati has.  OSU is the flagship program in the state, and UD hasn't done much to brag about lately.  If UD wins, that's awesome. NCAA wins are hard to come by with UD.  If OSU wins, most UD fans will be happy to have been in the dance and will continue to root for OSU.  I don't think it's quite as serious you say.

Comment 18 Mar 2014

I am a little torn here as an OSU fan and UD grad.  I will be pulling for my Flyers, but if they lose and Craft and Smith Jr. get into an offensive grove I could get behind that.  I just want to see a good game.  It would be nice to see Sibert go off in this game.  He has hit some huge shots for us this year: game winner vs IPFW, late three against Gonzaga to take a 4 point lead, among others.  Not a stretch at all to say UD would be in the NIT without him.

btw...As much as I hate the Bearcats, they have to be included in the list of premier Ohio basketball teams.  OSU, Xavier, and Dayton have all played UC recently.  Xavier does on an annual basis (the only time I root for them).

Comment 14 Feb 2014

Well, I guess it would help if I scrolled all the way down.  My bad, Jason.  I know you are putting a lot of work into this new site.  Outside of the drop down issue on the mobile I really dig the new setup.  Oh, and it's still FREE!  Can't please could offer a free back massage while you read this site and someone would complain about the size of the massage therapist's hands.  

Comment 14 Feb 2014

I have the Galaxy S3, and the only thing I don't like about this new site is that I can't see the Buckshots on my cell.  Maybe I've got my phone configured wrong?

Comment 05 Feb 2014

This is exactly why I don't too hyped up about recruiting rankings.  This kid is 6'5" 238 as senior in high school with one long wingspan.  With a great work ethic and superb coaching (wink, wink. Larry Johnson) this kid has all the potential in the world.

Comment 08 Jan 2014

The thing that worries me about the 2014 season is this:  if Herman was reluctant to give the ball to El Guapo on 3rd and 4th downs and short, what do you think next year will be like with a stable of largely unproven running backs?  I love watching Braxton, but I hope the coaching staff doesn't unnecessarily have Braxton shoulder the majority of the load for the second year in a row.

I will miss watching Hyde always falling forward for 6-8 yards...

Comment 09 Jul 2013

His analysis is exceptional, and it is exactly what worries me.  I still think OSU needs another year to develop before they take on Bama.  The last thing I want to hear if OSU runs the table  and loses to Bama is "The Buckeyes add another trophy as runner-up University...Big Ten still sucks...SEC rules all..."

Comment 08 May 2013

It is true MD and Rutgers will be making more money, but you are forgetting that this is America.  Making more money just means that those athletic departments will spend more.  I could be wrong, but giving organizations that have spending troubles more money doesn't necessarily fix the issue.  It's more like treating the symptom not the cause.

Comment 16 Mar 2013
I love the statistical analysis on this site. This was a great read. At first I hated craft and scott on the floor together, but scott is great on the fast break and is turning into an excellent defender.
Comment 08 Jun 2012

I didn't mean to put Chapman down in any way, just saying that you can't teach pitchers to throw 100 mph heat.  I love watching him pitch, but he has been successful simply because he throws the ball so hard.  His slider is suspect as well as his accuracy.