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Comment 21 Feb 2013

11W keep up the excellent work. The President coming to campus and any initiative by our athletic department that sets Ohio State apart from the pack is newsworthy. Somehow I get the feeling you already knew that. Carry on.

Comment 13 Dec 2012

Doesn't it seem that the contractual obligation for schools to buy tickets is the root of the problem? I wonder why schools haven't pulled together to fight this clause? They could crush the bowl association if they really wanted to.

Comment 12 Jul 2012

Those that are calling for the death penalty have no idea how the legal system works. The Sandusky victims will rightfully sue Penn State for millions of dollars. If you are objectively searching for proper (albeit imperfect) justice for the victims and punishment for Penn State the correct course of action has nothing to do with putting the football team on a 1-3 year hiatus. To do otherwise would blindfully narrow this tragedy into a primarily "sports" issue--doing nothing for the victims in the process.

Comment 01 Jun 2012

To anyone that doesn't support some recognition of conference champions in the playoff: Last year, top 4 teams would have put Stanford in over Pac12 champ Oregon, who beat Stanford. Oregon was ranked lower due to their tough OOC loss to LSU, while Stanford only played ND OOC. Only in college football...

Comment 08 Dec 2011

Although your point is spot on, the FCS doesn't use the system illustrated in you bracket. The only way to preserve the regular season is to maximize conference champions. That means C USA, MAC, WAC, MWC, Big East all get automatic bids and are then ranked (as FCS does) by committee or BCS-type system for the bracket.

10 - Conference auto bids
6  - At large