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Comment 07 Dec 2012

Great poster! My only minor critique is that I had to take a few seconds for each teams logo to figure out who they were. That's probably what you were going for. Sorry to sound naggy. It's buriful. 

Comment 25 Jun 2012

Haha, I just saw that Terry Bowden poster in front of a urinal this weekend while I was in Akron with the in-laws. Good for them. 

Comment 11 Jun 2012

lol'd @ the captions

Comment 16 May 2012

Amazing, early enough to enjoy with my morning coffeee. You guys have been doing an awesome job getting these up early lately, and as a result, reading 11w has become engrained into my morning routine (RIP, productivity). So, thank you for that. 

I love that the Urbz has been reaching out to the student body so much. As a student, it makes me feel so much more connected to the football team, and I feel having the transparency to the program can be nothing but positive. With as big as the athletic programs are here, it can be easy to feel like an outsider (from a student's perspective). The things Urban has done since getting here has really done a lot in terms of removing some of that perceived red tape.

I didn't make it to the Q&A, but I'm excited to hear about it from those who did.