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Comment 09 Jan 2021

But his gig now with Seatle was preceded by his previous NFL head coaching jobs that didn't end well. He came back to college football then left amid scandals to coach the Seahawks

Comment 08 Jan 2021

As long as recruits continue to see OSU as a pretty incredible place to go, it doesn't matter what all the talking heads and fans of other teams think. 

Comment 07 Jan 2021

I think what Haskell said was very telling. He stated in so many words that as long as he and Coop are playing, they will be good to go because they are the captains and will help coach up anyone they are playing beside. I took that as a hint there may be players on the line that are missing, but they have been successful before, regardless of who's playing. Very reassuring because it's true. They are the glue that holds our defense together.

Comment 06 Jan 2021
Wasn't it Dabo who thought his putting Ohio State at #11 wouldn't motivate the Buckeyes because they had all the motivation they needed playing for a chance to go to the Championship game? Then you have Urban saying that those type of things mean nothing after the kickoff, but it has everything to do with how they practice and prepare prior to the kickoff. That is where the games are usually won. So, its like reading them their Miranda Rights... anything the opposing players and coaches say, can and will be used against them.
Comment 28 Dec 2020

I believe I read that during the first Notre Dame game, they played a more traditional game and went under center a lot instead of having the plays signaled in. Clemson also has a whole staff that has a vast statistical database on every team. Somehow they are able to analyze and get that info to the team before each play. Then at halftime, they have the time to tweak the defense going forward. Sounds kind of otherworldly to me, but who knows? It's possible. They just devote more time and money into this process than anyone else.

Comment 19 Dec 2020
My understanding is everybody gets a free year, but somewhere down the road they are going to have to pay the piper by getting their scholarships back down to 85. I don't know what that timeline is, though. It can create a logjam that OSU doesn't want to deal with and prefers to have the flexibility to grab a portal player or two instead.
Comment 19 Dec 2020
I don't follow Wahington that closely, so I'm surprised to learn he lacked preparedness when he played earlier in the year. Just about the only thing a rookie can control is his preparedness. I hope he learned his lesson.
Comment 10 Dec 2020

He absolutely fell on his own sword. He lied for a few at the expense of the rest of the team. He should have come clean, taken a slap on the wrist and moved on. His lying is what got us in so much trouble. It's called Lack of Institutional Control.

Comment 09 Dec 2020

Sorry if this has been posted before, but BK is saying we are getting a visit from a 5 star recruit this weekend. Does anyone know who this is? He posted it 6 hrs ago.

Comment 09 Dec 2020

I agree 100%. A lot of people are upset with Herbstreit for him saying we are out if Alabama loses to Florida, but as much as I dislike Herbie, I agree with him 100%. Unless the presidents get us another game this week, I say "Roll Tide" because there is no way the committee puts a 5 win B1G team in ahead of an SEC champ who plays 10 games and beats the number 1 team in the nation. And if we go by the 'eye' test, Alabama definitely has it, even with one loss. Add to that, we may not even be the B1G Champs. We must play a game this week. 

Comment 09 Dec 2020

 I give the ADs more credit for doing the right thing than I do the presidents who I am assuming will have to sign off on any change to the rules.

I like what Baker Mayfield said in his presser about the change in his behavior.  Paraphrased, he said "I just ask myself if an idiot would do this. If the answer is 'yes', I don't do it."  Sounds like simple and solid advice for the presidents.