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Comment 4 hours ago

Shit man...this is awful to read about. 

Comment 15 Nov 2019

It's my name.  Anyway....sense Rudolph was defenseless, and he was, why was it OK for him and his cohort to come after Garrett?   It wasn't.  That is why Garret should get a huge suspension. IMO what Pouncy and them did was just as bad and should have equal suspension and Rudolph should be suspended for trying to remove Garrett's helmet and playing his own part in ramping it up. I'd do 8 games for Pouncy and Garrett and 3-4 for Rudolph.  No pay for those games of course. 

Comment 15 Nov 2019

They were kicking him in the face with cleats on man!  There is a reason you can't kick a man in MMA when you are wearing shoes.  My point is....what is Garret did is bad. But what Rudolph did and what Pouncy and them did was nearly as bad. And if we start up with lawsuits from the use of a helmet....goodbye helmets, which are already under some threat to some degree.  

Comment 15 Nov 2019

If Garret is hit with an assault charge what does this mean for helmets?  Seriously. If a helmet is considered a weapon and every player is using one, then every player is holding a weapon and is therefor a threat to you?  Then anything can be considered self-defense. Plus then how can the NFL then say they are about safety when they put "weapons" on every players head?  If it could kill you when you swing it in your hand, how do you think it will do when its got the momentum of a 300 pound person behind it and all that mass?   If assault can be sued on the field, then can Mason be hit with a sexual assault for repeatedly grabbing Garret's junk?   This really could hurt football and the league in the long run IMO. 

Comment 15 Nov 2019

Kicking a man down with a mob of people could kill a man too.  Seems Pouncy was just as guilty of trying to really hurt someone.  Also, if Garret can get sued for Assault, can Rudolph get sued for sexual assault?  This is getting weird!

Comment 15 Nov 2019

If Rudolph doesn't get any games for this I am 100% done with the NFL. He tried kicking Garret in the nuts then tried ripping his helmet off. So when Garret ripped his helmet off he came charging after Garret.  Garret should not have swung that helmet, and will be punished, but Rudolph was raging and deserves half IMO. But there really isn't any precedence for them to go after a Steeler.  Steelers gonna get preferential treatment and Garret will be gone.  Garret will get treated like Gordon when he was with the Browns.  

Comment 10 Nov 2019

I think we just need more help there and Berry hasn't played a whole lot on Offense this year. The guy can play football so it makes sense to prepare in case Chase is gone for awhile.  I sure hope not of course. 

Comment 08 Nov 2019

It really is a team game though.  Its how all 11 guys play together.  My worry is this hurts our confidence or something intangible like that.  

Comment 04 Nov 2019

Maybe they should be careful with Hayes a little this year and not overuse him. He needs to get seeded for Big Ten's obviously, but we don't want him running out of steam either at NCAAs should he be the guy at 157.  Plus I think Mattox and Cleary are good enough to win some duals and stuff and that would help both of them for next season.  

Comment 04 Nov 2019

I just read somewhere that Decatur made the cut to 25. The post was from yesterday. Not sure how this person knows this.  That would be awesome for this team and I think it'd but Decatur on the podium.