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Comment 22 Mar 2020

Making a list is great.  That means he rates.  Getting hung up about where a person or thing is on said list seems a waste of time. Getting listed is the main thing.  Good to see he made it too. 

Comment 16 Mar 2020

There might be some truth to what you are saying but I like the move a lot. Smith seems to be a 4 star in the waiting.  Plus, Smith comes from LaSalle, the new pipeline we'd like to start out of Cinci; Lasalle has been the best Cinci program the past 4 or 5 years.  This gives us the ability to go look for a few more pieces and still have 2 potential starters. 

Comment 02 Mar 2020

I'll take Ditka over Gronk.  Tougher and smarter and played run as well as pass.  Different era or his stats woulda been insane.  One of great coaches; coached perhaps best team ever.  Great skit on Saturday Night that is eternal about Ditka. Great TV personality and farted in TV for the win.  Gronk is top 10 for sure though.  (O Newsome, Winslow Sr, Mackey, Sharpe, Tony G right there top of my head).

Comment 13 Feb 2020

Balls are great. And it worked for a game or so with Tua. But I have watched and played enough sports to know that savvy and experience win more often than talent. Talent gets drafted and talent can sell stuff; that stuff is needed in the pros, but often, even in the pros, a savvy veteran takes a talented upstart to school.  So they can do that and may work.  I'd be surprised if their offense is better than its been with Tua though.

Comment 12 Feb 2020

My favorite seasons ever we turned a WR into a DB midseason (Gamble).  We also had luck switching Boren from line to linebacker when it was needed.  I hope this makes something unforeseen possible.

If we have room, I'd love to see us get another Fresh runningback or transfer. I like the guys we have thought too. 

Comment 12 Feb 2020

We have to take those types of guys. Some pan out. Some don't and some of it you can never tell.  But if you stop recruiting guys ranked Wint's level, then you aren't recruiting Olave, Dawand, etc.   I guess the puzzling thing to everyone now, is I thought Temple was a good I am thinking the coaches thought he would be mature and smart.  Clearly not the case at the very minimum the night that sent packing. 

Just defending recruiting guys Wint's level. I think he was higher than Dawand and Olave and I am sure many more. 

edit: We expect better though, so I am not defending Wint...just a few recruits his level are needed. 

Comment 31 Jan 2020

Jut telling my friend the honey chicken story but couldn't remember the athlete's name!  My friend and I came to the conclusion that we need to find a way to try some honey chicken...and also that FSU can suck it. Still...hat's off for the honey chicken joker card. 

Comment 30 Jan 2020

I wouldn't be surprised at all to see backups get more playing time this season.  There may be some serious rotating going on. 

Comment 29 Jan 2020

Jim Otis might not be a running back.  I had a cat named Otis when I was a kid because of that man.  I'm sure Jim woulda played somewhere though...that guy was a maniac in the pros even. 

I think most athletes are great because of their competitiveness in the long run.  So they would do fine I am sure. Even the way old-timers....the weren't as big, but they couldn't be and neither would todays guys in the same circumstance as we were in a war in WWII and a lot of our players through the years have been in the service. Those pre 60s players were super super tough and resilient people.  Good competitors might get whipped by superior talent, but they usually have so much fight they find a way to at least compete.   One year on a modern team and by season's end Chic Harley would be 50 times the player of Saunders for offense to Saunders. 

Comment 29 Jan 2020

Agree. They might out-tough the current athletes too.  Like how would a modern QB do in the old game when they were pulverized nearly every play?  QBs had to be really tough or get run off, even if talented.  But today's athlete, too, if given time would probably adjust.  I guess my point is that for all the training benefits we have today, you rarely see kids ride their bikes for 10-20 miles a day like we use to do.  

Comment 20 Jan 2020

The drop-off was bigger when we went from Eddie George to Pepe Pearson. Yet we had O Pace still. And Pearson had a great season. But no one would trade him for Eddie.  We were better overall that year with Pearson, but the Eddie team the year before is my fave Buckeye team...I think.  Point is we were fine.  I think Teague is gonna be at least as good as Pearson. But if not, Crowley or the other guys will.  We will be fine with such a great line.