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Comment 16 Mar 2019

Its called investing in your future. It pays off.  Wait one year...make more long-term money.   One year of development skipped can't be bought back now.  

I know it musta been a hard decision though! It sounds to me like Day wanted him can as well. 

Comment 16 Mar 2019

But Fickell had never been a a head coach up til he had to be. Day had this year as a warm-up, which makes this different than almost any other scenario they will compare it to.  Day was groomed as well. Fickell clearly was not. He had to do all of it on his own.  And Fickell is a player's coach. IMO that takes a year or two to really kick in. We saw that at UC.  I feel Day is a player's coach as well as a X and O guy. Why he is being groomed so much. 

Comment 16 Mar 2019

This is why I said Dwayne should stay: one year of film and they can pick you apart and love you or Harte you. 2 or more years of film is better, plus I thought one more year of development.  But he and his people saw the money. It'll still work out for him, but one more year was the answer IMO.  Either way I am rooting for him big-time. 

Comment 12 Mar 2019

I remember the Cowboys giving up 2 first rounders for Joey Galloway back in the day. I've seen similar trades to that. Browns get rid of Peppers too?? I love that part. And its the lower of the 2 3rds I think.

Comment 26 Feb 2019

Brady has less championships than Otto Graham. 

Brady has lower stats than Brees, Manning, and maybe others. 

Brady played on a team that used cheating to get ahead and an owner and coach that were willing to cheat. 

NOT greatest ever IMO.  I'd take Otto Graham any day of the week over him. And Joe Montana. And Maybe even Marino and Tarkenton.

Comment 21 Feb 2019

There used to be LT worth that, but there hasn't been a Pace Ogden or Boselli since. Joe Thomas was great, but not like those guys.  With a different set of rules that allowed the Cornerback more leeway in defense, then I might lean towards the very best corners over all but the best QBs. But rules really did turn this into a QB's game, more than it ever was before. 

Mahomes, Mayfield and possibly kid for Jets.  I wouldn't trade tom Brady for anyone if I was the Patriots, no matter how old he gets. I am torn on if trading Montana and keeping Young was even the right choice. We'll never know to some degree.  

Comment 21 Feb 2019

I think Lawrence will be great, and its certainly possible he could be a generational talent, but our new guy was better than him 2 years ago and has all the potential in the world. So I feel like Haskins and Fields might be in that same group potentially.

Comment 20 Feb 2019

I think Hill is a little better than Campbell overall, though I loved watching Campbell's explosion and speed. So, in some ways this will be a stronger position as we will have a more experienced Hill in there nearly all the time, with Gil as a dynamic backup and future star.

I think Mack, Victor and Olave are gonna be improved and I was very impressed with Olave. This guy reminds me of Terry Glenn a bit.  Plus, there is some young talent waiting int he wings and we have the incoming #1 or 2 receiver in the country and the guy looks ready. I see this position actually improving over last year's stellar season.

Comment 13 Feb 2019

Murray can ball. Plain and simple.  But no way I take him higher than the 25th pick.  One good thing for smaller QBs is this day and age, you really can't smash the QB like the old days. That helps. 

But I think Haskins release and a overall throwing ability puts him in the high first round. I still think coming back would have made him a better long-term QB, but I'm glad we got Fields in the deal and that Haskins can get that money and land in a good spot (I hope).

Comment 01 Feb 2019

It could be just the opposite too. OSU would have tons of guys looking to transfer in, as well as out. You don't practice hard, we get a transfer to replace you. You probably are at least partially right though.

Comment 16 Jan 2019

Every athlete at OSU has to wait their turn. Curtis Samuel is a freak and he had to wait behind Zeke. If you read McCall's comments yesterday, he mentioned having to sit behind a ton of freaks but that is what we do and it makes us better. Then you see Tate's actions. 

It's basically impossible to reconcile Tate's words to all those even possibly more talented athletes that are waiting their turns and doing it with class and being honest with themselves.  Hooker and Bosa are 2 of the most talented ever and waited they're turns.  Martell can't lead a crew that way IMO.  For awhile I think he did the tough stuff (for him anyway). But his words lately were not the words of a leader of this program and never will be, thankfully. 

Comment 12 Jan 2019

I think we may have gotten the better recruiter and coach anyway though. I think Marcus will do fine, but one good year at UC isn't enough to light me fire that much.  As an LB coach he may not have had the title or responsibilities, but he woulda made more money at OSU and had a quicker upward trajectory. IMO Still I hope the best for the guy on every level. And I understand why he did it. I bet a lot is loyalty to Fick also.  But I am fired up about Washington too. He is a Buckeye legacy like myself.