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Comment 06 Apr 2020

This I agree with. He was an above average defender but would really hurt us with his god awful offensive production at times, in example poor shot selection and out of control runs at the basket with way off misses. I wish him good luck where he lands but I do not think his transfer will hurt us 

Comment 05 Apr 2020

I will say he was at the top of my list because of that random suspension with DW. Clearly there were some issues. I don’t like to read too much into things, but it’s sort of seemed like Chris Holtman would cringe when he was asked about Luther during post game press conferences. What do I know? Not much lol

Comment 03 Mar 2020

Dude, you could not speak truer words. I believe it comes down to money, and what they “think” people like to listen to. Unfortunately there are too many morons who wanna hear carry on my wayward son by Kansas 1,000,000 times and dust in the wind 750,000 times than to hear any other songs that this band ever produced. Not that these are bad songs just grossly overplayed. Dream on by Aerosmith and Maggie May by Rod Stewart are also on this list. I will never ever purchase a vehicle without a CD player in it, I’d die from frustration without it!

Comment 20 Feb 2020

It’s more than just the head coach man. I’ve turned the tv off many times with Chris Holtmann buckeye teams. I’m a little disappointed we play as undisciplined a brand of basketball as anyone but to simply say he can’t coach is not correct in my opinion. He’s been to the ncaa tournament twice with us and will likely be three times. Is that so awful? Sure I wish we were better but it’s not all on Holtmann 

Comment 20 Feb 2020

Iowa came out hitting everything. It’s tough to win on the road when the home team shoots over 50%. In my mind you don’t “expect” to win this game given how this big ten season has gone. Proud of how we never quit, a loss is a loss but in my mind we battled hard. Great game for Liddell. Still gotta take better care of the basketball, too many turnovers .

PS Fran McCaffery is still a complete jackass

Comment 03 Feb 2020

The game winning field goal that went down the middle against Iowa in OT at the shoe for the big ten title is forever etched in my memory, and he wasn’t even our starting kicker during most of the regular season!

Comment 01 Feb 2020

Absolutely it is critical to win the home games! But since our basketball arena sucks and has since day 1, it’s a winnable game for any decent team. It’s clearly not the only reason obviously, but this is particularly true in big ten play. The only times I’ve ever heard the place loud was Matt Sylvester dropping in that 3 to beat previously unbeaten Illinois in mattas first year and when we beat Wisconsin on Mike Conleys runner and won the big ten in the 06-07 season. My ears are still ringing from Fred Taylor’s tribute back at St. John arena in the 90s.