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Comment 25 Mar 2019

I’m really proud of how this team hung in there, Houston was clearly better and they literally out quicked us en route to victory. You aren’t 32-3 without being exceptionally good and they certainly are. However it always stings to lose but it stings even harder when you lose to a cheating scumbag like Kelvin Sampson. Excited for next year! Well done 2018-2019 Buckeye Hoopsters!

Comment 23 Mar 2019

Holtmann did a tremendous job in rotating the correct players in this game. D Washington, although can really provide quality scoring at times can really really hurt us when he isn't playing well. He made a nice three but other than that he was very out of control and made a ton of mistakes in his short period of time on the floor. 

Comment 23 Mar 2019

Great team win! Loved the hustle, was ugly at times but Musa Jallow played perhaps the best game of his career. Where has this been? Big ten is 7-1, it's no fluke, the league was VERY GOOD this year! Congratulations to Chris Holtmann and The Buckeyes! Now let's take out Kelvin SamSCUM!

I picked Ohio State, and I'm still dead last in my bracket pool

Comment 19 Mar 2019

Keyshawn Woods has played inspired basketball these last few games. He has played in 1 NCAA tournament game. 11/11 first four play in game matchup with Kansas State and Wake Forest in 2017. Kansas State won the game 95-88 in a close game. Keyshawn Woods went 2-8 from the field, committed two turnovers, and fouled out of the game. My guess is he doesn't want to remember that the rest of his life as his only NCAA tournament game. I point to this game as a major contributing factor as to how he had such a strong big ten tournament. I will be VERY interested to see how he plays against Iowa State this Friday. If we can get 12-15 points, great leadership, and some quality ball handling from him that will be huge. 

Comment 17 Mar 2019

Did anybody else get a kick out of Clark Kellogg asking the committee chair multiple times about Michigan and Michigan State being on the "2" seed line? Clearly the 4 number 1 seeds were chosen BEFORE the Michigan and Michigan State game even tipped. However nobody would ever have the balls to admit that on national TV. The committee hates the big ten, it's no secret. Shoot they put Maryland, Minnesota, and Michigan State all in the same region, so if they play each other fewer chances for big ten to advance. Damn the truth hurts. But hey 8 teams out of our league I'm excited about that!  

Comment 17 Mar 2019

We were rather fortunate yesterday all things considered, with Houston beating Memphis, Buffalo holding off Bowling Green, Utah State bouncing out San Diego State, Cincinnati knocking out Wichita State, Old Dominion beating Western Kentucky, and New Mexico State beating Grand Canyon. Even though it’s not real likely UC Irvine with a tremendous record (maybe not great SOS) could have been considered for at large had they lost. You’re looking at several teams that would knock us out of a spot had the seeds not held up in the conference tourneys yesterday. Some teams above less likely for at larges had they lost, but the fewer teams in contention, the better for us. Oregon hurt us a tad but we are still okay. We were fortunate!

Comment 17 Mar 2019

To get in the tournament will be quite an achievement for this group, losing Tate, KBD and Dakich and Kam Williams was our core of last years team. I mean we brought back Kaleb Wesson and CJ Jackson as the only real known scoring threats on the roster. Others have helped fill the voids and at times it’s been ugly but the league is strong this year. This group is incredibly young and truly does lack leadership although some players have shown it at times. For example, Keyshawn woods had a fantastic big ten tournament. We have enough talent to win our first round game, if we play well we can win two games, but no further. The likes of Duke and Tennessee, Kentucky etc are capable of completing destroying us. 

Comment 16 Mar 2019

I'll admit it. I didn't know much about Chris Holtmann, I really didn't. I was one of the guys yelling "time to move on from Thad, go get Archie Miller." Clearly I believe we ended up with the more stable guy. I believe Archie Miller has a ton of talent that he has not coached particularly well. I saw them surrender a 20 point lead on their home floor to UTA (University of Texas Arlington) all the way to a tie game, it was not impressive at all. Even though they ended up winning that game, that's all I needed to see to have my mind made up about his team. UTA is 16-15 and middle of the pack in their respective mid major conference by the way. How does the same group of players beat Michigan State twice, Butler, Marquette, and Louisville and lose 15 games? I call it lack of motivation, and poor coaching. They have talent! Romeo Langford and Juwan Morgan, and we definitely saw what Devonte Green can do!

Can't stand him personally, but I think Indiana was a little quick to oust Tom Crean. Let me make it clear that I DESPISE Tom Crean.  lol

Comment 10 Mar 2019

Nice to see another inspiring first half. I at least thought we would get to 20 this time, seeing as we are the home team. Games already over and there still 15 minutes left....

Next year should be very entertaining with the newcomers and hopefully some of the kids on our current roster have strong off seasons to get us in contention for an NCAA tournament bid. Hate to see us collapse like this but Kaleb Wesson clearly lacked in judgement at the wrong time. 

Comment 07 Mar 2019

You make great points but to say the conference record means absolutely nothing is false. If what you say is true then we could go 5-15 in conference and make the tournament if our non conference was strong enough or if we beat the 5 best teams in conference and lose the other 15 games. In my mind losing 15 games in league play is a disqualifier unless somehow the conference tournament is won by that team. Perhaps I’m misreading or misinterpreting what you are trying to say but to say league record is a non factor in getting in the tourney seems false to me. Not being a dick, nor do I believe you are. I do appreciate the no caps use lol. I like the healthy debate among fellow buckeye fans. 

Comment 07 Mar 2019

Do you folks who thought we had enough league wins after we beat Iowa still believe we are a lock? Don't like calling people out but those who felt we were safe after our Iowa win, with a league record of 8-12 are/were delusional. We need to beat Wisconsin and win at least 2 games in the big ten tournament to feel decent about getting in. Honestly a lot is gonna depend on how these other small conferences hold. For example, If Wofford were to go down in their conference tourney and a team like Furman gets in, that's 2 guaranteed for the Southern Conference, which would normally only get 1 team in. A few of those happen and our bubble pops unless we do something miraculous in the big ten tourney. Lots of factors but getting crushed by the last place team in the conference doesn't help our case. 

Comment 07 Mar 2019

Apparently nobody else agrees with us, considering we are -5 combined helmet stickers. I guess some folks on here think 17 points in the first half with 14% shooting is acceptable. I don’t. This is a quality division 1 program, albeit with a depleted roster what we are seeing on the court is so gosh awful. 

Comment 06 Mar 2019

Why does this team start every single game incredibly slow, we look like we are asleep? We always get behind early. Seriously, I cannot remember the last time we actually looked like we were ready to play the game of basketball to start the game. These first halves are just ridiculous. This does not look like an NCAA basketball team and personally I don’t think we deserve a bid. 17 first half points against the worst team in the league is inexcusable and unacceptable and definitely NIT worthy. We looked like we cared in the second half but we aren’t talented enough to get away with being behind double digits to teams.

Rant over. 

Comment 03 Mar 2019

I'll give you an upvote. Gotta say, when this team loses, it often loses ugly. We've been smashed several times in league play on the road. Purdue, Michigan, and Michigan State are the three I can think of off the top of my head. REBUILDING year, nothing more can be said really. You can thank clowns like Daniel Giddens, Austin Grandstaff, Mickey Mitchell, and Jaequan Lyle for a lot of our struggles. Although I didn't personally care for any of them. I did like A.J. Harris though, without question he is our biggest loss in all the transfers, he's excelling at New Mexico State and has really improved his game through his time there. New Mexico State is a quality basketball program. 

Comment 02 Mar 2019

Good old fashion ass kicking. We didn’t play well but let’s be honest Purdue would have beaten nearly anybody the way they shot in that first half. They couldn’t miss. They fed off seeing Indiana beat Michigan state and they are in the driver seat to win the league. Hey at least we didn’t lose to Indiana! And definitely not twice!

Comment 01 Mar 2019

Don’t trust the experts! They are often wrong. In my opinion 8-12 in the league doesn’t get it done even if the bubble is weak. Oklahoma got in on a lousy record because of Trae Young, and $. We don’t have any Trae Young’s so our margin for error isn’t that great. We also lack quality wins. Creighton and UCLA aren’t good now. What happens if Wofford goes down? Or other teams of similar credentials in their conference tournaments? That assures southern conference of 2 bids. 

Hey I want nothing more than to see us get in! But to say 8-12 in the league is an at large? I don’t see that. 

Comment 01 Mar 2019

I don’t see that at all. We are 8-9 in the league if we lose the last three that makes us 8-12, that ain’t getting in the ncaa tournament without at absolute minimum advancing to the big ten tournament final game. We have beaten one team in the league in the top tier and that was last game on our home floor. I think these projection guys get it wrong a lot! Buckeye fan for life but also realistic. We have beaten Cincinnati and Iowa. Otherwise it’s wins against power conference opponents that haven’t done squat and mid majors. We need 2/3 to feel safe in my opinion 18 wins is not enough.