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Comment 16 Oct 2019

Based on what he gets out of 3 star talent, my mid-season vote would be for Chryst. Ryan Day is doing an extraordinary coaching job, especially in his first full season and following a legend, but has top talent. It’s okay for Ohio State to have high expectations and standards. I’m sure Day would much rather have a Conference championship and playoff run than a COY award. 

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Agree - Why couldn’t he support the transfer even if he wasn’t aware of any mental health issues? He said he believes players should be able to transfer once without penalty - Why doesn’t he backup this claim with actions? IMO, he’s hiding behind this excuse when he could just offer his support a transfer without acknowledging any awareness of depression, etc. Why does it matter if he was aware or not? If it doesn’t impact the NCAA’s decision, at least he could say he offered his full support but was out of his hands. Who wants to play for a guy like that? Coward. Good for Fick for standing up for the player and calling out Harbaugh.

Comment 29 May 2019

Sharing the 85 Yards through the Heart of the South experience with my son (then 6) was priceless.