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Comment 7 hours ago

They did play Montana this year Lol.

But yeah, “eye test” matters for Bama and resume matters for LSU.  The SEC is the ONLY conference that gets in w/ 2-loss Champions, 1 bad loss or 1 good loss while playing a weak schedule.  

Neither an 11-2 Minnesota (losses to Iowa & Wisconsin, beat tOSU), 12-1 Clemson (loss to uSC) or 12-1 Baylor (loss to Texas) would get in.

Comment 12 hours ago

Please explain to me how these other teams “earn” the playoffs on a yearly-basis?

Comment 12 hours ago

So going 1-1 vs. PSU and scUM b2b to end the season, means we don’t “deserve” to be in the CFP over a Bama team that went 2-0 vs. an FCS team and Auburn?

Comment 12 hours ago

Yeah, it would be fun making the CFP every year.  Bama and Clemson didn’t do it by scheduling home-and-homes w/ the likes of OU instead of playing NM St. and Wofford.

Comment 12 hours ago

Give me 3 MAC teams every year.  We play a 9-game conference schedule, screw Clemson and the SEC.

Comment 13 hours ago

Nightmare scenario:

1. LSU 12-1 2. Clemson 13-0 3. UGA 11-2 4. Bama 11-1 (w/ something like a 41-7 beat down of Auburn)

5. Oregon 12-1 6. Minnesota 12-1 7. tOSU 10-2 (losses to PSU and scUM) 8. Baylor 12-1

Comment 14 hours ago

I call BS on the Purdue loss being bad enough to put tOSU at 6th, but the uSC loss being good enough to put UGA at 4th or higher.  So if against Purdue just three unlucky plays go tOSU’s way (make a 33-yd FG, punch it in from the 2-yd line and not throw a pick-six w/ 2:08 left in the game), resulting in a 42-30 loss, that would have made a monumental difference?

The Committee should be analyzing these teams inside and out, and not basing their decisions off of agendas, “eye-tests” and box scores.

Comment 14 hours ago

Wisconsin is a lot closer to being like Rutgers for us than you think.  I would feel very good about playing Wisconsin 12 times in a row on a neutral field.

Comment 06 Nov 2019

Gophers have yet to play Iowa, Wisconsin, PSU, scUM or tOSU.  Their OOC was pathetic.  If they scheduled a P5 instead of an FCS, they probably have a loss right now.

Fleck is a walking metaphor.  His act will get old, and then let’s see what happens.  The corny Row-The-Boat may work at Minnesota, but how pathetic if a school lets him take that act to a big-time program w/ prestige.  It’s all about P.J. for Fleck.

Comment 05 Nov 2019

I would want nothing to do w/ Row the Boat.  Fleck has gone 8-0 against the easiest starting schedule possible, playing in the B1G.  W/ Fleck it is always 1. Row and then 2. Minnesota. 

Comment 05 Nov 2019

Great hire to buy some time.  Mack Brown and Les Miles would work too.  They’re not going to win any championships, but FSU just needs to get back to winning 9+ games per year.  I don’t think that the next Franklin, Riley or Day is apparent right now. 

Comment 04 Nov 2019

If he takes this job, I have to think his leaving OU was not completely of his own doing.

Comment 04 Nov 2019

Mike Leach is too quirky for a job as big as FSU.  Has he ever been that big of a recruiter?  

Until Venables leaves Clemson, FSU ain’t winning the ACC.  If I was the AD, I would try to go the scUM (man-balling lesser talented teams) or PSU (used-car salesman that can recruit FL) route; w/ the vision in mind of being a 10-2/9-3, 2nd/3rd-best in the Conference type-Program.

Les Miles and Lane Kiffin seem to fit the bill.

Comment 04 Nov 2019

If you don’t have a roster full of talented offensive lineman or a skilled QB, you have no chance on the big stage.

What are you talking about w/ those guys?  I would be shocked if more than one of them are still on the team next year.