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Comment 20 Sep 2020

It looks like half of the coaches don't pay attention to the news or didn't realize they could vote for the B1G again.  I pay more attention to the AP than this one anyway.

Comment 17 Sep 2020

If an undefeated G5-team is getting considered, they better be boat racing nearly everyone they play.  We know in the past that teams who play down to their level of competition don't belong.  The teams that won a bunch of one possession games, ALL ended up getting embarrassed by 27+ against the heavyweights.

2014 FSU (7)

2015 MSU (7)

2016 tOSU (5)

2018 ND (5)

2019 OU (5)

Comment 16 Sep 2020

Clemson fans already have their panties in a bunch about it, and I love it!  They are 4-0 against tOSU and still have a giant inferiority-complex.  We are in those dorks heads day n night.  

Comment 15 Sep 2020


September 15th, 2020 at 12:08 PM 

i am told that 74 members of the illini football team are quarantined at a hyatt hotel right now.  guessing they think they will have a season and they are keeping them from testing positive.  we'll see.

Comment 15 Sep 2020

I think Part-20 will be the grand finale, maybe even spill over to a Part-21.  We will have tweet after tweet from the legit insiders declaring victory, leading up to the real announcement from the B1G itself.  The trickle should start soon and pick up momentum quickly.

Comment 14 Sep 2020

My source did not know a specific date, just that the president told her/him directly we're playing football again in October.  He/she will soon be pulled off of the COVID-testing Taskforce in order to return to their normal Fall-duties revolving around football.  

I don't think it matters to most of the P/C in the B1G if they start playing 10/17 or 10/31.  This specific school has never and will never sniff the CFP.  They don't really care about football other than as a fundraising opportunity.  It seems like playing Harry Potter Legos in the President's House w/ their grandchildren takes up most of their time. 

Comment 14 Sep 2020

Here is a novel idea: starting today, announce it is safe for football players to practice in pads.  You don't have to officially restart the season yet, but it starts the clock rolling for a 10/10 start.  

Or drag your feet for another week, and be deemed ineligible for postseason competition.  

Comment 14 Sep 2020

I disagree, this team was loaded.  It is still Bama, Clemson, tOSU, and everyone else.  Clemson had to replace 4 OL starters to go along w/ fatty dumpling from Fairfield.  We recruit that position group better, so our young guys plus Meyers and Munford will be more than good enough to beat them.

Comment 14 Sep 2020

These fuckers are slower than molasses.  Apparently they needed multiple days for the information to be presented and digested, when they have had a month already.