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Comment 3 hours ago

Have you watched NW play yet? They aren’t capable right now of even scoring 20 for themselves.

Iowa and Purdue weren’t just B1G West teams, they had x2 1st-RD TEs and an NFL QB paired w/ a generational talent at WR.

Comment 3 hours ago

But you can lose by 20?  The vast difference b/w 20 and 30 point losses in a wildly volatile sport, is beyond my mental gymnastics capabilities.

Comment 3 hours ago

You can’t logically defend the committee, Navy.  If they had UGA over tOSU for the reasons you stated, UGA should have been ranked ahead of ND and OU.

This committee is all over the board on criteria.  Better records and CCs matter/don’t matter whenever they want them to.  “Eye test” will be used to rank team B over C, but not B over A.  It’s a clown show.

Comment 3 hours ago

ISU will be ranked at some point, Iowa beat them.  

We got screwed by TCU, scUM still has to play ND, MSU choked against ASU, Franklin (maybe Pitt) and Wisconsin are afraid to play anyone.

Comment 3 hours ago

The committee last year had something like 10/13 members who were either native Southerners or associated w/ the ACC/SEC.

Comment 4 hours ago

You don’t need to use quotations, the media legitimately considers SEC cellar dwellers, to be tough games.

San Jose St.>Arkansas>Indiana>San Jose St.

Lord help us.

Comment 4 hours ago

Someone thought this was serious?  I’m going to make a Southern overreaction list in next week’s AP post too, get those DV ready.  

Comment 18 hours ago

Glad we don’t have to hear from the UCF apologists this year.  UCF would not have gone undefeated the last two years if they played in the P5.  When you play a bunch of P5 road games, teams inevitably lose.

Comment 20 Sep 2019

So pretty much like how the SEACC and ND gets a bye at the end of the regular season, while we grind out PSU, scUM and Wisconsin back-to-back-to-back?

Comment 20 Sep 2019

I like 6 bc when you go back and look, the 7th and 8th teams are noticeably a peg down in quality.  Top-2 get a bye, and theoretically no team should often have to play an additional game to what they do now.

W/ 8, I think you have to eliminate CCG’s, which the commissioners don’t want to do.  16 games is a NFL season, and would drag into the next semester.

Comment 20 Sep 2019

I would think not getting tested at all in the ACC, is going to come back and bite Clemson in the ass one of these playoffs (like FSU in 2014).

If you haven’t seen much of Clemson yet this year, they ARE NOT the same caliber of team they had last year.  The biggest difference is on the DL.  They are running a 3-2-6 this year, in order to get their best athletes on the field at the same time.  The DL is getting very little pressure up front, so Venables is blitzing a ton.

We’re going to find out soon who actually watches the games, and who just reads press clippings.  

Comment 20 Sep 2019

but the 'Clemson always shows up to play' argument will win out until they don't show up to play

They got embarrassed in the CFP Semi’s more recently than tOSU, but Dabo has everyone hypnotized.

2017 Clemson - L by 3-possessions, 188 total yards, only scored on x2 40yd FGs

2016 tOSU - L by 4-possessions, 215 total yards, missed x2 40yd FGs

Other than that, we are 2-0 and they are 5-1.  Anyone  on that committee whom gives Clemson the benefit of the doubt over tOSU, should be thrown out for bias.  Who is to say that if we played in a pillow-fight league, our track-record wouldn’t be better w/ more opportunities?

This BS is exactly why the name should be changed to the ESPN Invitational.  What true playoff weighs past performance into the current installment?

Comment 20 Sep 2019

Has anyone else noticed Carman hasn’t been great as a starter?  He looks overweight and has slow feet. B4 the snap, he immediately starts taking three steps back, or else he would get consistently beat.  It looks like he would be highly susceptible to crowd noise and stunting.  He has given up a sack or two in every game so far.

Comment 19 Sep 2019

He does hold a lot of their rushing records.  Can you name a better scUM RB from the 21st century?

They legitimately, already think ZC is on par w/ Dobbins and likely to break Hart’s FR record (1455 yds).