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Comment 7 hours ago

To account for programs on the decline (like FSU, MSU, Oregon, etc.), the point system could depreciate in value over time.  Like ND's 2018 playoff appearence is valued more than Oregon's 2014 title-game appearence.  If Oregon had made the CFP this year, we would have to give them the benefit of the doubt.  In hindsight, we now know that Oregon's playoff days have likely come and gone.

Comment 9 hours ago

Yes, it is really quite the social experiment they have going on over there.  Supposedly, years ago, there was a Maizen poster on their board.  He was eventually run off for being a "realist".  Every few weeks, like a Phoenix, the troll rises again from the ashes w/ a "new" account and the cycle repeats itself.  It is pretty much a Salem Witch Trial bc anyone giving too many "real" takes, is accused of being another "Maizen" and further more negged to oblivion.

Comment 11 hours ago

I hate Clemson, but they have put together their class fair and square.  Just like w/ our WR's, the Clemson DL recruits want to get drafted in the 1st-Round.  

PSU claims something fishy is going on w/ our class too.  They say, "why does Fleming want to join a loaded WR-room w/ brand new coaches?", when we have the #1, #2, #4 and #8 guys in the last two classes. 

Comment 14 hours ago

DE McGregor, MGoBlow was beginning to claim him as a 5*.  Their second-best player, S Morant, also took a dive; down 68 spots.  

They had been complaining about Rivals under-ranking their guys, but now 247 hates Michigan too.

Comment 16 hours ago

Why will your D have improved enough to be in contention?  You are replacing most of an awful unit, with even less experianced players.  What remains of the RS-SO, JR and SR classes, is horrid.  I doubt enough of your JUCO transfers pan out, nor are enough of the more talented RS-FR/SO class ready yet.

Comment 17 hours ago

FPI thinks we likely could go 8-4.  Apparently losses @Nebraska, @Northwestern, PSU and @TTUN.  Whatever algorithm ESECPN uses for that metric is blatantly flawed.  Bama and tOSU have had the cheat codes for about the last dozen years, there is no re-building; only re-loading.  

We aren't going 8-4, even if Fields breaks his leg in fall camp (knock on wood).