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Comment 11 Dec 2011

Hey all, just wanted to say good game. You guys have a hell of a team and should be among the national title favorites. Also kudos to the kids for being class acts. Would have liked to have seen how Robinson and Sullinger matched up but maybe there will be a rematch in the tournament.

Also totally agreed on the refs being sketchy on both sides. Lots of calls both ways that made me say yikes. 

Best of luck the rest of the way and as a North Dakota native make sure to make a special effort to beat Minnesota. Thanks.

Comment 07 Dec 2011

it actually has a pretty nerdy beginning. a chemistry professor came up with rah rah jayhawk when they were on their way back from a conference (this was in the 1800s so i'm assuming they had no iPods to pass the time) and rah rah turned into rock chalk because of chalk rock which is found on mount oread (which is what a big part of our campus is on) and in western kansas and i think it's the only place in the world where it's found (though i'm not a kansas native so don't quote me). 

it was then used in the spanish american war and ww2 and teddy roosevelt was a big fan which is kind of when it gained a lot of its popularity.


for a lot better explanation (and the chant itself) you can go here


Comment 07 Dec 2011

Probably your best bet for bars would be to just go to Massachusetts Street and walk up and down and just go in any place that looks cool. Kind of a cop out answer but that's generally what I would do. My favorite place is the Sandbar, which is on 8th street right off Massachusetts, and you also probably want to hit up the Wheel, as that's probably the most famous bar in Lawrence (Scott Van Pelt is a pretty big fan).

Food wise my favorite place is the Burger Stand, which is right on the corner of 8th and Mass. and Rudy's pizza, which is on the corner of 7th and Mass.