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Comment 22 Jun 2020


I was on a team based in Chicago for many years and won many regional lower level amateurs tournaments, but we were nothing compared to the national level teams from Canada/U.S./Asian countries. It's a sport that is heavily promoted within the breast cancer survivor community to help rebuild upper body strength and health as well. The technical aspect of stroke motion, stroke rate, synchronization and boat design (where you sit based on strength/agility/body size) are all very exhilarating and exciting once you get into it. At the peak season times, we practiced 2-3 times a week on land (pool side) or in the water (if we can get boat time and weather cooperates)., then competed monthly around the region/country, similar to kids travel sports. We had college students, Olympic hopefuls (weight lifting), cancer survivors, coffee shop owners, strategy consultants, random joe schmoe like me, tech guys, basically, all walks of life on the team, it was great socialization and semi-serious competition. Not my video, but gives you a sense what the sports looks like onboard,

Comment 17 Dec 2019

13:53 mark, look's who's in the middle of the 2016 post-TTUN on-field celebration scrum,

Comment 13 Dec 2019

Hate this, was looking for him all season to get in some big shots/plays.

Could be a Shiano pick to lead his "new" defense.

Comment 02 Nov 2019

Proud Block O Alumni for two seasons ('96 and '98) out of my fours years as I wanted to be there when we lay the beatdown on TTUN.

  • Pretty sure I lost my voice after every single game
  • Sat through every weather conditions, heartache and pure excitement one can imagine at a football game with a bunch other nutzos like me and my buddy (we teamed up for Block O tickets for both seasons)
  • I don't blame any young'ins for having recent complacency over TTUN, but being there in '96 after we secured Rose Bowl birth and ranked #2 undefeated, with NC title in sight, shutting out TTUN at half time, then have Griese led them back and facing another John Cooper loss scarred me forever
  • I was there for the '98 Michigan St upset in the freezing rain as well when we again went into the game undefeated with a loaded Cooper team and NC in sight. Not sure if it was tears or rain on my face at the end of the game TBH
  • I certainly had tears in my eyes (figuratively) the following week when we redeemed ourselves drilling a Tom Brady led TTUN team into the ground, rushing the field before game was even over and collecting a piece of the sod that I held onto in a jar in my room for 10byears (finally lost it during one of my moves across the country)
  • I stole a colored jersey (the kind you wear in conjunction with card stunts) for souvenir one time, but felt guilty and brought it back next game
  • My buddy was an international student from HK, and it was most definitely one of his best highlight of attending OSU
  • Had kids and senior citizens alike trying to join us in Block O midgames for the shenanigans we were doing, it honestly got uncomfortable at times due to crowdiness, but for the most part, no big deal
Comment 01 Apr 2019

I took taekwondo and swimming back in the days...tried to get into Golf and tennis and they got snatched up pretty quickly during the time slots that I wanted.

Comment 13 Feb 2019

If you read the full article, there's a pattern of behavior going back a couple of years. I don't remember reading about him here at 11W, but I'm glad he's not here. I share the sentiment about the state of our HS as others have said, sigh.

Comment 21 Jan 2019

Sounds more like an HR related structure rather than based on his bi-weekly on-field performances (25 moves in 6 months, seem to align with a bi-weekly paycheck?). 

Comment 10 Jan 2019

Ryan Day has taken all that Saban/Dabo/Riley have done the last couple of years on and off the fields, and executed them around here within a span of a couple of weeks, damn.

Ok, editing for clarification. I was referring to all the ruthless coaching moves, getting Fields, now as it stands, influencing Tate to move on, with potentially other coaching moves coming.  In the same vein as Saban on Hurts, Dabo on Bryant, Riley on pushing out Stoops, etc.

Comment 10 Jan 2019

I dunno how close he is to graduation, why not at least try to graduate in Spring/Summer and get a spring camp in, a la Burrow, instead dealing w/ the likelihood of sitting a year anyway and transfer now.

Comment 07 Jan 2019

From MGO, take it for what it's worth,


January 6th, 2019 at 11:41 PM ^

Here’s what I make of the chatter (and after speaking to a connected OSU booster):

OSU did reach out to Washington. They were confident but they offered him pretty much the sa,w positions so it was a lateral move. If Brown and GMatt retire, there is thought that Washingtoncould move up at Michigan. Who knows what that means. Probably not DC, but there are additional responsibilities he could assume.

GMatt us seriously considering retiring, but Harbaugh has pretty much been begging him for one last season. Brown is likely gone.

as for Pep, this seams like the classic situation where Harbaugh is getting a ton of pressure to make a big offensive change but he is resisting.  This last part is pure speculation. The prior paragraph is info from my OSU booster friend. 

Comment 05 Jan 2019

TBH, the kid seems/sounds to be a bit inexperienced in the "crooting game. 5* rating might buy him some wiggle room with the coaches, but some adult guidance on his approaches might go a long way IMHO.

Go read the article on the Ozone where Gerd talks to him directly. He only ever talked to Pantoni. And in the forum, Gerd posted that he asked him who his primary recruiter was, and he said he didn't know. So, yeah, sounds like he might have called out Grinch without talking to him. Maybe he's never even heard of Taver Johnson. It's quite telling that Hartline was the one that contacted him.



Comment 04 Jan 2019

We are going to let a single recruit effect *arguably* the most important position group on the team? I don’t see it. Either Day sees something in Stud we don’t, or he’s still evaluating his options. The man has been working...DC/LB/DB coach positions are all in play since Rose Bowl, he might just be working down the line of of his moves and eventually get to OL.

Comment 03 Jan 2019

PSU board thinks it helps their case as Fleming hasn't been jiving with Corely, apparently.

In a (I believe Penn Live) article where they were interviewing Flemming, he mentioned his close connection with Gattis (Alabama), Hartline (OSU), and then James Franklin. I found it to be concerning when he didn’t mention Corley as the one he had a close connection with, and figured the writing would be on the wall for him. Flemming is arguably our most important recruit since Micah.