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Tennessee (via Columbus)

MEMBER SINCE   November 26, 2017

U.S. Navy vet born and raised in Columbus. Live in the south now with family. We love our Buckeyes win or lose.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Beating Alabama in the playoff. Zeke running that touchdown to seal the deal. Unforgettable. 02 natty is a close second.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Cbj
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Reds

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Comment 26 Oct 2020

Sermon is probably just a little shell shocked that defenses can actually tackle in this conference lol.

The amount of people in the game thread ready to bench teague and send sermon back to oklahoma after 1 quarter was an embarrassing.

I think Chambers is the best option but teague is going to be good. I trust the coaches and what they have seen from Sermon. 

No Saturdays performance was not the greatest, but we have seen way worse in years where we won a NC. The O-line and D-line will get it together. 

Comment 24 Oct 2020

Hats off to the huskers, they have obviously improved this year. Our offensive line needs to get its shit together or stop all the bia talk. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be the best but today was not the case. 52-17 opening game against a decent B1G opponent. I will take that. If you are one of these idiots ready to fire coach day and kick Teague and sermon off the team go fuck yourself and move to Ann Arbor.

Comment 24 Oct 2020

Nebraska is playing well. We need to get better in the trenches. If you were one of the bozos saying Teague sucks, turn your buckeye shit in and go root for the maize and blue. Dudes a beast, I think chambers might be the best of the bunch though eventually.  If you are still panicking just turn the Clemson game on, 6 point lead on a team that got its ass kicked by liberty last week.

Comment 21 Oct 2020

Have these stupid fucks watched college football taking place for the past month? Fans and bands in stadiums all through out the country. These mayors need to go be worthless somewhere else and stay the fuck away from big ten football. These 18-22 year old extremely healthy athletes are in a bubble to protect them from the 99 % survival rate virus. Who gives a shit what Franklin counties numbers are, it shouldn’t affect whether they play or not. My 85 year old grandmother on chemo had the virus for like a week and she’s fine. I have been to monster trucks and the rodeo in the past month, both events has over 300 people sitting together with NO MASK. Guess what I’m not sick and neither is anyone else I was with. People are sick of this shit, wear a mask if u want but it’s time to get back to normal.

Comment 12 Oct 2020

Seeing that in person was one of the best moments of my life lol. I want to say that jackass kid gave cinci a replay of the down on a 3rd down. I don’t remember for sure though. Cinci did have some momentum at that point and the buckeyes were not playing that well. it almost felt like that kid caught some frustration from Coach.

Comment 03 Oct 2020

Justin Fields is on the way to the nfl to make millions, these 3 skanks are on the way to working 3rd shift at huddle house and jerking truckers off in the parking lot.

Comment 26 Sep 2020

Sec refs saving the gators. What a bullshit roughing the passer call. Florida at 5 is a joke

Comment 26 Sep 2020

I like our pitching in any series especially a 5 game one. Being Excited about baseball in October Feels to good to be true, someone pinch me. Great game last night. The moose is loose! 

Comment 16 Sep 2020

An undefeated Justin Fields is not being left out of the playoffs. The gators play in Knoxville in December. They will not make it out of that one. They probably won’t even beat UGA or LSU. No way in hell they beat bama. Gators just like ttun are all hype and no bite. Just rest easy and get ready for the buckeyes to beat ass, Coach Day is getting that national championship this year.