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Tennessee (via Columbus)

MEMBER SINCE   November 26, 2017

U.S. Navy vet born and raised in Columbus. Live in the south now with family. We love our Buckeyes win or lose.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Beating Alabama in the playoff. Zeke running that touchdown to seal the deal. Unforgettable. 02 natty is a close second.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Cbj
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Reds

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Comment 19 Mar 2020

“(The Clemson coach) said they don’t often look up to Ohio for their linebackers, but they said I’m very special and they want me there,” Powers said.

WTF kind of comment is that? I guess this douchebag coach has never heard of Chris Spielman, Big Kat, AJ Hawk, Bobby  Carpenter, Darron Lee, Josh Perry etc.

I don't know of anything id look to Clemson, SC for unless I was looking for advice on how to bang my cousin or brush my tooth.

Comment 25 Feb 2020

Bake if your reading this, I have a cheesecake factory gift card I cant use and I would like you to have it. I hear your a fan and I don't live anywhere near one.

Comment 30 Jan 2020

iv read he bought property in las vegas. My money is still on the raiders. 

Brady- Raiders
Rivers- Colts
Brees- Saints
Stidham- Patriots
Tua- Chargers
Burrow- Bengals

would be my predictions for the QB carousal 

Comment 30 Jan 2020

showdown in Little Tokyo with Dolph Lundgren and the chick from waynes world. She gets naked and I am pretty sure I broke the vhs rewinding it so many times.

Comment 23 Jan 2020

1) 1988 comeback against LSU in the horseshoe, that would have been amazing to see live

2) Woodstock, no doubt about. Would love to have been there

3) Id love to spend a day in the  west in the 1800's a Native American tribe migrating with buffalo

4) Ill meet him someday but I would have loved to meet Jesus in person

Comment 23 Jan 2020

I think regardless if Tressel turns it in or not the guys would have still been suspended and 2011 would have been a wash even if he stayed.

Gene Smith has been an excellent AD in my opinion, one mistake was not self imposing the bowl ban at the same time I can understand why he didn't. If we impose one and then the NCAA adds another one on top of that, even Urban couldn't have recovered as fast as we did. No doubt the 2012 team beats ND and is a national champion though.

If Urban never returns? My guess would be we would be a Mark Dantonio led buckeye squad with maybe one NC and a couple NY6 appearances and slowly on a decline.

2015 smh. Who is dominating the NFL right now Joey Bosa, Zeke and Michael Thomas. There is no reason Zeke shouldn't have had 20+ carries every game and MT getting 10+ targets a game. The offensive coaching staff should have to return their paychecks for that season.

Joe Burrow would have won a NC here, but Justin Fields will win one this year along with the Heisman and we had a special year with Haskins so there was really no wrong answer there. The defense last year wasn't winning a NC so it doesn't really matter who played Haskins or Burrow. This year though would have been Joe's year.

2013 we would have been embarrassed by Florida State. That was a bad defense and losing to MSU was probably a blessing

If Ryan Day took the mstate job. He would now be the Head Coach of USC.

JT Barrett would not have beaten Alabama, he could have beaten Oregon though

Scoop and score, we would be celebrating a NC right now. Instead a whole lot of 3rd world countries are getting Ohio State fiesta bowl champions shirts. 

2012, 2015, 2019 will always be what ifs but we have 2014 and will have 2020 plus many more with Coach Day so everything works out

Comment 23 Jan 2020

They can play citadel all 13 games before the playoffs if they want, its not going to stop Justin Fields and Ryan day from ripping their heads off and shitting down their throats.

Comment 21 Jan 2020

What does the NY6 expect? Penn State vs Memphis, who is going to watch that? Baylor vs UGA another who cares matchup. Penn State And UGA fans are disappointed to not be in the playoffs and the consolation prize is playing 2 nobody schools. Virginia vs Florida another crap matchup, UVA should have never been in that game. They got one matchup right and that was the rose bowl. 2 teams evenly matched who had good season and both the players and fans are excited to be there. If the conference tie in's make crappy matchups reserve the right to switch things around a little bit. The ratings and interest would have been much higher if they had done

Oregon vs Wisconsin
Norte Dame vs Florida (get rid of UVA, no business in a big bowl game)
Baylor vs Memphis nobody cares about either team but they did earn the right to be there.