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Comment 30 May 2015

1. Make the powers that be suck a lot less at trying to provide entertainment. The ambience, tOSUMB, the history, it's more than enough without injecting horrible AV you think we want. All the things they are adding, we can get anywhere. Play up what's special about the place. (E.g. stop making the band compete with Miley Cyrus)

2. Increase the student section to be the entire South stands. I'd much rather trade C deck season tickets surrounded by old alumni and sponsors to be back in standing room only. Whether you want to admit it or not, for 105k+ people the stadium is not lot that loud. (Critical third downs during night games excluded) 

3. Maybe we could get a little more sponsorship, and mention it just a few more times during the game? Last time I checked, the urinal troughs in the men's bathrooms still haven't been branded. (/sarcasm)

4. More band. More band. More Band. While I'm on the subject of tOSUMB, maybe you could refrain from slapping "The Best Damn" on everything. It's the band's monicker. I'm sure the best damn janitorial staff in the land will understand. 

5. Gee's 65k bow tie budget and slightly offensive comments would be worth not seeing Drake's face, ever. 

6. Paul Keels announcing the game was a brilliant suggestion. As someone that's been to a lot of away games, or own announcer, while he has been there for years and years, could have just a smidgen of favoritism added to his tone. It's like he f'ing Brokaw. 

7. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, publicly berate Buckeye Guy. You sir, are a douche and have none of the charisma that the Neutron Man had. He was a guy that got hammered on game day and danced in the aisles. We loved him. You are a whore who I'm sure is just waiting for sponsorship on your costume.

Comment 23 Nov 2011

My biggest dissapointment of the year that gives me a lot of pause for this weekend? Foundational defensive skills. I always hear commentary on how solid and mistake free our defense is. This year? I can't count how many missed tackles, tackles being led with arms, non-plays on the ball, missed coverage etc. I've seen. I don't know if we chalk that up to youth, lack of leadership, poor coaching or what, but it's unsettleing to say the least.

No matter what, Go Bucks beat scUM!