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Comment 07 Aug 2017

"I'm just not sure how credulous Michigan players will find such tall tales of Wolverine dominance in The Rivalry. It's not like any of them can remember it."

From the time young Michigan men are born, things like 'best D-1 winning percentage" and the all time record against Ohio State are drilled into their unconscious so that these things can be repeated like daily prayers as if a user was constantly engaging the pull string on a Chatty Cathy doll.  That Michigan's history bears almost no resemblance to today's reality is of no actual consequence to these people.  It is why I loathe that fan base more than any other, constantly acting as if they are better than you simply because they are "Michigan Men."  I rooted for Michigan once (against Florida after that unspeakable game in 2007), felt incredibly dirty, and will never do it again.  I do not understand how any self respecting Buckeye fan could.  I want UM to go 0-12 every year, and this feeling is so extreme for me, that if I need UM to win their second last game of the year so that when OSU beats them they win the conference, possibly get into the playoffs, etc, I root against UM and curse Ohio State for putting me in that position.  And this is BECAUSE of the "Michigan Man" mantra that, despite being our punching bag, I still hear every year.

So no DJ, they don't remember.  But, because of their mantras, they don't have to.

Comment 03 Aug 2017

JT is starting by default?  Are you serious dude?  First of all, I will ignore the fact that none of us are present in practice every day and that we don't really have the experience evaluating qb's to determine who is best to fit a particular scheme.  Instead, I will focus on the record of success and ALL the qb records JT holds already, which tells us something about what he is capable of.

This is the logic of back up qb guy: I already know that JT is not the best starter.  The only reason he is getting the job is because he is the returning starter.

This logic is incredibly flawed in that its conclusion assumes the premise (typically referred to as circular reasoning).

Don't type stuff like that dude.  Seriously, just don't.

Comment 03 Aug 2017

That is an awful analogy.  From all accounts, JT is working his ass off, there is no decline in his effort.  Failings had a lot to do with those around him (and yes, JT also played worse too).  So in your poor analogy, it would be that the worker continues to work hard but productivity in the whole unit is off.  You don't fire the guy working hard who was once VERY productive, you instead figure out what the systemic problem is and fix that.  Firing the hard worker who had great results a few years ago to bring in a guy with a flashy resume who never did the job, well, that's what the CEO's of bad corporations do (and what bad college football coaches do before they are replaced).

People will keep looking for simple solutions to complex problems because, honestly, and this is going to be blunt, that is the only level at which most can truly understand things.  The good news is that we have an elite coach who appreciates the level of detail and complexity necessary to get a championship caliber team firing on all cylinders.  It started with bringing in one of the best OL minds in the game and it ends with not being the arm chair over-reactionary that Championship Guy and Backup Quarterback guy are.  I keep saying it and I will say it again--I'm going to go with the decisions of the guy with a .850 winning percentage and 3 titles over those other two guys.

Comment 02 Aug 2017

JT didn't beat Clemson.  For some, it is nothing more than this, though they will never admit it Icue: it wasn't just Clemson but ____________ fill in the blank).  I hate to say this, but Ohio State wins so much that people can no longer appreciate a qb that is the leader of a team that wins 10-11+ games every year if it doesn't end in a title (spoiler alert: most season won 't as OSU has 2 titles since 1970).  The lack of gratitude of a portion of our fan base is a source of great frustration for me.

Comment 02 Aug 2017

Sigh.  Here we go again.  We all pretty much agree the OL got abused against the best D-lines they saw.  The receivers collectively were not good last year.  Think maybe constantly in fear of getting hit running for your life impacts decision making, throwing accuracy, etc?

Line plays better, receiver improve, and coaching improves, JT probably reverts back to 2014 (and statistically last year was not a huge departure from 2014 anyway).

Please, can we stop with this "the problem is all JT" narrative?  Getting real old.

Comment 02 Aug 2017

No one knows at this point, not even Martell. Some kids might leave if they lose the job some are so competitive they say and fight it out.  All kinds of other factors come into play like relationships with teammates, how much you enjoy the college experience at OSU, etc.  Many times I thought lack of playing time at other positions would lead to a transfer and it did not.  Spin yourself in circles if you want, but we will know what happens when it does.

Comment 02 Aug 2017

I really think the Cardale thing is getting over played.  Here is why:

1.  Sample size.  It was 3 games that you are referring to.  I always maintain fans attach more significance to those because of the meaning of them, but it is still 3 games.

2.  Supporting cast.  That was the best O-line in recent years at Ohio State, a first round draft pick at RB, and the best receiver at tracking the deep ball at OSU, maybe ever.  Remember, the offense was stripped way down, he basically only threw balls outside of the hash marks, often jump balls that Devin went up and got.

3.  Cardale struggled the next year a ton, albeit under far less than optimal circumstances. 

I know that was a magical season and Cardale will always be a Buckeye legend for those 3 games, but you are seriously fooling yourself if you think it wasn't a bunch of factors and that you are simply going to replicate this by choosing a quarterback you believe throws the better deep ball (and I am not conceding at this point that Haskins can't do it, because quite frankly, I know nothing about either one really).

Comment 28 Jul 2017

"It takes two to make a touchdown, though. "

This might just be one man talkin here, but it actually takes more than two to make a touchdown.  Some people are saying blocking on the o-line is kind of important, as crazy as that sounds like.  On some plays it might take the full 11 (on others, off the ball players may not be essential) but it sure as hell takes more than two.

DJ, stop feeding the trolls.  Thank you.

Comment 27 Jul 2017

I think Meyer asks his coaches on a gentleman's handshake for 2 years.  They take it knowing that after two years coaching here, doors will open for them.  If I am Schiano, I give UFM my two years and only leave when the right opportunity presents itself. 

Comment 25 Jul 2017

It's funny, I call him Savior Jimmy because everyone knows there is no plan B  if he doesn't return UM to glory.

What they don't want to hear up there is that their man has something like 69 D-1 wins, hasn't won a title of any kind anywhere, and when UM used to be able to establish an advantage just by being a national brand, those days are long gone with teams like Boise State on t.v. every single week.  It isn't that Michigan isn't an elite brand, it is, but when you couple this with the fact OSU has more in state talent and a HC with a better championship resume, they are still at a disadvantage against the local team.  The football sociologist wants desperately to see how they react if Meyer goes into AA and beats Savior Jimmy and his boys for a third straight year (and since we have the more seasoned team, we will be favored to do just that). 

Comment 25 Jul 2017

I beg your pardon sir, but Barrett is the only quarterback on the roster that has won a championship (he even has a ring to prove it!!).  You seem to be forgetting that he was the starting qb that won 11 games in 2014 (he was the starter in the TTUN game).  You do understand that the 3 wins Cardale got alone would not be enough to win a title, right?

Comment 25 Jul 2017

Do you really think that Meyer believes in his heart that Haskins or Burrow are both better than Barrett right now and that he is starting the inferior quarterback?  Playing lesser skilled players hardly seems like the way to win a lot of college football games, not that Meyer would know anything about that mind you.

Blows my mind some of the shit people put up on these boards and how far they are willing to go to construct a narrative that fits their totally unsupported beliefs.

Comment 25 Jul 2017

Numbers, I understand your point so let me clarify precisely--my issue is with people already saying Haskins and Burrow are better than JT when the former collectively has accomplished nothing outside of practice and garbage time and the latter is one of Ohio State's all time greats.  I am NOT saying that when given a chance, Burrow and/or Haskins won't be studs in their own rights.

Comment 25 Jul 2017

Good post except I would say that maybe the O line didn't regress as much as it got exposed against teams that had really good d lines.  You are probably right about what you say about Warriner except that, correct me if I am wrong, wasn't he the OC for that Kansas team that went 11-1 in 2007?  From what I remember, that offense played at a pretty high level.

We will know more after this year.  I really believe we have upgraded at OC, the Oline is basically in tact from last year (1 new starter I believe).  I am watching this O-line and receiver corp very closely because I am not giving those position coaches the benefit of one more season where those units don't improve significantly.

Comment 25 Jul 2017

I really hate speculative arguments because it clears nothing up.  We have no idea whether we win the title if JT doesn't get hurt against TTUN just like we have no idea if we win all the games before it if Cardale had to start for any of them.  When people make speculative arguments, all they do is conclude what they already believed in the first place.  I don't see how that is the least bit helpful.

Comment 25 Jul 2017

"JT will go down as the best QB in OSU history, even if he only wins one doesn't win a natty. Troy Smith was the last great, and he didn't win one either."

There, fixed it for you.  Keep pretending like Cardale wins us a title if we drop 2 or 3 games before that if you want to continue to send the message to people that :you really don't understand how CFB works at all.