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Comment 9 hours ago

Maybe you would appreciate him a bit more if you were forced to root for a team with a qb named Cream of Korn (or you can remember our own.  Where is that passing chart)?  Hard to know what to do with your comment since you can't even really explain yourself, but I do appreciate the honesty (I suspect success has spoiled you to the point where you can't accept the big loses, but admittedly, I am speculating here).

Comment 17 Oct 2017

Clueless.  I hate Championship Guy.  JT won a bunch of games that year, and without them, there is no title, no heroics for Cardale whose numbers were merely ok while Zeke carried the load.   JT wasn't good against Oklahoma, true enough.  Not sure I can come up with one Heisman winner who didn't have one "meh" or clunker game in the course of a full season.  As for 0%, check the Vegas odds where they make a living off this stuff. He probably doesn't win it, as it is unlikely any one guy in particular does, but the odds aren't zero (and prediction: Mayfield doesn't win it either).  Probably best not to post anything unless you want people to realize you are a clueless troll.

Comment 17 Oct 2017

You could be right.  I have watched them a lot and am not nearly as high on them as many.  Here are few things I have seen:

1) OL has looked average to below average much of the year.  That Barkley, who is straight up legit, had -1 yards against NW after the first half says all you need to know.  Couple this with the fact that we have the deepest and one of the most talented DLs in the country, and this is a bad combination for them;

2) McSorely has not look as good this year.  I thought he feasted on a bunch of 50/50 balls last year, and his receivers simply aren't as good this year.  If you can reasonably contain Barkley, I think you contain the PSU offense.

3) Not impressed with their schedule as I have commented in other places.  Only solid to good team they have played this year was Iowa on the road, and they probably should have lost that game.

4) They will have a revenge blood match against UM while we rest up and game plan for them.  Huge advantage.

5) We are home. PSU is a totally different animal at home for their white outs.  Historically, we beat them here.

6) I am not a believer in Franklin.  Sure, last year PSU was in the right place and won the conference, but so much of it came down to 2 ST plays which feel flukey to me (yeah, I should be careful here as ST have been a disaster at times this year).  They were completely punked by a UM team that we beat and lost to Pitt.  And this was one of the best PSU seasons in the modern era!!!  We'd lose our minds here during a 2 loss season.

I don't want anyone to think that I don't think PSU is a good team or that we can/t lose to them.  I just don't buy the hype and can't see us losing to them 2 years in a row. 

Comment 17 Oct 2017

Been hearing lots of talk about not believing it until Ohio State beats a quality opponent.  For the legitimately concerned and the Chicken Littlles, here is who PSU has beaten this season and the margin:

Akron +52

Pitt +19

Georgia State + 56

Iowa + 2

Indiana + 31

NW + 24

You know what the difference is for OSU & PSU?  We dared to schedule a blue blood program and lost.  Please find the impressive win on that PSU schedule above (I will admit that Iowa on the road can be tricky, but by all intense and purposes, that should have been a loss if they didn't go all Ferentz* on us).  Props to PSU for scheduling Georgia State, that's real aggressive scheduling there.

So my question is, I keep hearing that you will believe it with OSU when they beat a team with a pulse, but how come I never hear that when it comes to PSU's wins?

* No disrespect meant for the presumptive B1G COY.

Comment 17 Oct 2017

Your comment doesn’t make sense.  The PSU line is -9.5.  Why would we have to curb stomp them by 21 for you to believe it?  You know, you can accept or reject each one individually.  I absolutely could see us beating PSU by 10.  Our best unit goes up against their worst, we are home and want revenge, and we are coming off a bye while they have a very tough game against UM this week (note I am not saying we win by 10+).  Like many on here, I have a hard time seeing us beat Sparty by 21+ because of recent history.

Comment 17 Oct 2017

Penn State didn’t kick our butts.  We dominated three quarters of that game 21-7 until ST imploded (something that unfortunately remains a concern).  They are good and a legitimate cause for concern, but people need to stop rewriting history as they try and make PSU into something they are not.  They are a very good team but beatable in C-bus by this OSU team (here is to hoping they are actually favored at kickoff).

Comment 16 Oct 2017

Saw this on another chat board, but what about hiring Paul Johnson or go after Navy's coach (not going to butcher Ken's last name here) and go back to their roots?  The option is very difficult to defend, could you imagine doing it with an upgraded roster?  I don't see Nebraska at this point out-Ohio Stating (that's right, I made Ohio State into a verb) Ohio State, or Penn State, or Michigan.  Anyone else have an opinion on this?  I know it will probably cost them players like Lindsey, maybe that is the downside (I thought of that kid often this weekend.  Wonder how many times he privately said "oh fuck."?)

Comment 16 Oct 2017

Nope.  I savior each week.  Maybe that is because I am very grateful for this run and know how painful it is when I have to try and convince myself that a glorified practice in April is exciting because I miss Buckeye football so much.  When I was younger I had an HR director (at an awful company, but I digress) talk to a bunch of us about not "wishing your life away."  Always stuck with me because this life is too short.  Too bad you have allowed yourself to fret about potential imaginary losses such that you couldn't enjoy the ride.   "Buy the ticket, enjoy the ride!!"

Comment 12 Oct 2017

Nothing wrong with wanting a title every year, I do to.  I am talking about learning how to comport yourself when the most seasons, the inevitable occurs, and Ohio State does NOT win the title.  We come off looking like spoiled and ungrateful fans when we piss and moan after every loss or 11 win seasons.

I have zero doubt we make the playoffs if we win out.  I am not worried about Oklahoma or anyone else for that matter.

Comment 12 Oct 2017

Buckslover, you are the epitome of Championship Guy and spoiled fan all rolled into one.  Trust me when I tell you, sooner rather than later, we will look back on this era of Buckeye football and wish it still existed.  Why do I say this?  Because Meyer won't be around forever, and statistically, the odds of finding another coach that wins 85% of his games and has multiple championship rings is so small, it's not worth talking about (people that wax poetic of Tressel forget how many times his teams lost big games to include two title games.  Even Saban has lost 2 of his last 5 playoff games.  I really think some people need a reality check here).  Instead of fretting about imperfections, be grateful that we all know that it is possible that Ohio State could go on a magical run and win a title in the next two months.  So many programs know that is not the case, right now).

When you detail how close we have come, what you are acknowledging is just how special and rare a title is.  So why would anyone "expect" this?  The Buckeyes won am AP title the year I was born, and since then, in 47 years, we have won 2!!!  Two.  And we are one of the college elites.  If this is what you expect, you are setting yourself up to be miserable pretty much every year.  Why would you do that?

Do you even realize in your litany above that you are grousing about a handful of games?  Michigan is an equivalent school to Ohio State in football, and look what they have been through?  Or Texas.  Or Notre Dame.  Or Nebraska.  Georgia.  I could go on and on.

Honestly, fans need to be a bit more appreciate of just how good we have it.  The constant whining because most seasons we win "just" 10 or 11 games is pathetic.  It's not a good look.

Comment 12 Oct 2017

Aww, you have been let down before.  Poor abused sports fan.  I am getting so sick of the Chicken Littles in the fan base who have no gratitude for one of the best CFB runs a school has seen in the modern era.  You need look no further than this week's opponent to understand that what once was may not always be.  Instead of enjoying the ride, you are fretting about imaginary losses and complaining because the local team has suffered a handful of losses since Urban Frank Meyer took over.  As for getting back to the national championship, not only could that still happen, and you have an excellent recent example of this, but continuing to focus on this as if this is the expectation (when only 2 teams of the 30 or so realistically in the running each year will play in the game) also speaks to a sense of entitlement--championship seasons are special and not to be expected. 

I forget that I am probably mostly dealing with Buckeye fans on here that think Buckeye football began with Tressel (don't know if that is the case with you, but it clearly is with many) who have no idea that what we are experiencing now isn't the norm.  I grew up watching Ohio State in the eighties when they pretty much lost 3 games every year and would have killed for this run.  I have added your name to the list of those screaming the sky is falling because of one loss and will get back to you after we sleigh the mythical beast that is Penn State, who isn't nearly as good as everyone seems to think they are (our deep d line is going to abuse their o-line).  Stop acting like a spoiled entitled fan and enjoy the ride, will ya?  It's fans like you that make the rest of us look bad.