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Comment 25 Jun 2019

You don't have any idea what you are talking about.  California, if it were its own country, would be the fifth largest economy in the world.  As someone who spends a lot of time there, it is a very desirable place to live, which is why almost no one can afford a home any more.  Also, I will remind you about the site's policy on politics, as it is clear you are dancing on the edge.  Stick to your bad opinions on Buckeye football.

Comment 16 May 2019

We are having different conversations.  For you, championship caliber is defined by being given a chance and winning “championship” games.  For me, it is looking at the body of work before those games are played and saying “so and so deserves a chance.”  I measure the standards against what historically has been championship caliber in CFB.  We now live in a “everyone gets a trophy” t-ball era where people are willing to pretend teams are championship teams with 2, 3, 4 losses because, well, we have been conditioned to absorb bloated playoff brackets whose primary purpose is to sell more content to viewers.  It’s amazing how few question the Giants 12-7 champs over 18-1 Patriots when they split games head to head.  Kudos to NFL for getting people to slurp that crap up i guess, but at least this guy doesn’t want such stupidity on Saturdays.

As for your example, you do make a point.  But that was a 1 loss OSU team.  Expand to 8, and we will regularly see 2 and 3 loss teams in the mix.  This is why I didn’t want 4 (which I can live with), because for many, it is just the start/slippery slope.

Comment 07 Mar 2019

I find it amusing that when a coach with a lifetime winning percentage north of .850 was alleged to from time to time "mettle" with the offense (it has been reported that Meyer would make calls in key game decisions), this was seen as decidedly a bad thing.  But when a first time HC with three games of experience in that capacity decides he will call the plays, this is a good thing to some.  Never forget fan is short for fanatic.

Comment 09 Feb 2019

Here is the thing, neither QB nor the coach who made the decision to start him is here any longer.  Why keep dwelling on this?  Is this therapeutic for people?  SHould i keep blasting posts referencing the poor decision to recruit and start Art Schlichter?  At what point do you move on?

What annoys me, is the following: i will admit Urban possibly made the wrong call.  Hey, hindsight is 20/20.  But the Haskins Truthers state it emphatically, as if they actually know the unknown.  Meyer, Day, and Haskins all said he wasn’t ready the year before.  Could this be polite coach speak/saying the right thing?  Sure.  Might it also be the truth?  Absolutely.  Regardless, people need to stop harping on this because history is already written.  I say it half in jest, but if people can’t, maybe they really do need professional help.

Comment 30 Jan 2019

This is way off topic, but this really annoys me for some reason.  In each of the first two passages, the word "literally" is just tossed in for no reason at all.  Why do people feel the need to use this word when it is obvious they aren't speaking figuratively?  Do people think it sounds sophisticated, like, similar to "literature," (look mom, I'm well read!).  As soon as I see the word, I just stopped reading.  There are appropriate uses for it, for instance:

The explosion literally blew the roof off the building.

You would use it here, because there is an expression that denotes how loud the explosion is, but without the word literally, people wouldn't know that the roof actually came off the building during the explosion.

It is the offseason and so I guess I miss football, but man, it is hard to read some things or listen to some talk.  A friend of mine dropped the word literally into a 3 minute conversation like 8 times, and I had to just walk away.

Maybe I am the one with the problem.  I will see myself out.  Happy hump day!!

Comment 19 Jan 2019

Except that isn’t true.  THe Fake Browns are one season removed from 0-16, and that season was another losing non playoff season.  The only reason that feels like progress is because the place the team came from was far worse.  Still owned by one of the worst owners in all of sports, a gangster who bought his way out of federal prison.  At least the present owner of the Cardinals (an organization I don’t really care for) was in the NFC champsionship game a few years ago and a SB less than ten.  What can Fake Browns fan claim?  An even better question, why are we even talking about this on an Ohio State site?  This is what downvotes are for.

Comment 16 Jan 2019

This sounds like you are managing a football roster (and thus, a reasonable compromise).  Here is my question—are there such limits for regular students when they transfer from school to school?  This were to me some hypocrisy occurs with regards to student-athlete— if they are first and foremost a student, then that should be the overriding factor.  

Comment 14 Jan 2019

Silnce you keep bringing up the Michael Thomas thing I will solve what appears to be a conundrum for you.  In college his QB was JT Barrett.  His QB in the pros is Drew Brees.  I love JT as a college QB more than most on here (and he was a very good college QB) but he isn’t a sure fire NFL HOF’er.  Hope this clears up some of your confusion,.  

Comment 12 Jan 2019

I love this post.  A very poignant and classy STFU.  Time to stop whining about 2017 as the calendar now reads 2019, and both the QB and the coach that started him are gone.  Soak in a tub with some B&J’s and when you get out, shove a manpon in, buck up, and be a good fan.  If this was offensive to you, good, it was supposed to be.  Stop whInning like a prepubescent teenage girl. 

Comment 12 Jan 2019

That is your takeaway from my post?  It is getting worse by the way.  Listen to people talk about HOF QB’s now?  That is pretty much ALL they talk about.  My main point stands...those that can figure out away to enjoy great seasons that just fall short are fans that are going to be happier much more often.  Simple math really...

Comment 12 Jan 2019

I said this before the season,  but what large swatches of this fanbase care about is Natty’s, and Haskins doesn’t have one.  We now judge QB’s in the NFL with SB rings.  Just the way tdoay’s Sports fan thinks.  It’s why I personally rail against Championship Guy every chance I get.  To many, it’s almost like a season where you are in the hunt all year and winning games at better than a ninety percent clip is a waste of time.  Only solace for me is that those people will suffer accordingly.  Me, I enjoyed every minute of the Haskins experience and a Rose Bowl win.  Choose to be happy or choose to be miserable, and it is is a choice. 

Comment 11 Jan 2019


it is bad taste.  We have lots of bad fans in this fan base and many of them have figured out how to turn on the computer and log in.

Players make leaps all the time from year to year, so even if you think he wasn't all that with your untrained eye, he could take a leap forward (as often happens)  That said, we are talking about a kid that was projected to be drafted when less than 1% of kids can expect to be drafted.  So not only do you return an upperclassman with experience, but you add to depth. 

I'm going to stop reading now.  Too many ungrateful trolls filling these pages.