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Comment 07 Oct 2019

Similar teams

Both teams have good Dlines and shaky Olines. Both teams have QBs who can get the ball out quick but have struggled with accuracy. Both teams have banged up secondaries as well.

Browns have to worry about George Kittle. If they can keep him from having a huge game, I like the Browns chances.

Comment 07 Oct 2019

Only teams on the last 9 games we play with winning records are home games vs Baltimore and Buffalo. Every other team is either winless (Bengals x2 and Miami) or has 1 win (Zona, Denver, Pitt x2). 7-2, or better, is very attainable. 3 - 4 after New England makes 10-6 a real possibility.

Comment 27 Sep 2019


Here's all the games with a 70+ margin since 2000. You'd have to click each individually and see if the losing team ever lead.

Comment 06 Sep 2019

A combo of 3 things:

1.) A lot of RB success is dependent on players around him. 

2.) It's a lot easier to find a competent RB than at most other positions

3.) Salary cap

Some RBs are certainly better than others. However, if you have a solid OLine and a good passing attack that keeps defenses from stacking the box, a "good" or "competent" RB can get you close to the production that a "great" RB.

Of course, you'd rather have "great" as opposed to "good" or "competent". But this is where the salary cap kicks in. If there were no cap, pay the best players at every position as much as they want. But the NFL salary cap is very restrictive. Good teams tends to have good players at the premium/harder to replace positions like QB, Edge, CB, LT, etc, who are already probably making really good money. If you don't have a whole lot of cap space left, you have to find a way to get cheap production. So you get most of the production for a much smaller percentage of cap space.

And I think the Patriots are a good example of NOT paying RBs. Yes, they've gotten really good RB play. However, they've always had really good OLines and obviously great QB play. And it isn't like they've one really good RB who they payed a lot of money too. In the last 4 years, they've had Legarret Blount, Rex Burkhead, Sony Michel, Dion Lewis, James White and even Mike Gilleslee be contributors. none of them have made even 2mil in a season for the Pats. They've been able to find backs that good enough to produce for real cheap, and rather than pay a RB bigger money to keep him, move on and find another good back that's cheap.

Comment 27 Aug 2019

He's obviously predicting PSU will get a postseason ban put on them during the season.

Comment 21 Aug 2019

Side rant:

Record as a starting QB is such a stupid stat.

Against the Jets, Tyrod Taylor went 4/14 for 19 yards and criminally underthrew a wide open TD. When he left, it was 14-0 Jets. Baker came in, went 17/23 for 201 yards, led the team to 21 points in a half plus 1 drive.

Taylor gets the "win" because he started the game.

Comment 23 May 2019

Dan Gilbert has now brought an NBA title, major political convention (which, regardless of party affiliation, was good business for the city), NBA All Star game and NFL draft to Cleveland all in the last 5 years.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

The formula for who plays what teams was set years ago. How did the NFL plan this?

Comment 11 Apr 2019

The Mozgov deal was terrible at the time and worse now. 2 firsts for a 28 year old center who had barely played up to that point. We would've made the Finals in 2015 with alot of centers. We basically gave up 2 firsts for 2 months of average center play.

The Waiters for Shump/JR/1st deal was good. However, he wasted the 1st on Mozgov. And he signed Shump and JR to expensive deals after their contracts were up the hamstrung the Cavs going forward.

Besides bad contracts with Shump and JR, TT also got a bad deal. And rather than sign Delly to a reasonable longer deal in 2015, he had him play on a tender, then we couldn't afford him in 2016. Just bad contract management.

As for the Frye and Korver deals: more wasted assets that got us nothing. Channing Frye is a good teammate, but he's not going to suddenly change the culture of a team with LeBron James on it. Korver was a great shooter, but we didn't need offense to compete with Golden State. Neither Kover nor Frye did anything to help us remotely compete with GS. They "helped" us get to the Finals which we would've gotten to anyways.

And this isn't discounting him spending 3 picks to acquire Luol Deng for a couple months, 2 picks to acquire Spencer Hawes for a couple months, and a 1st to get rid of Varejao's awful contract. The amount of wasted assets on players who did nothing to help us win a title is quite staggering.

Cavs were great because Grant drafted Kyrie when everyone told him to take Derrick Williams, we won the Wiggins lotto which allowed to make an easy trade with Minnesota, and LeBron felt bad about how he left the 1st time so he came back. Griffin is the biggest reason the team fell apart, IMO.

Comment 03 Apr 2019

Ogbah showed a lot of promise early in his career, but injuries set him back. He's still a solid rotational DLineman, can play inside in a pinch or a 3-4 end, and can rush the passer. He's solid but replaceable. I would've liked to keep him for depth, but he's also a RFA after this year, and my guess is the Browns weren't going to keep him.

A little bit of this is Dorsey getting rid of guys from the old regime(s).  Don't get me wrong, guys like Garrett, Ogunjobi, Bitonio, Njoku and Schobert will stay (assuming we can fit them all in the cap), but I am sure Dorsey thinks he can do better at identifying rotational guys. So guys like Ogbah, Kindred, Duke, Zeitler, Peppers are all solid to good players, but he's more than happy to try an replace them with his guys.

A side note on Eric Murray: reported to be a good special teamer. Even if you discount the placekicker woes the Browns had, the special teams was still pretty bad. A new ST coordinator should help, but getting better ST players was a need as well. The fact that he'll be at least a rotational safety makes him a solid player. Not terribly different than Ogbah, but Murray is a Dorsey guy.