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Comment 24 Feb 2020

After a two-year break, Ohio State is returning to its strategy of taking on one elite opponent (via a home-and-home setup) to complement two lower-tier matchups for the non-conference lineup.

We originally had TCU scheduled as a home and home the last 2 seasons, and they have generally been a strong program. I don't know that OSU changed strategies as much as 1.) TCU changed it from a home and home to a 1 year game at a "neutral" site and 2.) TCU happened to be down when we played them.

Comment 24 Jan 2020

There were 5 fumbles in the game, PSU recovered 4 of them.

Historically speaking, recovering fumbles is a 50/50 proposition. No team, college or pro has had any sort of extended stretch where they have recovered more than 50% of fumbles. Which makes sense...it s a free ball and a lot of times who recovers the fumble is based on how the ball bounces, which pretty.

Using a binomial distribution, the probability of recovering at least 4 out of 5 fumbles is about 3.1%. And despite that PSU STILL lost by double digits.

Comment 20 Nov 2019

Correct. Which is why Michigan is always our main rival.

I like having a second rival based on how good the program is currently.

Comment 20 Nov 2019

Our main rival is Michigan. That's undisputed.

But this is college football, and many teams have more than 1 rival. Not all equal rivals, but rivals nonetheless.

I feel like our #2 rival is whoever is our biggest obstacle to winning the B1G. From 2013-2015 it was MSU. Since then, it's been PSU. And I think that's a good things. Give us multiple big games to get hyped for.

Comment 15 Nov 2019

Garrett has no prior suspensions. If want to hold late hits against him, thats your business, but every pass rusher gets penalties like with the way the game is reffed now. For all intents and purposes, Garrett is a first time offender.

Precedent for a first time suspension for an on field incident wouldn't put it more than 6 games. Banning him for a year for a 1st time offense would be way over precedent. Banning him for life isn't even close to anything thats ever been done. 4-6 games if the NFL is consistent.

And it was an egregious act. 4-6 is very much on the high end for an on field incident with no priors, but I agree its warranted.

Comment 14 Nov 2019

Urban Meyer and Thad Matta were arguably the 2 most successful coaches in the 2 most high profile sports. In the last few years, both have left, and Smith has hired coaches that in the short, have made both of those programs better so far.

Comment 13 Nov 2019

Some people are insinuating that OSU chose after the Wisconsin game to report this, because this is the soft part of the schedule. That supposes 2 things.

a) OSU knew for a while, but was able to not let anyone know about it. But if they were that good at keeping it a secret, why tell anyone at all? If you're going to bury it, bury it forever. Bury it for a while makes no sense.

b) OSU knew they'd be able to get the suspension reduced to 2 or 1 game. Given how the NCAA is not always consistent, that's a hell of a risk. They easily could've put Young at risk for PSU or UM.

If OSU really was waiting for the opportune time to tell the NCAA, they would've done it before the season, so at worst he'd miss FAU, Cincy, Indiana and Miami. Even though Cincy and Indiana have been solid this year, you know your talent level is way higher than any of those 4 teams.

Comment 07 Nov 2019

I don't want to speak for everyone, but I feel most would agree with the following premises.

Good coaches, both head and assistant, are important. Good facilities, for both recruiting and practicing/training purposes are important. If Ohio State wants to remain a top program, they need top coaches and top facilities.

Well, good assistant coaches make upwards of $1 mil now. Head coaches are starting to make near 10mil. The WHAC was renovated for 21mil over a decade ago. (and yes, I know some of those costs are paid for by boosters and other fund raisers outside the AD).

If we want to keep up with the Jones', we need money. And we need the rest of the B1G to do so as well. And to do that, we need all the money we can get. And that means TV money, which means doing whatever gets the highest ratings, which right now means noon kickoffs.

Comment 30 Oct 2019

Even then, I’d bet a 2 loss SEC champ makes it over a 1 loss Pac12 champ. And if everyone in the pac12 has 2 losses it’s academic 

Comment 30 Oct 2019

A 1 loss sec champ is getting. I don’t see a scenario where they don’t.

Comment 30 Oct 2019

#1 Clemson, OSU, Florida, Bama

#2 Clemson, OSU, Baylor, Florida

Not sure of the seeding of the above 2, but I'd be surprised if those weren't the 4 teams. 12-1 Bama/LSU is getting in over a 12-1 Oklahoma or Utah or Oregon, regardless of conference championships. A 12-1 SEC Champ is getting in. An undefeated Power 5 team is getting in.

#3 is alot trickier. It might boil down to actual scores of games, and who the opponents were in the championship games. Clemson and Georgia for sure. My guess would be OSU and LSU for the next 2 spots. 11-1 Bama would be behind 12-1 LSU (who they lost to) and 12-1 UGA (who won the SEC) and I don't see the committee putting 3 SEC teams in.They barely put 11-1 Alabama in over OSU in 2017, and 2019 OSU would be a much stronger candidate. So I'd say Clemson, Georgia, LSU, OSU, with Bama #5, Oklahoma #6 and Oregon #7.