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Comment 11 Nov 2019

We all know the NCAA's ego. If OSU were to do that, it wouldn't surprise me at all for the NCAA to purposefully rule in a way to force OSU to vacate those wins; however, that is not the worst of it IMO. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see the NCAA try to, show OSU who's boss, and throw a LOIC charge against OSU, and now not only are you vacating wins, but you are setting your program back through scholarship reductions, etc. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

My bets:

1. LSU

2. OSU

3. Clemson

4. Georgia

5. Bama

6. Oregon

7. Utah

8. PSU

9. Oklahoma

10. Baylor

I don't like it, but based on the first playoff rankings, that is my guess. I am fine with LSU being 1, if roles were reversed, it's what us Buckeye faithful would expect. However, the CFB will clearly set it up for two SEC teams to make it in to the playoffs. The fact that Georgia was the top ranked 1-loss team should tell everyone all they need to know. Yes, Georgia beat Notre Dame, but is that really a quality win at this point? Exhibit A on why there should be zero polls released until the first Playoff rankings. Georgia receives benefit of the doubt because of the preseason perception of Notre Dame. Most people knew that they were frauds, but because they were ranked so high at the beginning, most lay-persons perception, is that it was a solid win for Georgia. The only way I see two SEC teams not making it in, is either Baylor wins out and is undefeated Big 12 Champion, or Utah wins out and is impressive in doing so. I don't see Baylor winning out, and I don't see Utah winning out, or at least impressively winning out. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

This late in the season, it starts to be more about taking care of a player's body, and not breaking them down too much. I don't know how the practices are, but I am assuming that they maintain a steady pace during practices. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

I saw another mention of this, but like it or not, the 2006 team. Go back and look at the regular season results. No one scored more than 17 points against that team, aside from TTUN and then the obvious debacle in the championship game. I feel like this season is very similar to that 2006 season in terms of how dominate the Buckeyes have looked against their competition. Obviously, hoping that the Buckeyes finish out the season strong, and do not end up faltering in the playoffs like they did in the championship game that year.

2006 Schedule
 Date/Time  Opponent  Result/Recap
 September 2, 3:30 PM  Northern Illinois  W 35-12
 September 9, 8:00 PM  @ Texas  W 24-7
 September 16, Noon  Cincinnati  W 37-7
 September 23, 3:30 PM  Penn State  W 28-6
 September 30, 8:00 PM  @ Iowa  W 38-17
 October 7  Bowling Green  W 35-7
 October 14  @ Michigan State  W 38-7
 October 21  Indiana  W 44-3
 October 28, 3:30 PM (Homecoming)  Minnesota  W 44-0
 November 4  @ Illinois  W 17-10
 November 11  @ Northwestern  W 54-10
 November 18, 3:30 PM  Michigan  W 42-39
 January 8, 2007  Florida  L 14-41

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Watched some of the Iowa St game. It seemed like OU's defense fell victim to being over-aggressive, and not reading their keys. It looked too familiar to previous OSU defenses, where play-actions and misdirections worked like a charm. 

Comment 04 Jan 2019

I am with the majority in saying that I do not believe Haskins is coming back to OSU. That being said, I am surprised that this announcement has not come yet. It at least makes it seem like maybe there is some thought on his part on returning.  

Comment 04 Jan 2019

Well once this young man enrolls, it will just add another angle of interest for the upcoming Spring Game. I also believe that this is exciting to hear just from a perception standpoint of other major recruits. I think that Day is going to be able to maintain a high level of recruiting on the offensive side of the ball, but the question mark will be defensive recruiting. 

Comment 17 Dec 2018

I feel like this comment was to stir up some fun. I doubt Haskins returns, and I’ll wait until I hear it from him before I get excited about the prospects of a returning Haskins.

Comment 06 Dec 2018

We all realize that there is no such thing as journalism anymore, right? Maybe the local guys and girls, but once you get to the national level, forget about it. All that’s left are shock jockeys, whether talking about sports or politics. The only way these outlets survive is through advertisements. How do you get advertisements? Make people interested enough that they come to your site, watch/listen to your show, etc. Now how do you do that? Become polarizing. Say something that the majority of people either really agree or disagree with. 

Point being that we should not be surprised by what any of these knuckleheads say. All they are doing is saying something crazy enough to attract attention, and we are giving it to them. I understand that you cannot completely ignore ESPN, particularly when the Buckeyes are playing on there, but the only way you change this, is by tuning out. Watching/listening to them, posting thing about what they say, only helps to build the intrigue, and builds up, “clicks”, in their favor. 

Comment 03 Dec 2018
I realize that the Buckeyes non-conference is nothing to write home about next year as well, but this is the system that CFP committee has encouraged, even though they said at the beginning that they would reward teams that play tough non-conference games, their actions have said otherwise. Why shouldn't the Buckeyes follow what the CFP committee's actions are telling them to do? Now, this also means that you cannot lose to a .500 football team by 29+ points, but if the only way that OSU gets in the playoffs, is by going undefeated, OSU should try their best to make it happen.
Comment 03 Dec 2018

Was there a bowl tie in that forced Georgia and Texas for the Sugar Bowl? I know that OSU is forced in to the Rose Bowl (yes I know, "forced", is a word that some will not like), but why wouldn't *ichigan get a shot at Georgia, as they should have been the next At-Large Team?

As for the actual match-ups, this looks like it could be set up nice for the BigTen to restore some confidence as a conference. I do not really see any huge mismatches in any of the games. I think that Wisconsin will have a tough time beating Miami, and MSU if they cannot figure out how to move the ball forward on offense, will have a tough time with Oregon. The rest of the games, the BigTen could and should win.

Comment 01 Dec 2018

Yes, but this is most likely going to make the second year in a row of, "what if?". Sure, you can do that every season, but with the talent this team has, and the amount of resources spent on the program, this program should be consistently competing for national titles. Additionally, the sting is not because the Buckeyes lost a close game to a quality opponent, they were once again blown off the field by a team that had no business competing with them; that, at least to me personally, is the part that is tough to live with again. 

Comment 30 Nov 2018

I agree, with what you're saying about the Buckeyes offense, but that was the first game that the defense was flying around. The linebackers looked like they had actually played football before for the first time this season. They just seemed to have a completely different attitude than what they have given off every other week.  

Comment 30 Nov 2018

I hate speculation, but I guess since that's all we have to go off of at this point....

It struck me during the first half that the team as a whole was playing with a different passion/emotion than we've seen all year. Now, that could easily be attributed to who the Buckeyes were playing of course. However, I just kept asking myself, "I wonder if Meyer announced to the team that this would be his last *ichigan game, and how proud he has been to coach this Buckeye Team over the years, in this game?". If the team truly appreciates Meyer as a coach, and as a man, how can you not come out playing balls to the wall? I guess only time will tell, and I really hope that this is not Meyer's final hoorah, but if it is, you just cannot express enough gratitude for what he has done for the program. 

Comment 28 Nov 2018

It’s hard to make this comparison right now. Since we as fans have been able to see how the season has played out to this point, and looks as though OSU is on the outside looking in at the CFP at this moment, Burrows for two years may seem like a strong option. However, if you were to be able to ask us as fans this question before the season started, while being able to tell us just the stats that Haskins has put up, but not be aware of the results, I find it hard to believe that fans would chose Burrows. Most fans, including me would assume that OSU would be undefeated with and a virtual lock for the playoffs. I know that this comparison would be unrealistic, but the context of the results obviously adds weight to the comparison.

Comment 28 Nov 2018

I highly doubt that they put a 2 loss Georgia team in over OSU in that scenario. The only way that I could see it playing out is, as someone mentioned above, a tightly contested game between Georgia/Bama, and Georgia losing at the very end/in OT, with a score of like 28-26. That, coupled with a similarly played game that OSU had in the championship game against Wisky last year, where the Buckeyes win a game, but fail to impose their will on Northwestern. Where OSU's defense gets gashed like they did against Maryland, the offense makes a couple of plays to win, but is mostly held in check by a banged-up Northwestern defense, with a final score looking like either 17-10 OSU or 45-42 OSU. That is really the only way that I could see the committee utilizing the ever-convenient, "unequivocally better", argument in support of Georgia. 

Comment 28 Nov 2018

I think that the shine of the Rose Bowl has worn down some because of how weak the PAC12 has been. If OSU were looking at playing in the Rose Bowl against a strong USC team, or a one loss WSU/Washington team, it may turn more heads. Right now, the Rose Bowl has appeal from the two fan bases of the teams that are participating. The allure right now is a shot at the, "mighty", SEC. It is a chance to shove it to a national media that is so utterly biased, it's not even deniable. At least, that is why I believe you see fans not quite as excited about a Rose Bowl appearance compared to previous years/decades. 

Comment 28 Nov 2018

The inconsistency from the committee is definitely annoying, no doubt about it. They will say something one year, and then go completely against it the year after. However, if you look at their inconsistency, OSU has been on the benefit side, as well as, the down side of that inconsistency. As for the SEC, we all know that everything is biased towards the SEC, why is anyone surprised by that at this point? All you need to do is look at the fact that ESPN has a controlling interest in the SEC, it is no wonder why everything is so slanted towards that conference, as ESPN still owns the sports media market. However, although I agree with a lot of points already mentioned here, there is one solution; do not lose to a team like Purdue by 29 damn points. It is not like OSU's only loss is to Penn St. by a field goal. Hell, even if the loss was to Purdue, but it was only a field goal game it would not be as bad, but unfortunately the team decided to quit in the 4th quarter in West Lafayentte, and allowed Purdue to bury them.

I am not saying that the media would change it's attitude towards the SEC, but at least the complaints would be more valid.  OSU still has a say in what happens here, even if OU wins. If OSU goes to Indianapolis and plays like they did this past weekend, they end up man-handling Northwestern, the committee will not leave OSU out. Right now the committee is waiting to see if last weekend was a fluke, or if the Buckeye team that we all were waiting for, has finally shown up. You cannot erase a month plus of under-achievement with just one win.

Comment 27 Nov 2018

IMO, the only way that OSU makes it to the playoffs is:

1. First and foremost, OSU needs to learn from the mistake that they made last year, when they took their foot off of the pedal and won an average BigTen Championship Game against Wisconsin. OSU needs to come out of the gate and throttle Northwestern. I am almost a little disappointed that OSU took a knee at the end of the game this past Saturday. I think that the committee loves to see an aggressive Meyer, with that killer instinct. 

2. OSU needs Bama to win. I just do not see any scenario, outside of Bama being absolutely boat-raced, where the committee leaves Bama out. If Georgia somehow beats Bama, the committee would just go to the default, "Bama is unequivocally better than...", which would take all of the other measurements out of the equation.

3. OSU needs either Clemons (highly unlikely since the ACC outside of Clemson, might be worse then the entire BigTen West), or Oklahoma to lose. The problem you would have if Oklahoma and OSU both win, is simply that Oklahoma's loss looks much better than OSU's loss. IF that turns out to be the difference, the players will need to kick themselves for quitting in that game. It's one thing to lose to Purdue by a TD or ten points, but to give up and allow Purdue to separate at the end, that is really what would kill OSU. 

Like I said though, the first thing that OSU needs to worry about, is to continue playing with the momentum that they played with against *ichigan. They just cannot afford to come out and for the defense to revert back to the defense that we saw against Maryland, or for the offense to come out flat like they did against Purdue.

Comment 27 Nov 2018

I just do not see a scenario where Bama is left out of the CFP. It was a convenient argument for the committee last year, to say that they put Bama in over OSU, only because it was a 2 loss team vs. a 1 loss team. Therefore, they could say that the conference championship did not come in to play. This year, they would just say that in their opinion, which in the end is all that matters fortunately or unforunately, that Bama was clearly a better team, so they would not need to take any of the additional measurements in to consideration. Not to mention, that if Bama were to lose, it actually would make the CFP committee's job easier. They would just throw Georgia, Bama, Clemson, and Notre Dame in, and then not have to worry about the OU/OSU argument. From a national perspective, no one would really argue that it was a wrong choice. Sure, the committee would upset the Big 12 and the BigTen, but what could they do about it?

Comment 27 Nov 2018

There will be apprehension on the committee's part based on OSU's performance over the entire season. Now, the victory this past weekend, coupled with a convincing victory over Northwestern, may help to overcome that; however, I do not see the committee having OSU jump OU this week. 

Comment 20 Nov 2018

I never thought I'd see the day come when some fans would be excited at the prospects of not having Meyer around anymore. We as fans are all disapointed with losses like the Clemson playoff game, the Iowa game last year, the Purdue game this year, and so on. However, as the OP pointed out. Who do these fans think is going to waltz right in here, and elevate the program from where it is currently at?