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Comment 05 Feb 2020

If you like steak houses, take her to The Top. request a table in the piano room. It's the oldest steakhouse in Columbus, and it hasn't changed it's design since it was opened. It's my bday meal every year.

Comment 09 Jan 2020

Not sure I did this correctly, so I'll type underneath...The Jerk...I need that

Comment 12 Dec 2019

Look at fabfitfun. you can order it for a whole year so 10 mins of work and 4 gifts throughout the year. It's really simple and my wife loves it. 

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Am I the only one hoping LSU jumps us? I know on paper Clemson is the harder match up, but something about playing Utah, after almost a month of them hearing how bad they are and how much we will blow them out scares me. I've seen the buckeyes lose that way before(06), and win that way before(02).

Comment 16 Aug 2019

I too had it and was doing everything possible to not have flair up. I eventually had to have surgery...I was out of work for 6 full weeks, and even when I went back, I had to wear sweats because the incision does not heal quickly. I too wouldn't wish this on anyone. He is indeed very strong to be this far in such a physical activity while dealing with this. 

All i can say is, if it was me, no one could have tackled me for at least 6 months. Hopefully he heals faster if he has the surgery, or if he does not, hopefully he does not have a flair up during the season. 

Comment 27 Jun 2019
I went to the Japanese robot restaurant earlier this year. Walking in, I wasn't really sure I was gonna like it. You're in a basement that's probably a huge fire code violation. Then the show started, and it was so great. My face was sore from laughing the whole time. Pro tip, buy a full bottle of whiskey, it's the price of 2 drinks and you can take it home with you.
Comment 29 May 2019

The only thing I remember from that game is Teddy running the opening kickoff back. Everything else was killed by whiskey. Since it doesn't count towards our natty totals, I'm gonna just guess we lost by 1 in an epic game right? That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

Comment 29 May 2019

The only thing I could think of that could maybe top it as least Tressel play would be if he ever called a fake punt/fg. One does not stick out in my head though. 

Comment 29 May 2019

They're going to show the I-back behind the fullback here on 4th down...could be up to the offensive line? No! Krenzel's going to throw for it. Gotta get it off. They go for the ballgame...TOUCHDOWN! TOUCHDOWN! MICHAEL JENKINS! ON 4TH AND ONE! WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT? CRAIG KRENZEL STRIKES WITH A MINUTE AND A HALF LEFT!

Just reading this gave me goose bumps. I do need the actual call for tears...maybe. 

Comment 24 May 2019

OSU's problems have come from admitting guilt. They need to always just do what these other places do and lie and be uncooperative. NCAA has no power as long as you dont let them have power.