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Comment 14 Dec 2016
Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye. Tressel was the coach while I was at OSU and he'll forever be my favorite. The guy really is a role model further proving that good people can make bad decisions. He handled being wrong with class, and thats something this world needs more of. Long live The Vest!
Comment 14 Sep 2016
Neither was Sparty's last year and Tulsa wasn't exactly great either(against the pass). Historically we struggle when teams focus on the run and dare us to pass. 2014 Sparty was an exception, but we ran the ball extremely well that year. We have not proven to be a team capable of winning the games solely through the air, like Houston did. I absolutely think it's possible and this is the game I think we do it. I'm just letting out some nervous, devils advocate, thoughts.
Comment 12 Sep 2016
Herman won't bite the hand that fed him. He'll help JT out the most in terms of what to look for in pre snap reads and who to target. Urban is smart enough to put a plan together without much help. That being said, it would be easy for stoops to say let's mess with ohio state, since I know they called Tom and do the opposite of what they saw. Tricky situation.
Comment 19 May 2016
Both are horrible rides lol. I've never been on a less enthusiastic ride than when we went on rougaro. Everyone was dead silent, not a single laugh or scream from the entire train, it was actually funny. They can tear that and mean streak down for new ones imo.
Comment 19 May 2016
Gatekeeper grew on me this year. I was EH at first, but after riding everything else, it is a fantastic ride and needs to be experienced in the front seat. Also magnum and mean streak are not top 10 coasters, I get the nostalgia of them but they are in no way better than the Gatekeeper. Means treat needs to be torn down. I basically piss blood every time I get off that thing
Comment 06 Apr 2016
Gonna be an interesting year. Have a feeling we will lose a game at some point and we'll know exactly kind of team we have at that point. Do they stick together and get stronger like the previous years or do they let it get to them and break down? The latter can happen to such a youthful team but hopefully the grown men in the rooms can stop it. Needless to say, I can't wait!