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Comment 08 Aug 2017

If he was asked about whether an NFL team should commit to a long term contact with Pryor as a #1 receiver--and whether the Browns should use a Franchise Tag on him--I think he answered honestly. I don't see a problem with it.  And, given Pryor's options this year with NFL teams, I think others wanted to see more, as well.


Comment 07 Aug 2017

Bucknuts forums don't have a high 'hit rate' with the accuracy, so I will just consider the source, at this point

Comment 02 Aug 2017

Yes. I was just a LITTLE slow to respond. Ha Ha

Comment 01 Aug 2017

She started her own company and this one of several schools she is consulting for.  It was a very good idea for her to branch out from just that school to help others all around the country.

Comment 26 Jul 2017

A biography done about Schlichter at Ohio State was ironically called: "Straight Arrow"

I'm showing my age, but I was a huge Schlichter fan as a kid, I had a #10 jersey, and I had an autographed copy of "Straight Arrow".

Sadly his addiction lead to many ruined lives. He devastated own family, and those that he was able to con. 

Comment 22 Jul 2017

Yes, in addition, it's a great opportunity for him to interact with his potential future teammates.

Its always interesting to me how some can take something that's positive, like a visit from the number 1 ranked OT prospect in the nation, and find a way to be negative about it. 

Comment 19 Jul 2017
The road uniforms worn in the Fiesta Bowl, however, with a helmet full of Buckeye Leafs and the stripes as seen above, are the Big Ten's best — and maybe even the best in the entire country.

I agree with this.  It's my favorite combination for Ohio State.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

Using your example, why is Penn State's season ticket holder base okay with loud pump-up music, while Ohio State's season ticket holder base "would absolutely lose its shit"?

Comment 18 Jul 2017
That and I find myself wanting to spend Saturday's on the beach than in front of the TV

This is what I think of when I see the jokes about Miami's lack of fan support (i.e. photos of their empty stadium during a game).  You're in Miami. You can either go to the beach, or to a Hurricanes game at noon?  Not always an easy choice.