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Comment 14 Feb 2018

I see nothing is going to change this year. Haskins throws an INT, the fan boys will scream and holler. Burrow throws an INT, the fan boys will bitch and moan. Martell throws an INT, well what the fuck do we do now, fan boys? Oh, that’s right bitch, moan, scream AND holler. That’ll surely get you your way. 

Haskins is a 1st round talent. Enjoy it 

Comment 08 Feb 2018

Hand timed 4.18 for Galloway. Clocked at 4.29 at age 42. 

Ginn claims his best is 4.22. Actual clocked at 4.28. 

Comment 20 Jan 2018

Montreal Alouettes. They just released their qb a couple days ago 

Comment 05 Jan 2018

Sam Darnold early. Quinton flowers late. They can’t afford to miss on qb yet again. The skins did it with RGIII and Cousins, worked for them. 

Comment 03 Dec 2017

Buckeye fans are insufferable. I guarantee the first INT Haskins throws next year, they’ll be on here bitching and moaning and calling for his head. It’s best to find a few Buckeye fans that think the same as you and talk with them, avoiding these message boards at all cost. It’s just a bunch of assholes that think the university owes it to them to exceed THEIR lofty expectations or change everything at THEIR behest. 

Comment 29 Nov 2017

Harbaugh has worn out his welcome with players everywhere he’s been. Players in San Fran hated him at the end. What is this, year 3? Sounds about right. He lasted at San Diego for 3 years, Stanford for 4, Niners for 4... I see a trend 

Comment 25 Nov 2017

Here’s what I have to say: big 10 refs are absolutely fucking awful. They have been across the board, in every game for the last 4 years. I have no problem with Michigan fans bitching about the refs, but Ohio State fans should be too. Someone needs to hold these turds accountable for their incompetence