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OSU j-school grad, living in North Carolina.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Miracle on Ice; Steve Miller's pick-6 against Bama.
  • NFL TEAM: Team w/ most Buckeyes but no TTUNs
  • NHL TEAM: Boston Bruins
  • NBA TEAM: Used to be where LeBron was but can't root for LAL
  • MLB TEAM: Twins. Love Rocco Baldelli.
  • SOCCER TEAM: For 20 years it was USWNT, but not anymore.

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Comment 12 hours ago
99% of the takes on here are speculation and conjecture, which makes sense since we don't know anything. Which is to say it made ZERO sense for B1G to jump first. Now the best case scenario is that no one plays and we get blamed for it. Should have just kept postponing and stammering like everyone else. Tell you what though, we should keep preparing and if football is played this fall, we need to be part of it. Fuck the conference, fuck the TV contracts. Play and let the lawyers figure it out later. After go back to the B1G and say "forgive us or we're going independent." Which we could pull off. Or we could join another conference, or better yet we could be the spark that blows up the whole thing. The Big 12 is always ready to implode. Call Texas, Oklahoma, Ok St, Kansas and K St. FSU and Miami were looking to leave the ACC 3 years ago. Grab Notre Dame and you'd have the foundation of the first super conference. Start picking off lesser SEC schools like Miss St, Missouri, A&M and it'd be on. Ok, the second part of this post is a pipedream, but the first should happen.
Comment 10 Aug 2020
Sure, no one wants to be "that person/company/school/organization" or whatever that didnt follow the most stringent possible steps imaginable, and god forbid someone died. Well, that line of thinking has gotten us to where we are. Life generally sucking, economy tanking and no end in sight, and yet none of that has stopped 160,000 deaths. At some point we need move forward. A healthy person younger than 25 has a better chance of drowning than dying from Covid. But pools are still open. Fact is a few kids die playing football every year. It's a risk, but the odds are super low. Protect those in the population most at risk, take great precautions, and help those in need, but at some point we have to move forward. We've had a flu vaccine for almost a century, and still tens of thousands of people due from the flu every year. If the kids want to play they should be allowed. If they don't they should be excused and not lose scholarship or eligibility.
Comment 10 Aug 2020
What if it wasn't a conference thing? What if Ohio State just said F it, this is not B1G or NCAA, we want to play 10 exhibition games this year. Anybody want in? Bet most of the SEC would be in. Clemson for sure. Just a few years ago Florida State and Miami were both ready to leave the ACC. Factor in the Big 12 is always on the verge of imploding, I bet you could get 20 teams easy ready to play. And if you did that, more would probably follow. Kill off the NCAA and shift to super conferences. Yes, I too am a delusional fan grasping at straws.
Comment 08 Aug 2020
You seem like a smart person but that is a dumb statement. They are not undercutting anyone. People are saying they need this or that or want to see these improvements. The student athletes at OSU are saying they already have that. If you're the leader and do things right, it's OK to be the example. Why would you want them to lie and say things are bad and make demands for what they already have? We have the biggest fanbase (i.e. lots of money), one if the 2-3 best coaching staffs in the country, one of the best support staffs in the country, and top facilities. We bring in recruits who are not only some of the best at their sport, but also get it done in the classroom, mostly stay out of trouble, and become great representatives of Buckeye Nation after they are done. Add it all together and it's called a culture. And with ours, it should surprise no one (except delusional UM fans) that we are setting the standard for handling a difficult situation better than most. The players bust their butts to live up to the lofty standards that have been set here, and we should applaud them for not only living up to them but making them higher. So when they say, "We're doing things right, we're doing it the Buckeye way," I say hell yeah. And if other schools need to follow our lead to improve things for their kids, then they need to improve things. But OSU shouldn't apologize for doing things the right way.
Comment 04 Aug 2020
Ok, except only 2% of college players go to the NFL. So for the other 98%, who like the rest of us that never played, don't have the talent needed to make a living playing football, they are earning (not being given) a free education, numerous perks regular students don't enjoy, and a jumpstart out of the gates. Their expenses are relatively low. It's a deal that pretty much anyone would jump at. And, btw, no one is forcing kids to play college football if they don't want to. They are free to stay home and work at the local grocery store if they want.
Comment 04 Aug 2020
Why does anyone take some crappy job that pays $100k? Why don't we just take jobs as the CEOs of giant corps and get paid millions? Oh yeah, cuz it doesn't work that way. You have to learn, work your way up, and earn what you get. Something that seems lost on the younger generation today. You get your (college) education today so you have a brighter future tomorrow.
Comment 03 Aug 2020
And how does the fact that he coached in a Super Bowl have any positive impact in AA at all? Keep pointing to pre-1945 and your coaches' accomplishments at other schools, because the reality of today is too painful. So when Ryan Day is winning multiple national titles at OSU, your fans will be making fun and saying, "Big deal. How many Super Bowls has he lost?" Clasic. Any wonder why your guys are such a laughing stock?
Comment 02 Aug 2020
Ok, then how about: We are being given the honor to step up and participate in taking care of one of our own. 99.9% of us didn't have the athletic prowess to be part of the OSU brotherhood on the field, but something that would be a small token for us can allow us to participate in the off-the-field brotherhood that is even more important, the one that makes us Buckeye Nation. And no slam on you Brutus. We understand what you were saying. I have no doubt the people who make a bit more than us will be very generous. I think the number of people who contribute will outweigh the money raised to the family. Stay Buckeye Strong Perez family.
Comment 23 Jul 2020
"Outed himself"? I didn't know it was ever a question. Seriously, I live in the South, and his good-ole boy schtick is very common. Loves everybody to their face, then calls em every name in the book behind their back. Not just a Southern thing I know, but it's pretty common here, and I have had ZERO doubt ever that's who he is.
Comment 20 Jul 2020
Used to work at a small D1 school. Women's b-ball coach once asked the coach at a big-time b-ball school in the ACC what her budget was. "Budget?!?!" She was so confused she didn't understand the word. They encouraged her to spend all she could to balance things for TitleIX. Schools can definitely makes some adjustments without cutting sports.
Comment 19 Jul 2020
Yeah, I'm definitely with you in wishing Clemson would play at least one decent opponent each year, but... and I can't emphasize this enough... fuck Carolina. They have one of the most smug and delusional fan bases in sports. If they made the playoffs one time, they would truly believe they were Notre Dame, Alabama and Harvard rolled into one. Not quite _ichigan egotistical, but close. I know a lot of ABC fans. Anybody But Carolina.
Comment 19 Jul 2020
50/50 revenue split?! The MLB players' union just peed their collective pants from laughing so hard. "Good luck with that, Felicia."
Comment 19 Jul 2020
The gap between us and #2 UNC (never thought I'd say that talking football) is virtually the same as the gap between UNC and #13 Oklahoma.
Comment 19 Jul 2020
(No offense to other kids in this class, just going by rankings.) Hancock (6) and Johndon (4) squeak into second as the highest rated CB duo we've landed since 2000, behind only 2017 when Okudah and Wade went 1-2. Third is 2014 with Webb (5) and Lattimore (6), followed by 2004 with Whitner (3) and Anthony Gonzalez (8), and 2013 with Apple (7) and Burrows (8) (Conley was 15 in that class).
Comment 27 Jun 2020
Yeah, it's called Myrtle Beach. The Redbeck Riviera (not my words, an actual unofficial nickname). Tens of thousands descend into this little town, load up on Bud Light and fireworks and lose their minds. I lived there for 5 years. When people land at a vacation destination it's like the laws of physics and logic no longer apply. Every week a new load of revelers will show up and get exposed. MB is particularly popular with people from Ohio, New York and Canada.