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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Miracle on Ice; Steve Miller's pick-6 against Bama.
  • NFL TEAM: Team w/ most Buckeyes but no TTUNs
  • NHL TEAM: Boston Bruins
  • NBA TEAM: Used to be where LeBron was but can't root for LAL
  • MLB TEAM: Twins. Love Rocco Baldelli.
  • SOCCER TEAM: For 20 years it was USWNT, but not anymore.

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Comment 12 Nov 2019
Nothing new here. Florida State was a top-5 team for two decades cuz the ACC was so weak. Now it's Clemson's turn to slap around all the basketball schools. I find it astonishing that no other school will go all in on football, play second fiddle to Clemson and lose in the ACC champ game every year, and be a "top-12" team that goes 11-2 or 10-3. Against all those crap teams, it wouldn't be all that hard. Hell with some $, App State could pull it off.
Comment 12 Nov 2019
That's 2-loss Penn State now and at least 3-loss Michigan. If Minnesota wins next 3, there's an arguement, but I am not betting on that. LSU will have wins over 1-loss Bama, 2-loss Georgia, 2-loss Florida, and 3-loss Auburn. Plus fringe top-25 Texas. Not saying I'm happy about it, but we all know the SEC gets the benefit of the doubt.
Comment 12 Nov 2019
According to the committee they wipe the slate clean each week and start over. LSU now owns the best win of all the contenders by far, followed by Minnesota. As we sit here today, LSU's wins over Auburn, Florida and Texas are slightly better than our wins over Wisconsin, Cincinnati and Indiana. They fact we thoroughly dominated those 3 games whereas they didnt tightens things up, but we still dont have a signature win that competes with Bama, and we wont get one unless Minnesota goes 12-0 cuz Wiscy choked against Illinois and Penn State choked against Minny.
Comment 12 Nov 2019
Think the prediction above is dead on. Should Oregon win out, though, especially with a win over 11-1 Utah in the PAC12 championship, I think the Ducks move past Bama for the final slot in the final poll. If we give Minnesota its first loss, maybe we pass LSU, but I don't think it'll happen. I'm ok going up against Clemson. They are very talented and coming on strong for sure, but we will be battle-tested while they will be playing their first game of the season against a halfway decent opponent. And we're a bit more than halfway decent.
Comment 11 Nov 2019

Can't use Bama's weak schedule in this convo. After the PSU game, Minnesota's best win is Illinois. Their non-conference schedule included three teams outside the Power-5 that they beat by a total 13 points. They'll have a chance to improve with games against Iowa, Wisconsin and potentially us, but until then... 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Sorry to be totally clueless here, but I do have an opinion that differs from yours. Assuming LSU and Clemson don't lose, they are both in. Whomever wins the B1G championship game is in. (Probably and hopefully undefeated OSU, but could also be undefeated Minnesota. PSU could happen because it would have beaten two undefeated teams and avenged its only loss.) So that's three spots filled. If Oregon and Utah both win out, that means two 11-1 teams are playing for the PAC-12 Championship. Both will be highly ranked, so the winner of that game will have its best win being better than Alabama's over Auburn, and thus no way the PAC-12 champ gets left out. And that's not even getting into the mayhem that could come out of the Big-12 starting this weekend with OU and Baylor. Plus, if Georgia plays LSU tight in the SEC championship, that further hurts Bama's chances. But I'm clueless, and will start working on another hobby. 

Comment 08 Nov 2019
I hear what you're sayin, Sloop. But this is Ohio State. They are under the microscope. Do you see how many threads and replys we have on this topic? This story has been picked up by every sports media outlet. Do you remember the last time an OSU guy got cute with the media and ducked a question based on semantics? Didnt work out real well for anyone. (Well, it worked out well for Ryan Day.) We live in a world where unfortunately you have to keep the media in your side because truth and justice are only what they say it is. Wow, just got on here to make a joke and now I'm on a soapbox. Sorry for the rant. Dont screw with the media.