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Comment 18 Aug 2019

At a place like OSU the problem is always that there is only one football for all the talent and athleticism on the field at any given time.  Considering the unreal and almost unfair WR corps we have, and the fact that you want the ball in the hands of the BEST athletes on the field, there simply won't be that many TE targets. 

At a place like Iowa or Wisconsin, I think Berry or Ruckert would legitimately be one of the top receivers  from an athletic standpoint.

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Unless the cyst goes away I don't see him being for it either.  He was in obvious pain quite often last season, and we all got to see it thanks to the wonderful television directors of every buckeye game.

The part of Forde's statements I take most umbrage with is the notion that USC is still a "Cadillac" coaching destination.  I have a feeling the national media will have an even harder time letting go of the idea that USC is a football powerhouse than they do with Notre Dame.