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Comment 12 hours ago

they have a great running back.  That doesn’t make them a top 6-7 team.

They’ve blown out teams like Central Michigan and Kent because they were physically unable to stop the run, and looked pedestrian vs teams like UM and Northwestern... you know, the big powerhouses.

they’ve had one GOOD game, and after watching it, I feel like it was more about MSU having a bad game.

Comment 12 hours ago

It’s the same thing every year for the past 4-5 years.  They have the best running back in the nation behind the best line college football has ever seen and yet magically they can’t move the ball against an athletic defense. also their vaunted defense suddenly looks slow vs an athletic offense.  

they’ll come out playing hard but they will not be able to keep up. We will score 31 by halftime.

Comment 13 hours ago

Of course nothing is certain, but it’s also possible to do a lot more than “just guess” based on what we’ve seen so far from each team.

when we were down 21-6 to Bama, even Saban knew they were in trouble based on how we were moving the ball at will and they were only scoring on short field situations.

Also this isn’t the team that laid down for Iowa or Purdue. If things aren’t working, they make changes on the fly- not stubbornly bash their heads into a brick wall while grabbing their knees on the sideline.  Those losses weren’t random unpreventable events.

Wisky is the same team they usually are- one dimensional on offense and pretty good, not great, on defense.  They may come out on fire after their loss to Lovie, but I predict a similar 2nd quarter domination from OSU.  We’ll shut down their run game and they will start throwing picks when they give up trying.

Comment 20 hours ago

The problem is that this isn't boxing/MMA, there are no "defending champs." I don't understand why this is such a difficult concept for professional CFB analysts. They are the 2018 champions and always will be, but this is 2019 and we are ranking teams based on this season.  I hate to quote Pawl, but this isn't a lifetime achievement award, it's a 2019 ranking and nothing more.

Comment 20 hours ago

Picking OSU as #1 is pretty common this season, it's not as if he's Desmond Howard picking UM to win every single week.  

And what does an angry, (still average) Wisky team have to do with us and our ranking?  

Comment 19 Oct 2019

Sorry but it's not just as likely.  This team may be special, but we'd be running Tate Martell into the line this season if not for the change.

I love Urban.. he redefined our program, took our recruiting to a whole new level, won one title here, but after that it felt like a downward trajectory overall for one reason or another and that can't be denied.