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Comment 18 Sep 2019

He couldn't have gotten cut at a better time - there are a ton of QB injuries.  Darnold, Brees, Roethlisberger, Siemian, Foles - even Cam Newton is hobbled.  I hope he gets a chance to be on an actual roster somewhere.

Comment 30 May 2019

If my math (finger counting) is right, this will be Pryor’s 8th year of NFL service.  At one point, ten years was the benchmark to max out your NFL pension (not sure if that’s still the case).  No matter your opinion of him, you have to give him credit for hanging on so long.  A lot of people, including me, would have never predicted 8 years for him when he left Ohio State.

Comment 25 Dec 2018

You're quick research supports many, many that have been done over the years:

2016:  http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/174883892/predicting-best-nfl-draft-prospects-talent

2015:  https://www.sbnation.com/college-football-recruiting/2015/5/5/8547409/nfl-draft-recruiting-rating-ranking

2014:  https://www.sbnation.com/nfl-mock-draft/2014/5/8/5697792/2014-nfl-draft-first-round-picks-schools-conferences-recruit-ratings

I think EDSBS gets credit for the first definitive study in 2010.   You'll even find an old post from me 6 or 7 years ago doing the stats from those days.

Comment 04 Dec 2018

It would be amazing if LJ stays, but I would not be surprised if he took this opportunity to announce his retirement.

Comment 06 Aug 2018

For 1 and 2, I think those answers are easily validated by the attorneys on the investigating committee.

For #3, what would they ask Courtney exactly?  If it's true that the Powell police notified them, they already knew from the police report what Courtney was alleging.  How much investigation is needed or required beyond what the police and prosecutor were already doing? 

4) My understanding was that he was "detained" only in the sense that the police typically (or are required to) separate the husband and wife but unless he was arrested there would be no record.  

We do, indeed, have to wait this out - I have some faith in the committee.  I would assume that 14 days was given as an estimate because they already see they have most of what there is to know.

Comment 06 Aug 2018

Yeah I agree.  I firmly believe Urban was reacting to the original story that Zach had been arrested for domestic violence in 2015 to which he replied that they looked into it (the alleged domestic violence) and there was nothing (no evidence to back the allegation) - I don't know how someone writes a story like that (that Zach was arrested).  

To me, it seems pretty clear.

Comment 06 Aug 2018

These questions have probably been asked before but -- 

Can you be held in violation retroactively for terms added to your contract?  Can he be held responsible for the new Title IX reporting clause added to his contract in April apply to all of his previous actions even from years before?

Is the alleged incident even covered by Title IX?  My understanding is that Title IX applies to protection for female students -- not for all females connected in any way to a college or university.  Is that incorrect?

Comment 06 Aug 2018
My inferences in [brackets] "... [With regard to] 2015, I got a text late last night that something happened in 2015. [We looked into it then] and there was nothing [no arrest, no evidence that the alleged domestic violence occurred]. Unless, once again there's nothing [no arrest, no charges]. Once again, I don't know who creates a story like that [that incorrectly states that Zach was arrested for domestic violence in 2015]." Is that a plausible interpretation of Urban's stilted answer that often comes in a live press conference?
Comment 13 Nov 2017

Burrow does seem to be the better runner of the two.  I honestly think Urban Meyer looked at the Cardale Jones run to the NC and thought his most potent offense going forward would be built around a "devastating play action pass" offense that stretched the field vertically.  After that theory fizzled at the start of the following year, he went back to JT and more running and horizontal passing.  

I could be wrong on the timing but maybe that time period led him to recruit the less mobile big armed QBs - Haskins and Burrow.

Comment 12 Nov 2017

I remember seeing a shot of the entire south stands on TV in the 1st half and it was 99% full.  Don't recall seeing the upper decks though.

Comment 28 Aug 2017

I also wonder how much the UK basketball program and the small possibility of playing both sports at UK tugged at "Blue" Smith.  Quite a feat to sign this kids especially considering OSU's superstitious aversion to all things blue.  AND the fact that UK is the home of Big Blue!

Watched him play this weekend - he looks like a big-time prospect (if they would have thrown him the ball more).  

Comment 03 Mar 2017

Probably no one remembers OVAL pizza the all time worst, cheapest pizza that, back in my day, you could pickup for $4.99 for an extra large.   It would leave a distinctive long-lasting wet cardboard smell in the elevator for hours.  The cheese was so thick and plastic-y that I once inadvertently buried an Oval pizza box under newspapers and laundry - only to find it again two weeks later, microwave it and it tasted like new (which, to be honest, wasn't good anyway)!  The plastic cheese layer was impervious even to salmonella!

No respect for Donato's pizza?  The founder's favorite with banana peppers ranks very high on my all-time list.  

The late-great Flying Pizza just north of 15th gets an honorable mention - walking home from class eating a New York-style slice with meatballs ....fuhgeddaboudit.