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Born and raised in Ohio, I've spent most of my adult life living elsewhere--which has only made my love of the Buckeyes stronger! As of August 2018, our family's moving to Cleveland, and we'll be Buckeye Fans in Exile no longer!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being at the 2014 Sugar Bowl and watching OSU knock off Alabama en route to the national championship.
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
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Comment 29 Jul 2020

Speaking of not perfect, I almost forgot one little detail: how far 10k is! 

I've never actually run a 10k race before, only 5k and half marathon, and of course those are 3.1 miles and 13.1 miles. So I had ".1" pretty firmly in my head and stopped at 6.1 miles. I realized my mistake pretty quickly and, good little rule-follower that I am, tacked on a .1 mile sprint to make up the difference. 

Comment 29 Jul 2020

Seems like it would be tough to install a Saban-esque defense in the best of situations, because of its complexity, and this is not the best of situations. I don't know their roster that well, but they'd probably be served best by building on what they have and then recruiting toward and gradually transitioning to that kind of defense over the next few years. 

Comment 29 Jul 2020

Ran mine this morning--it was the best my knee has felt all week, the most chafing I've had in a couple years, and also my fastest pace for this kind of distance in a long, long time. So, while not perfect, I'd call it a BIG win. 

Comment 27 Jul 2020

Race week is here! 

So, naturally, my knee's acting up, after everything's been going great in my training. I guess the nice thing about a virtual race like this is that I can wait until later in the week to give my knee a chance to feel better, but I was hoping to knock this out this morning. Oh well.

How's everyone else feeling about the race? Anyone done theirs already? How'd it go?

Comment 16 Jul 2020

I think it's a fair question, actually, and it raises some key points:

1) There's a big gap between the two schools when it comes to how many top recruits each has. It's glaring when a high recruit up north apparently doesn't live up to his potential, because he's supposed to be THE guy. At OSU, there are so many top recruits that it's easy for us to focus on the hits and not the misses.

2) Along with that, there are so many top recruits that it's probably not even possible for all of them to succeed. Gill's been sitting behind guys who are getting drafted into the NFL and having success there. It's hard to get the reps, hard to get the attention. 


3) It's also hard to say whether Gill has developed or not. Joe Burrow transferred to LSU, and he continued to develop there, but does anyone really think that he didn't grow as a player at OSU? He was behind another really good QB. If Brian Hartline is as good as we all think he is, then it's pretty likely that Gill leaves here a better player than he came in. 

But also

4) Maybe the Michigan sample size is just too small, but the numbers certainly back up that OSU is consistently developing players well. I've seen the data posted elsewhere here about how our 5*, 4*, and even 3* players do in terms of making it to the NFL. Every school is going to miss on players, no one here is claiming that OSU is 100% when it comes to getting the most out of every player; maybe Michigan is going to have a string of players that they develop into total studs, but at this point we haven't seen it, and seeing is believing. 

Comment 09 Jul 2020

Here's the thing about that, imo. When you look at any athletic program, you have some like us, Alabama, and Clemson, that are just factories. We bring in talented kids who mostly have the right attitudes, we have good assistants to develop them, and if we miss on a kid there's two others ready to take his place. Everything's moving in the right direction with talent, coaching, and culture. 

I think that other team is behind us in all of those ways, but I think the biggest things are actually talent and culture. There's plenty of indications that Shea Patterson himself was a problem there, not doing the work in the off-season, etc. The fact that he was able to get away with that doesn't speak well to their program, BUT you bring in a kid who's talented and motivated and I don't necessarily think the coaching and culture up there is going to get in the way of him being pretty good. 

Not saying we should be terrified or on high alert, but I don't think you can write off the possibility, especially for a kid with a pedigree like that. 

Comment 07 Jul 2020

I think keeping the option open is good, so rather than giving them each a few series in any particular blowout, give one of them all the blowout reps in one game, give the other the reps in another game. Keeps open the possibility of a redshirt longer and also lets them get into more of a rhythm in the opportunities they have. 

But I also think they have to be flexible on that. Priority 1 for this year should be winning this year, which means that if they feel like Gunnar Hoak is the best option if Justin Fields goes down, then that's the guy who should be getting most or all of those reps. If there isn't much separation between Hoak and the freshmen, though, absolutely prioritize the young guns over the old Gunnar.

Comment 26 Jun 2020

Yeah, that was brutal, and not something I really needed to remember.


I loved the call-out to the Shaka-Smart-led VCU team! I went to undergrad with him (not at OSU), and it was the coolest damned thing to see him and his team scrap their way through the tournament. It didn't make the OSU loss any easier, but it did give me something to care about deep into the tourney. 

Comment 26 Jun 2020

Amen. But it's also all about culture. Are they working to make each other better or fighting for scraps? Do they feel like they have a fair shot or that coaches are playing favorites? Do they feel like they're learning and growing, or stagnating? Some of that comes down to the character of the individuals, some of that comes down to the culture among the players, and some of that comes down to the coaches. From the outside, it looks like we're about as healthy in all those regards as we could be. 

Comment 26 Jun 2020

I don't think Urban was oblivious to the talent. I think he was 1) loyal to a fault to JT and 2) stuck on the idea of a QB who creates mismatches by being a legitimate threat to run (which clearly Haskins was not). It's also fair to think that the offense would have to be seriously redesigned to fit Haskins. Which is easier to do from one season to the next than it is from the Michigan game to the B1G championship game. 

Comment 25 Jun 2020

It's an interesting game in that it pits strength against strength and inexperience against inexperience. Their offense will likely struggle, especially early in the season, but our defense is also facing a lot of turnover and will need to grow. Given the level of our recruiting, you'd have to think we have an edge here. 

And then there's our offense. The only really big question mark is running back, because of injuries and bringing in a transfer RB. Our line should be excellent, our QB is a Heisman contender, and he's got plenty of talent to throw to. Oregon's defense looks like it will be really, really good next year, with strong CBs going up against our strong WRs, and strong linemen against our line. They'll be a great test for our offense (and vice versa). I think, like many here, we expect them to slow us but not stop us. 

I think many of us here see it this way and think that we should be the better team. So we feel pretty good about it. Could we lose? Sure. Definitely shouldn't get cocky about this one. I'd be surprised if we absolutely dominated them from start to finish, but I'd be equally surprised if we lose to them. 

Comment 22 Jun 2020

I can't see the videos posted above because I'm on my work computer, but did anyone mention that he's currently playing in a group with Sammy Hagar, Vic Johnson, and Jason Bonham? They posted a pretty sweet version of "Right Now" with the piano intro covered by guitar. https://youtu.be/c2MCJGH-Py8

Comment 19 Jun 2020

I hear you on the virtual runs, and outside of a Covid-19-type situation, I think we can all agree that they are stupid.

Life being what it is, though, I'm down. And this should put me firmly on their mailing list, so I'll probably show up to do the real thing at some future date. 

Comment 18 Jun 2020

At this point, the only thing to do between Tennessee and Ohio is audiobooks. 

Comment 18 Jun 2020

I would agree that OSU, Clemson, Alabama, and Georgia are the favorites here. Beyond that, you have to think of paths to get there: 

1) Oklahoma or Texas: whoever wins the Big12 at least has a shot to get into the playoffs, and then maybe something weird happens

2) Oregon, Washington, or USC: the Pac-12 is weak, but winning the conference and other things falling out well gives them a shot at the playoffs, and see #1.

3) A different SEC team: most likely LSU, maybe Florida: the SEC is basically a lock at this point to send someone to the playoffs, and while Bama and Georgia have to be considered the favorites, we've already seen that chaos can happen. LSU actually recruits pretty well, so while they're going to miss Joe Burrow BADLY, their cupboard isn't bare. 

4) A different Big10 team: Wisconsin or Minnesota or PSU or UM -- we're the class of the conference, and while we all want to hope that Urban Meyer took the one-inexplicable-loss-per-year with him into retirement, we know things can happen. Wiscy or Minny have the advantage of being on the other side of the conference, and the disadvantage of playing us at our most focused (a disadvantage Harbaugh shares). 

5) A different ACC team: super-weak beyond Clemson, but maybe UVA really is surging? FSU? Or Clemson just stumbles along the way (almost happened last year) and leaves the door open.

6) Notre Dame runs the table, or a non-P5 runs the table and has a good enough win over someone to make a case. I just don't think ND is really an elite program any more, and they shouldn't get the benefit of the doubt unless they're undefeated and the Big12 and Pac12 champs have a loss. A non-P5 team probably won't get the benefit of the doubt either. 

Comment 18 Jun 2020

I think the point that was being made was that UM came close to beating us once but has gotten beaten down pretty consistently otherwise, while PSU had one win (fluky, but still) and several very close losses to us. Take away the best catch and run of Bin Victor's career, or if JTB doesn't play out of his mind at the end of that other game, and we could be looking at three narrow wins for PSU over us. Harbaugh hasn't come nearly that close. 

Comment 18 Jun 2020

I haven't done very much trail running, but the thing I noticed is how closely you have to be paying attention. I run in minimalist shoes, so this is especially true with stones and roots and whatnot. So I think you get more of that "flow" state because you have to really be in the moment, so the time flies by, even if the miles take longer. 

Good luck with those training goals--13.1 going up Pike's Peak sounds amazing.