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Comment 23 Mar 2014

Craft: C Hard not to root for but I think he regressed offensively since his sophomore season. I think he peaked as a player early and, fair or unfair, had a very Tim Tebow-like draw.

Smith, Jr.: D Another case for lack of player development. He came to the Bucks as an athlete and he leaves as an athlete, not a basketball player. Not good when you reflect on a senior's season and only the missed opportunities stand out.

Thompson: C+ We all get it Slam- you can SKY! Please don't miss any more alley-oops now. Nonetheless, it was nice to see his perimeter game improve..

Ross: C I think he leaves and I wouldn't blame him. His offensive game translates to the pro level, albeit not in the NBA.

Williams: D Before I get too critical I have to remind myself that these are not professional athletes, though most aspire to be. Amir doesn't appear to have it between the ears. The only reason he's not an 'F' was the improved free throw shooting. Still waiting for him to get pissed and begin to realize he's got an NBA body.

Scott: C+ I thought he looked comfortable as a starter and there was something more to that Michigan comeback. Dare I say it- this team may have wanted him running the point over Craft.

Loving: B- Looked good at times and went to sleep (like most freshman) in other times. To me he was the most passionate player on a team that played uninspired for most of the year.

ADV: C Jon Diebler you are not. Hearing about some attitude, coupled with the matching earrings has me wanting to celebrate his departure.

Coaching & Player Development: D I can't believe we're not talking about this more. It certainly looked and felt like there was a locker room problem. Unemotional. Q's aweful start to the season. No offennsive development. Is it time to start looking at Matta as a recruiter who doesn't develop his talent?