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Comment 07 Aug 2019

Someone tweet forde a link to this article with a mic drop gif.

Comment 01 Aug 2019

Woah! Kevin I’m not criticizing 11w. I didn’t say “in this site”. I’m talking about everywhere. The article you linked wasn’t even 11w.  

You guys need to calm down. I express even a little doubt about fields being a starter or getting the vast majority of coverage and you guys explode. That’s kinda the point behind my earlier joke. You guys are going to lose your collective minds if it doesn’t happen. 

Comment 01 Aug 2019

I’m chill. Just joking about how many people are banking this season on a kid we’ve never seen play a meaningful snap of college football.  Haven’t seen close to the number of  articles on any of the other QBs which I find funny. If fields isn’t named the starter, or he’s injured, we are going to have almost no idea what the skill sets of the other qbs are.

Comment 26 Jul 2019

I work in one of our companies engineering centers and they’ve had dual monitors there forever and a lot of the software guys have three or huge 40 inch displays. A couple years ago they tried to get the engineers to use their laptop screen as the second screen and a small revolution started. DONT touch my second monitor son, you may not make it back to that dark IT room alive. 

Comment 19 Jul 2019

Wouldn't this be a similar argument against highschool football?  Why are my taxes paying for the highschool to have a football team?  They don't make money for the school, so we should get rid of it.  Right?  You are asking the same thing just the next level.  It's about alumni, its about pride, its about community.  These you can't put a price on.  Believe me, these schools do the financial juggle and they know what they are bringing in, and they know what they would NOT be bringing in if they didn't have a team that exposed the name of their university to people on TV.  

I'm totally on board with changing competition levels, no different then how we treat highschool divisions, but outright banning a team because the school or people who attend the school have to pay for it to exist is a bad argument.  

Comment 18 Jul 2019

Oh man with his retirement, i can't wait to see some of the takes he launches into the atmosphere.  He'll have no repercussions!  We had a guy retire here last year and he just told management where to go on almost a daily basis up until he left.  It was hilarious.