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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Bollman Leave.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: John Simon aka The Beast
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Comment 16 Sep 2020

Also, don't be like that idiot in bowling green and host a house party because you have COVID and are "quarantining" at your house, while everyone parties around you.

Comment 11 Sep 2020

This has to do with Title IX.  Basically, for every scholarship for a male sport, you need to have an equivalent amount for female based on student population.  It's some dumb calculation, but in general when you think about the 85 scholarships in men's football, when you start cutting sports, typically the men's sports get the most cut cause you certainly aren't eliminating football scholarships.

Comment 11 Sep 2020

Removing the bleacher seats, although reducing capacity, would probably increase revenue in the end.  I'm more likely to sit for four hours through all the tv timeouts if I can at least lean back a little between standing up for the 18th td of the day.

Comment 10 Sep 2020

Freedom of speech does not give you the right to go on to someone else’s website and spout out stuff they don’t want in their website. Freedoms of speech means you can go and create your own website and put whatever crap you want in it with no penalty from the government. It also does not protect you from civil suits for your content. 

It’s a sport site. They are very clear in their policy what is and what is not allowed.  If you don’t like it, there are dozens of other Ohio state themed sports sites you can go to.