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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Bollman Leave.
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Comment 04 Mar 2019

It doesn't do clams, its a river otter.  Sis is an alum, says this isn't the mascot, just a proposal by the student body, but has to be approved and she said it doesn't have a chance.

Apparently Alma Mater is a bronze statue on their campus and illnois boasts a shit ton of otters in the state:

The 10,000-pound statue depicts a mother-figure wearing academic robes and flanked by two attendant figures representing "Learning" and "Labor", after the University's motto "Learning and Labor."[1] Sited at the corner of Green and Wright Streets at the heart of the campus, the statue is an iconic figure for the university and a popular backdrop for student graduation photos.[2] It is appreciated for its romantic, heraldic overtones and warmth of pose. The statue was removed from its site at the entrance to the university for restoration in 2012 and was returned to its site in the spring of 2014.[1]

Comment 22 Feb 2019
Awful. Just awful. My father in law had a similar thing happen. Guy on the site did something really dumb. Was in a blind spot, something you never do around heavy machinery. Father in his equipment ran him over and killed him. He still hasn't forgiven himself. To live with that, even when not your fault what's over, just a terrible burden.
Comment 18 Feb 2019

What I'm interested in seeing is if it will take an entire half for this new staff to adjust to what hte offense is throwing at them, or will they make a change before the half is over.  Time and again Meyer and Schiano came up totally surprised the team schemed against their defense and it took entirely too long for them to adjust.  Having a new scheme is great, but hopefully they are teaching their kids enough they can make a change early and often to keep the offense guessing.

Comment 17 Feb 2019
The only question about today's game is how long until Wesson fouls out. My guess is 5 minutes into the second half. We need one of those Nostradamus threads to win a t-shirt. Whether we win or lose isn't really a debate.
Comment 20 Jan 2019
He was gaurenteed a win when he submitted a video containing a Monty Python reference behind a police horse. It was a competition for second place by that point.