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Comment 06 Jul 2019

I think he’ll end up choosing Tennessee,

I agree, this is down to the Vols - and the Cavs, with the Buckeyes finishing third. And I'm good with that - no complaints. The other two are great choices that are pathways to the pros, and if he handles his business, the academics will work out well, too. I appreciate the respect he and his family have shown the Buckeyes, and though I would love to have him, I can easily understand if he opts to got to either of the other two.

Comment 12 Jan 2019

Its too early to mail anything in but I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the young guys and less Andre Wesson

This. I hate to make him the whipping boy, but one of the things I hate most about basketball coaching is when a coach is completely stubborn in starting a defensive/effort/intangibles guy over actual basketball talent - because what he's effectively doing is conceding playing a 4 on 5 game. That will always come back to bite you.

I've said it many times before, but CBB always comes down to scoring pressure, and eventually you're going to run into elite teams that have five guys who bring that pressure and you're simply not going to be able to stop that. You'll definitely have to step up your defense, but in the end you're going to have to win the game on the offensive end. Andre Wesson isn't built to do that for you. I said last year that if guys like Ahrens and Jallow, and now Washington, aren't supplanting Wesson in the starting lineup, then this team will have issues against the better teams.

I'm betting Holtmann sees intangibles in Wesson that he doesn't yet value in those other three, but I think it's penny wise and pound foolish to start him and give him the minutes he does because he's wasting valuable development time for players who have more offensive upside than Wesson - who already is what he'll ever be - and more future time to contribute.

Comment 16 Dec 2018

I do feel like he jutterbugged a bit too much at times trying to hit a homerun this year maybe based on the fact he knew he was going to split carries.

My read on that, and something that's concerned me, is that he ran that way just because it's been his style since he's arrived. He was the buzz of fall camp his freshman season for all the misses he was causing in practice.

I honestly would like to see less of that and more direct cuts to open space to allow a better shot at going the distance. His high school film was full of that kind of explosiveness, but it's to the point now where I expect good runs, but even if we get him to the second level, I don't really expect a home run. In fact, it surprised the heck out of me with the role-reversal that occurred where I actually expected Weber to hit the home run. Someone in that group needs to step up and bring that back to the offense - those thru the line and gone runs.

Comment 28 Nov 2018

Holtmann insisting on playing 4 on 5 isn't a recipe for success against higher level teams. You simply can't defend your way to points on the scoreboard. And you can't burden four players with doing the work of five on the offensive end. This will be a rinse and repeat scenario against the better legit teams until he decides to increase the sustained scoring pressure on the floor, and limit the so-called defensive specialist to spot minutes.

Comment 17 Nov 2018

Sorry to say I had the thought, but, well, I wonder what coach Katie Smith could do with that incoming talent...

This seems so familiar, yet the story has remained the same. Wasn't it just two or three seasons back that a loaded group of former 5* transfers and 5*FR came in?

This program hasn't lacked for national-level stars - Davenport, Lavender, Prahalis and Mitchell - in recent years.

I'd like to see this program elevate beyond showcasing such talent and instead showcase a higher level of cohesive, well-designed team play at both ends of the floor.

Comment 16 Nov 2018

If there's a change I'd rather it be Woods starting in place of Andre Wesson.

Whatever it is that Andre Wesson does that captivates Holtmann, I'd rather Holtmann try to get it from him in limited reserve minutes off the bench. The name of the game in college basketball is scoring pressure, and if you're not getting it from all five spots on the floor you simply won't be in the building when the elites of the elite clash for anything worth winning. Playing four against five won't cut it. I know Wesson hit two 3-pointers tonight, but that's a statistical outlier. He's averaged 2.3 and 2.9 his first two seasons, and with tonight's outlier 8 points he's averaging 5.3 in three games. And tonight he got those 8 points in 32 minutes (against his season average of 16 minutes) - more minutes tonight than Jackson, Washington, Muhammad, Young and Jallow.

Andre Wesson is the guy you leave to double his more consistently dangerous scoring teammates. Eventually that's going to hurt in the worst way for a team as the competition becomes elite. I just can't stand when coaches make it this easy for the other team. But even before then, we'll see it hurting sooner, as with the start of tonight's game, when the team fell behind 10 -2 right out of the gate. That's not all Wesson's fault, but simple math tells you that kind of tepid start is far more avoidable when you increase the scoring punch in 20% of your starting lineup.

Maybe someone could sit me down and do some film study with me showing precisely what it is that Holtmann thinks earns Wesson a starting spot, and 32 minutes of action tonight. It could help, but knowing what I know about the importance of scoring pressure against the most elite teams, it wouldn't change my opinion that until Holtmann addresses this, this team won't be able to run with the elites. I thought for certain this was the season talent would force the change, and it is still early, but I just feel like more potent scorers who can actually stress defenses -  and have the mindset to consistently do it - should be in the starting lineup and developing. Because if they aren't, isn't that hurting the team for when the competition really steps up?

Comment 06 Nov 2018

The guy kept his dissatisfaction and complaints to himself, then made a decision (albeit with horribly unfortunate timing for which Holtman has to bear some responsibility). It's not like he got on a plane with his teammates and traveled from city to city whining, complaining, lying, scapegoating and fear-mongering about what would happen if he weren't around. Guys a half-century older than Micah Potter have trouble not avoiding the snowflakey tantrums that a youthful Potter avoided.

Comment 30 Oct 2018

About that black stripe thing...

I thought I understood it, but I guess I don't.

I thought I liked it, but I'm not so sure.

I just need to understand that it's a net positive as a motivator, versus the annoyance I suspect it can be, especially if the criteria for removal either aren't fully understood or aren't faithfully followed.

Comment 31 Aug 2018

I agree that it sells - but it will only sell until they can't sell it.

Since Meyer and Ohio State and Meyer are too big to ignore - especially after the recent spotlight the media has shone on them, Meyer will have plenty of opportunity to address this, and now with the report out, he can make specific points from it that directly challenge any interviewer or commentator on the spot. In those instances, they have to be bold enough and bankrupt enough to attempt to sell the lie directly in his face, or abandon it. He's gotta force their hand. And so they can only sell until they can't sell. I think in the manner of bully behavior, they'll fall silent if directly challenged this way, and simply choose easier targets.

Comment 31 Aug 2018

I understand his desire/need to do this but it just seems like it is time to go publically silent and turn the team and coaching staff on all the poor souls who have the misfortune of having to play the Buckeyes this year.

I disagree (w/o any DV): this needed to be said - and for as long as necessary. Truth and fact will never be out of vogue - and I believe not only do those who have reported inaccurately need to be forced to grapple with the false narrative they've repeatedly put out, but those who've repeatedly consumed this need to see them publicly grappling with this. To remain silent about it is an endorsement for continuing the lies - which they will happily do if left unchecked.

One thing that is certain is that when Meyer returns the purveyors of the lies have their false narratives ready to go from atop their soap boxes and are ready to express their outrage at his "abominations", shocked that he's even still in coaching. Now is the time for Meyer to seize control of that narrative and set the stage for those people to speak only the facts and the truth if they're going to say anything at all.

Opponents on the field will be the challenges they are - no extra motivation is needed there. He doesn't need to take anything out on them. I'm with Meyer in confronting those who put out falsehoods - and it really wouldn't bother me if he named names and put people on the spot to either publicly recite the facts and truth - or to nakedly expose their commitment to feeding lies to the sports public.

Comment 26 Aug 2018

I learned my lesson doubting if Mike Weber Had "it" at the next level.  I couldn't see it. His H.S. filmed looked good, but it just didn't blow me away. Score another one for the coaches in their evaluation. I'm a  big Mike Weber fan now and hope he has a great, great senior season. The coaches are going to be right a lot more than they're wrong. I'm gonna trust them on Chambers at RB.

Comment 26 Aug 2018

Yeah, though I have no connection to WVU, I winced reading the less than glowing comparison with an OSU degree. Bottom line in higher education is it's more about the student than anything else. Specific to the QB's case - finance is finance, and I'm not certain why, for example, if he's interned at some firm along with other students from an array of schools held in varying levels of esteem, that it wouldn't be that he'd be judged more on his performance than whatever the name of his college happened to be. Branding plays a role in higher education a lot more than many understand or are willing to admit - and the differences in education process and resources between the majority of schools is far less than imagined. It's a rare small group that truly does things comprehensively at a level different than the rest.

Comment 25 Aug 2018

Thanks much for the update. Though I do make a fairly decent effort to follow OSU women's basketball, and to watch any game that's televised where I live, I was caught flat-footed re: Harris and Sheldon's commitments, though I'd heard about Dorka Juhasz and Carmen Grande joining the program. Your post caused me to pull up the roster, and wow - that's a lot of change, a lot of graduate players, and a lot of guards!  Of course, those graduate guards will cycle off pretty quickly, and if UConn can stockpile elite talent at guard, why not Ohio State, too?

Comment 25 Aug 2018

Boom! Awesome! Love it! Looking forward to seeing her come and excel for the Buckeyes. She has "the look" of a big-timer, the kind we need to go toe-to-toe with a UConn, which is ultimately what this is all about. I hope the other two Ohio girls mentioned come on board, and then let's get to dreaming of something special happening with that group.

Comment 25 Aug 2018

This reminds me of my daughter a handful of years ago. Tall girl who came to sports a bit late, but had an obvious talent to excel at basketball. Only, she didn't love it. An elite secondary private school in the area even offered her a scholarship after she camped there just after getting started (but she was already happy with attending one of the better public magnets in the country). She went on to play hoops her freshman season, but decided she needed to pursue her real desire to be running track as a sprinter. After a bumpy ninth grade season, she went on to anchor her school's 4x100 for three seasons as one of the better team's in the city. Lesson learned. They just need to do the thing they love best, as that's where the best results will be found.

Comment 24 Aug 2018

Maybe he's a Christian who decided I don't want to play for a man like this

I don't know what you mean by "man like this", and what you think Patterson learned about Meyer during this saga, but re: my point about fallibility, Patterson will find that too at his next destination - even if he were to enroll in seminary to play flag football there.

Again, I'm not faulting the kid, he simply can't fully know what his advisors certainly should know. I'm not attempting to get into the kid's mind the way you are, as that tells us nothing since we really don't know. But It's easy to determine by the facts we do know that there was better advice Patterson could've been provided than to cut-and-run at the first sign of adversity.

Meyer erred in keeping Smith around for as long as he did - because bad news followed the guy - for reasons of loyalty to his mentor.  My understanding is that Christianity isn't about bailing out on someone because they're less than they should be. You try to help, while also holding them accountable. Any Christian can understand that. Meyer did that - but for too long. If this is the worst Patterson witnesses in a coach for the rest of his career in athletics, it'll be a rare level of fortunate that few in that realm can claim to have reached.

Comment 24 Aug 2018

 Not a good look for the advisors that surround Patterson.

I can't blame the kid - he has a much narrower perspective re: the relationship between college programs and sports media and hasn't been around to experience "the cycle" that reveals the truth of what's happening here in regard to that.

But the advisors - it's different. They should know better. And to then teach a kid to cut-and-run at the first sign of adversity is just a horrible lesson. In the future, after the dust has settled, and the kid matures, and has observed "the cycle", he's going to question the advice he's been given, and the decision he made.

Doesn't mean he will necessarily regret it, but he'll learn wisdom, and understand there was an option to live the conviction of his deliberations in choosing OSU in the first place, and that it's the strength of the family and how they come together and react that is what most matters. Not the outside pressures and perceptions of the moment.

No matter where he chooses to go next, he's going to find that if human beings are staffing the school and program he's in, they're going to demonstrate their fallibility. The only difference he'll observe is that the spotlight is simply going to be much harsher and the media far more aggressive at a place like OSU, ND, OK, FSU, TX or similar (SEC excepted simply because ESPN won't attack its own like that).

His advisors owe him better than he's receiving in guidance right now.

Comment 20 Aug 2018

Shaun Wade and Tyreke Johnson are "cousins", as Tyreke tells it. They're not blood cousins, but they consider their bond as something that couldn't be closer even if they were actual cousins. Out of deference to Wade, Tyreke asked for Wade's blessing before choosing to commit to the Buckeyes. From Johnson's dad:

“They’re already brothers. They have a great relationship from high school, and Shaun’s given him the buck naked truth on what’s going on,” Johnson’s father, Earl, told Eleven Warriors. “It’s a great place, and he wouldn’t mind having him there as a brother. I think he gets a good vibe from Shaun about the school as a whole.

Also, they played together in high school and won championships together. So it's understandable that Wade wanted the honor of removing Tyreke's helmet stripe. I don't think the episode says anything at all about Arnette in terms of lack of leadership or respect.

Comment 20 Aug 2018

Yeah, i'm honestly LMAO at people thinking they'll ever put a hype video to metal or rock or something lol

The Ohio State Nike Promo Video (How You Like Me Now??) with music by The Heavy - one of my all-time favorite hype videos. I'd link it, but it seems to have completely disappeared from the internet. Though I do get what you're saying even as I'm a big fan of Hip-hop music.