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Comment 19 Jan 2017

I personally think Malik Hooker has the brightest future over any other DB in the 2017 draft class. His "freakish" athleticism paired with his ball skills and instints trumps all other Db's in the class. I remember thinking to myself at the begging of the year how aggressive he played and thinking that it would eventually catch up to him at times but honestly I can't really remember him ever being out of place. Maybe that's because how much ground he can cover but regardless I think he continues to improve seeing as he hasn't even been playing football for that long. His play on the field can't be denied and I think after the combines are complete it'll only strengthen his cause. That being said I can't deny being biased and definitely don't claim to be a mock draft guru. Cheers to another potential Defensive Rookie of the year..

Comment 08 Jan 2017

Good stuff man. Sorry I'd give you an up vote if I could but I'm about 20 helmet stickers shy from being able to vote yet. I'm also with you on the potential for EGW to make a real name for himself. I remember going back to the FNL he attended and the impression he made on Meyer then. If I remember correctly I think that's when Meyer and co decided to give him an offer. Either way there's definitely going to be some positions opening up and quite a few guys have chances to earn those roles. Have to love all of the competition there's going to be. A real good problem to have.

Comment 29 Dec 2016

On offense and possibly special teams maybe a guy like Parris Campbell. On defense I think we could potentially see Chris Worley step up and make some big plays. I love the energy he brings, he plays with a certain swagger if you will that I think can rub off on other guys. Certainly no pun intended. 

Comment 27 Dec 2016

Each player for Minnesota and Washington St. had to sell two boxes of those candy suitcase's to fund this bowl game. Don't you dare tell me these kids don't care about these games. Lol

Comment 12 Oct 2016

I don't know how reliable of a source this Beau Bishop is. A few takeaways from his interview. He said JT Can't have more rushing attempts than Mike Weber and Curtis Samuel or more running attempts than passing attempts which i completely agree with. Where he was flat out wrong was when he said you can't do that against Michigan yet alone Indiana as if Indiana is the more highly regarded team. I know we handled business against scUM for many of the recent years but just no your wrong Beau. Also he said JT hasn't won a game against a ranked team in a big setting. Um head scratch again Beau. Michigan State ring a bell, or how about Oklahoma just this year. 

Comment 15 Aug 2015

I thought the same thing as well when I first watched these videos, but I think you're mistaking Gareon Conley, for Eric Glover-Williams who is now wearing number 19. Gareon Conley is wearing number 8 this season. All the changing of numbers gets confusing. It should be good news to you though because EGW was looking rough. Lol