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Comment 03 Jun 2019
I thought the biggest issue with the run game last season was the offensive linemen who apparently blamed RPOs as being confusing them on whether to pass protect or run-block, as the latter requires mauling d-linemen, getting push, while pass protection requires the O Line to maintain position in front of their assignment, while trying to maintain a pocket behind them. I'm really not sure why a lot of other schools including Penn State have had little issue figuring it out, I wonder if some of our linemen just weren't smart enough to grasp the RPO concepts. Anyway, it was about halfway through the season, I think after the Purdue game where our O Line was badly exposed - on running plays the linemen wouldn't be bending their knees and we're getting blown back off the line by one of the most porous run defenses in the B1G. Essentially they would maintain pass protection stances, and poor pass protection stances - even then you have to bend your knees for balance and pivot, just not quite as much. Anyway the offensive coaches decided to simplify things and ditched the RPO stuff and suddenly our run game started to come on. But yeah, last season was not JK Dobbins fault, that was on the O Line IMO
Comment 31 May 2019
I'm not concerned about the defensive recruits, I think a lot of prospects are kinda playing wait and see with the program, so as long as the defense improves this season, and if the Buckeyes have a good year, I'm sure a lot more defensive players will jump on board, even if late in the cycle and including kids who prematurely committed to other schools due to the coaching change
Comment 31 May 2019
Urban Meyer said it best, Ryan Day is ELITE, Brian Hartline is quickly becoming the Larry Johnson of Receiver's Coaches, and I keep thinking about the excitement of Xichigan fans, as well as Penn State fans celebrating Meyer's retirement because they believe that Ohio State is completely beatable now... I can't wait to see the shock and disappointment in their faces when they realize the full impact of the Ryan Day Era! I hope that Ohio State pays these two coaches accordingly, as I think Ryan Day, depending of course on how his first season goes, might be underpaid, and Hartline in my mind has already earned a raise, whatever his insights are, receivers around the country are responding to it... and considering Hartline's surprisingly lengthy career in the NFL, I'm not shocked. He clearly has a lot of knowledge of the position, and I think the fact that all of the Buckeyes senior wide receivers getting inked to pro contracts is a direct result - especially since the group could've experienced a "transitional season" after the Zach Smith Bullshit, but instead they drastically improved
Comment 23 May 2019
Huh I recalled them having a high penalty yards that season, funny how memory can play tricks... I don't know it seemed like every season under Meyer they had a lot of penalties, but they usually always won so whaaaaat eva
Comment 23 May 2019
Let's not forget the Purdue game where Purdue recovers a punt and is gifted like a crucial 5-10 yards where the refs placed it despite clear video evidence, and even though Urban could've challenged the spot, he DIDN'T. I thought that was a big momentum shift in Purdue's favor... Yeah there's too many questionable penalties this past season for conspiracy to be ruled out IMO... That said, our defense, particularly the back 7, was atrocious, and a lot of penalties were clear penalties against Ohio State, probably the least disciplined team I've seen from the Buckeyes
Comment 23 May 2019
You know what's really wild is that the penalties never seemed to matter in the end, I think 2014 was one of the most penalized Meyer coached Buckeyes teams, and they still won the National championship, and despite finishing dead last this past season, they still won the B1G and Rose Bowl with one loss - that loss wasn't due to penalties, but terrible O Line play IMO, poor preparation... Although there was the terrible call on a punt return I think, where the officials gave pursue like 5 extra yards, or ten and even though Urban could challenge the spot, he DIDN'T... Yeah, that call I felt really gave Purdue a ton of momentum - people forget that the Buckeyes were in that game into the 4th quarter despite their treacherous play, and if a couple calls fell their way, who knows? But they deserved to lose that game anyway, they simply didn't show up, and Purdue did big time.
Comment 23 May 2019
Not to mention that Jordan Fuller was ejected for an almost identical hit, in fact, much less egregious than the missed targeting in the Xichigan game, because Fuller hit a receiver, Xichigan hit a sliding Haskins into the dirt, he literally dived down onto him to drive him into the dirt as he slid, so regardless of whether he was leading with the helmet, it was a hit meant to to take a shot at Haskins... Those types of plays can ruin a quarterback's career! Imagine if Haskins injured his throwing shoulder on a play like that? He might never be able to throw the same again, i.e. Braxton Miller against Clemson - man I hate Clemson!
Comment 23 May 2019
You know what, I'm very excited to see this article because I noticed the same exact thing! My theory was that the referees were told prior to the game to call the game tight if it's on Ohio State, and only throw a flag on (insert B1G opponent here) if it's too egregious to ignore, and even then really hesitate if it isn't as obvious as a false start. The question is why? Well I have a couple theories, one of which is the off-season issues regarding Zach Smith that I shouldn't need to go over here, the retention of coach Meyer despite it all - and not here to discuss the facts of what did or didn't happen, but the media really created the driven narrative that Meyer aided and abetted a guy who was beating his wife by not firing him. Basically the B1G wasn't wanting Ohio State to be the champion as proxy punishment. The other theory, especially with The Game, is that coming into the week, Xichigan was in prime position to claim a spot in CFP, and essentially if they beat the Buckeyes in Columbus, were the only B1G team that had a legit shot to be selected by the committee. Let's face it, with Ohio State's off-season controversy, their suspect defense, they were a long shot to make the playoffs going into this game. I suppose it's possible that the refs were instructed once again to try to give Xichigan every opportunity to get the job done
Comment 17 May 2019
Good for Chris Ash! I wouldn't mind Rutgers improving their football program, in fact I hope that the B1G continues to recruit better, to hire good coaches and continue the upward trend towards one of the most competitive FBS conferences. Chris Ash needs a break, he's a great defensive coach, in fact I'm pretty sure that Rutgers gave up fewer points to tOSU than ttun! I could be mistaken, but I don't think so... Anyhow I feel like he got a tough break trying to turn around Rutgers, so I kinda root for him to build up that program
Comment 17 Mar 2019
Am I worried after losing Urban Meyer, who I personally loved and was troubled to see go? Certainly! Especially if Urban DIDN'T want to retire, but was forced out by current Buckeyes president Michael Drake! What really frightens me if the above scenario is the case, and Urban winds up coaching someplace else is that he will take Mark Pantoni/Mickey Marotti with him when he goes, as Buckeyes fans should recognize the importance to the program of both of those guys. That said, the CBS writer is kinda ridiculous to even broach the idea that the talent left in the wake of Tressel's firing, not to mention the caliber of coaching, is ANYWHERE NEAR THE SAME!!! Ohio State has far more talent in terms of players AND coaching staff on the roster for 2019 than the team and staff leftover for the 2011 season, Braxton Miller or not! I love Braxton, hoped for him to find success in the league, and I really loved Luke Fickell as the Buckeyes linebackers coach, I was thrilled when Urban Meyer recognized his talent on the sidelines and kept him on staff - one of Urban's best traits in my opinion is his ability to recognize talent both on the field AND along the sidelines. However there's a big difference between Ryan Day now and Luke Fickell then - for one, Luke Fickell wasn't ready for the head coaching gig then, and a big factor was retaining Jim Bollman as the OC, the single reason the team couldn't break 6 wins on the year in my eyes! I think Luke Fickell learned a lot working under Urban Meyer, and I'm thrilled to see the success he's had since taking over at Cincinnati, and I hope he continues to grow as a head coach. I didn't think realistically the Buckeyes had a shot at a national championship in the 2011 season, I knew better even if my heart didn't. However this year could really be a breakout season for the Buckeyes and head coach Ryan Day, and it all starts with winning the B1G. I believe that Ohio State is still going to be the best team on the field in the B1G, which doesn't guarantee a championship, but I also think that the Buckeyes have a legit shot to become a playoff team with legit National Championship aspirations, even though I have a hard time seeing THAT materialize this year. I do know I didn't think that in 2011, so hopefully the Buckeyes keep up their winning ways, especially up in Ann Arbor in late November!!!
Comment 15 Mar 2019
Ohio definitely produces tons of football talent, both in terms of players and coaches - that said, if Ohio State fans want to see National Championship victories, then they had better be willing to accept imports! In order to compete with Alabama, Clemson, etcetera, the coaches have to take a national approach to recruiting talent - and for Ryan Day, he has to recruit not just players, but he will have to find talented assistants to replace the ones he loses to head coaching gigs. Personally I think it's cool that kids from out of state dream about donning the Scarlet and Gray! That gives me pride in the program that it has appeal to people who didn't grow up in the shadows of the 'Shoe. Besides, Columbus itself is composed of more and more transplants as the city continues to grow, so it's kinda a reflection of the region in general. Columbus has become a trendy place to live, and growing up there in the 90s, I never would have thought the City would change the way it has! I went back after a 5 year hiatus and so much I didn't recognize! Besides when schools like Ohio State and Ichigan are recruiting nationally, the B1G gets better because there IS a lot of talent in Ohio, it's typically just underdeveloped talent compared to states like Texas, Florida, Georgia where they have spring ball - which essentially is a second season of practice that Ohio players miss out on. Anyway, because a lot of good players from Ohio don't make the roster due to Ohio State's recruiting players from out of state, they typically wind up at other schools in the B1G, feeding talent to the rest of the conference. Notre Dame, Michigan State, apparently Kentucky even - Kentucky's recent rise in the SEC has been fueled largely by Ohio kids snubbed by the Buckeyes! But it is what it is, I would rather have a team capable of competing against the best, and in order to do that, you have to go out and recruit the best. I would like to see maybe a 50/50 split between recruits from Ohio, and those from out of state, unless it's just a year where Ohio doesn't have a lot of great players. Sometimes you just have to go to where the talent is. I remember during the Tressel-era, we were able to dominate the B1G, but it was hollow because the Buckeyes would look silly against teams like Pete Carroll's USC squads, or SEC teams. Knowing that we didn't have the talent to compete with the best was crappy, at least I thought so.
Comment 06 Mar 2019
I'm excited to see what Ryan Day can do, although I'm also nervous. I really hope that he's successful, and not just because I'm a huge Buckeyes fan, but because I really like Ryan Day and I think he's the real deal. I was a little apprehensive about the recruiting changes comment, although to be fair I have no idea what he's referring to. I think recruiting was one of Urban's best attributes, not to mention his motivational tactics... I think at Ohio State you have to recruit nationally, not least because Ohio State has national appeal, but you can't expect to win Natty's without it. I did wish that more kids from Ohio got a chance to play for the home school, but that's secondary to success on the field. I want a coach that goes for the jugular in all facets, on the field, as well as recruiting. Anybody wants to argue against that better be content with tressel-era success - dominating the midwest/B1G, while getting blown out on the national stage/versus the Alabama Crimson Tide's and Clemson's of the world. Recruiting is how you have to compete these days and Ohio State fortunately has a lot of appeal around the country. One thing about Urban was he often didn't expend resources recruiting from the West, so hopefully that's what Ryan Day is talking about. I would love to get more Pacific Islanders and California kids coming to Ohio State, Gee Scott Jr shout out! And yes I realize Gee Scott is from Washington State Anyway I'm excited to see what Ryan Day can do, I am hoping and praying for his success because I think he's a quality person, coach, etcetera, and the perfect replacement for a legend like Urban Meyer. May the Buckeyes have a great year where multiple dreams are realized for all these kids busting their booties to play for the Scarlet and Gray! Go Bucks!
Comment 18 Jan 2019
One thing I will say in the players defense, it is a stupid policy that transfers have to sit out a year, I mean coaching changes happen all the time, especially at a place like Ohio State, where coordinators get hired as head coaches when they have a good season or two, and that's usually who players are involved with the most, so kind of lame that coaches can leave lickity split, but players have to wait... I guess they just don't want a bunch of transfers by young guys who don't know what they want to do, or change their minds, hopping from team to team. I could imagine if there was no penalty for transfers in football it could turn into a shitshow
Comment 18 Jan 2019
I don't get why Tathan didn't just stay through spring ball, try to compete for the job, graduate then move on as a graduate transfer... Let's be honest, he isn't leaving due to coaching change, this kid was praising Ryan Day for his development as a QB, knew who his coach was gonna be as soon as Urban Meyer stepped down. If his transfer was because of the coaching change, why didn't he enter the transfer portal immediately after Meyer stepped down, even if it's just to explore other options? He in fact stated prior to the rose bowl that he was going to be here in 2019 and he was gonna win the job, well after Ryan Day was announced as head coach, so I don't know, this just seems like a very emotional decision and really just plain stupid. I mean, much smarter to be a graduate transfer, he likely could still win the job at Miami even if he doesn't get there until fall camp... Well now I guess the real question is did we as Buckeyes fans, really want someone like this as the starting QB anyway? I don't mean to be so critical, but being the head guy on offense is a heavy responsibility, especially when you're at Ohio State and under the perpetual microscope of media scrutiny. It's not a job for the entitled, you have to be on your guard, behave in public, on Twitter - all while ignoring the critics and national pundits who question poor performance, etcetera. I do know one thing, I couldn't ever handle that, especially as a young man, 18-21! Takes a certain breed. I wish Tathan the best, would've loved to see him compete for the job, then transfer but it's his life, his career.
Comment 11 Jan 2019
I was hoping he would stay and try to win the job, but he should have to earn it by being the better option. Saying that you don't care if Fields comes, you're gonna win the job regardless, then transferring as soon as Fields is on campus is kinda ridiculous, it doesn't make you LOOK confident no matter what you sound like. Can't fault Ryan Day or the Buckeyes for bringing in Fields, the dude is highly coveted for a reason. Plus they needed a fourth QB anyway and apparently the 2019 class is limited on talent. I don't get why you would transfer in his situation, though. I don't see how you could get a hardship waiver, I mean it's not like there was a coaching change right after he signed, being tricked in the process. If you can't get a hardship waiver, why not stay, try to win the job, if you don't then graduate and transfer for your last year or two of eligibility like Joe Burrow did, that way you can start immediately. Being the backup for a year wouldn't be a bad gig, I mean if you'd have told Cardale Jones back in spring camp of 2014 when he was buried on the depth chart, that he was going to thrash three great teams en route to winning a National Championship in a Buckeyes uniform, I'm sure he would've scoffed and said "yeah right!" You never know how things could shake out (knock on wood that we have no injuries, but it's a violent sport)... That said I hope that where ever he goes, it works out. I would rather have a great passer. A QB running the ball is easy to stop for really talented and disciplined defenses, especially if the said QB isn't a strong passer that can challenge teams vertically AND horizontally through the air. Good teams have caught up with it, not to mention the beating your body takes - dual threat quarterbacks have trouble staying healthy. Look at Trace McSorley for Penn State this year. That and running quarterbacks often limit their game because they rely on their legs to bail them out instead of their arm, and this hinders their passing ability, being able to pick apart the defense... nobody looks open, they look for a hole to run instead of looking down field for someone to get open. Quarterbacks should run if necessary but a lot of times it's not necessary to risk injury.
Comment 06 Jan 2019
I'm sorry but we wouldn't have won the Natty in 2012... I was glad to see ND get hosed by Bama that year. We we're a really good team, but no where near the talent to hang with Alabama... For reference, listen to Urban's comments after the 2012 season, 2014, 2016, 2017 and this past year - Urban of all coaches knows what it takes to knock off Sabans Tide. After the 2012 season he said he would take them anywhere to play, as he should... But after whooping Wisconsin's ass in the B1G Championship in 2014, he said (paraphrasing) "I don't think there's any doubt we're one of the four best teams in the country!" - and he said that emphatically. I have based my thoughts on the Buckeyes National Championship prospects off of Urban's post-regular season comments, and the only time he seemed to believe in their chances emphatically was 2014. In 2016, prior to getting hosed by Clemson, when asked about what he thought of his team's chances he sounded an awful lot like he did this year, and in my heart I knew we wouldn't have won it. Our team this year probably would have fared only slightly better than Oklahoma did.
Comment 06 Jan 2019
I don't understand playing Borland, clearly the Achilles injury has hampered his ability to play. I've heard that it's really tough to come back from those injuries and recover the speed a player once had. However I feel like a lot of the issues with back seven fall on the shoulders of the coaches. The secondary was awful, but that's to be expected when they aren't being coached to turn their heads around to play the ball - teams saw this and the smart ones challenged them by throwing bombs down field, which resulted in either PIs, or completions the majority of the time... Part of the deal with playing press-man is jamming the receivers at the line, challenging them to beat you and playing the ball by turning your head when you see the receiver turning to make a play. I didn't see our corners press, or play the ball. In fact, our corners were frequently playing ten yards off the line of scrimmage, even in situations where the offense only needed five yards! This happened in the Rose Bowl, especially in the second fact we're lucky that Washington didn't start challenging our cornerbacks until the Buckeyes lead was virtually insurmountable. I don't understand why Arnette and Sheffield were starting over Shaun Wade and Okudah, who I thought were our two best cover corners. Arnette was decent at times, but he and Sheffield both looked lost or gave up too many completions/PIs. I really hope we get some new faces on the defensive coaching staff, ones who can identify better players for the positions and not just the upperclassmen - even if they were starters last season. Also our defense this past year, just like our Offensive line for stretches, was one of the least disciplined units I've watched in Ohio State uniforms. That's why Maryland nearly beat us, why Purdue kicked our ass (well, that and our Offensive line incapable of grasping RPOs because they didn't bend their knees and get low on called runs - which is mystifying in its own right) - also the reason Ohio State couldn't even cover the spread versus Washington despite a 3 TD lead entering the 4th quarter. The lack of discipline falls on the shoulders of the DC, Schiano. Anyway if changes aren't made, we should expect more of the same. It's not lack of talent - maybe lack of talent actually on the field as starters, but the talent is there, now we need development and discipline, any players feeling entitled to start need the boot
Comment 04 Jan 2019
Ugh... Not what I was wanting to see. Yes our secondary sucked this year (cough cough, Taver Johnson) but I think Schiano needed the boot, along with Bill Davis, Taver Johnson and Greg Studrawa, which is admittedly a lot. However our defense has gotten worse each of the past three years, our players on defense are extremely undisciplined, constantly out-schemed and the Rose Bowl shouldn't have been as close as it was, but no defensive adjustments were made, not to mention being caught with their pants down on two of the TDs by Washington. The lack of player discipline and being out-coached by half of the B1G falls on the defensive coordinator. I really don't like Schiano. You know how I know that Grinch wasn't the issue? He's a coveted coach. Who wants to hire Schiano??? Apparently not even Temple despite Schiano all but begging to be a coaching candidate. Get ready to miss out on the playoffs again next year (or at least hoping we miss out on them, or see another beat-down at the hands of Clemson or Alabama) due to an inexplicable blow out loss to a team with far less talent.
Comment 30 Dec 2018
I don't put that game on Haskins shoulders. Ridiculous penalties, O-Line that couldn't (or wouldn't) get low enough to run block. Purdue was awful at defending the run. Also I noticed that Purdue wasn't using pre-snap motions on the defensive line versus Auburn, no trick plays, they looked like they weren't interested. Obviously Purdue was fired up for the Buckeyes, much like every B1G team gets - it's Purdue's equivalent of playing in a National Championship game, because that's the closest they come. However it's tough to win as a QB when you have no viable threat in the run game, even if you're as talented as Haskins. The Buckeyes shouldn't have been judged solely by their low point of the season.