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Lifelong fan of Ohio State, as well as professional teams from Columbus and Northeast Ohio, big Cleveland fan as well unfortunately (with exception to 2016 when LeBron did the impossible


  • SPORTS MOMENT: “85 yards through the heart of the south!” - is tied with LeBron’s pass to Kyrie, and the dagger that upended the Golden State Warriors - which is tied with Maurice Clarett stripping Miami of the football after a critical interception in the red zone
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Braxton Miller/Chase Young/Jeff Okudah/Justin Fields/Zach Harrison/You get the point!
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns/Seattle Seahawks
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Unfortunately Cleveland
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland again...
  • SOCCER TEAM: Don’t care really but I like the Crew

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Comment 11 hours ago

Thank you Shaun Wade, thanks to Papa Wade for fighting for the season and calling out the B1G!  
I still contend that if Shaun plays the entire game, we would’ve smoked Clemson 42-14.  They couldn’t move the ball on us with three future first round cornerbacks on the field plus Fuller on the back end.  Fuller is way more talented than the 6th round.  As soon as Shaun went out,  Clemson scores two quick touchdowns - not a coincidence.  God that game makes me sick thinking about it!  Very excited that you get to play, I thought it was guys like you and Wyatt Davis that were really getting screwed by no fall season after opting to stay in school to compete for a title.  So happy for this team and the fact that tOSU football is coming back!!!

Comment 15 Sep 2020

Honestly ANY tOSU defense is going to be hard-pressed to be as good as last year - WITH WADE ON THE FIELD together with Okudah and Arnette;

Still Ohio State doesn’t recruit bums for the defensive backfield.  This year they’re going to be green but talented; never count out coach Coombs.

When I first heard that Braxton got hurt a couple weeks before the 2014 season I remember saying to my mom on the phone (I was living in Washington state) “well I guess we’ll have to another year for a title.”  I literally said they have no chance in my heart; to date that’s still the unlikeliest season of all time, sure.  But it still f$&@ing happened, and Wisconsin, Alabama and Oregon all ate turf beneath the Buckeyes cleats for one of the most epic seasons of all time.

have faith in those hungry youngsters!  Plus if the B1G gets off its ass ASAP and we have a season starting in October, it’s still feasible Wade and Davis come back.

Comment 12 Sep 2020

First there IS NO PANDEMIC.  You don’t have to be convinced by the TV if there were, you would know multiple people who have DIED from it.  The WHO changed what qualifies as a pandemic recently prior to COVID1984.  
99.6% survival rate.  A lot of the inflated death numbers were largely elderly people on Medicare.  Why?  Medicare is paying hospitals $14,000 to diagnose CoVid19 WITH OR WITHOUT a test, so they can diagnose symptomatically - what are the symptoms?  Flu like?  Actually there’s sooooo many potential symptoms you can diagnose anyone. 
What’s truly insidious is Medicare is paying hospitals $39,000 if a Medicare patient is not only diagnosed with CoVid19 but put on a ventilator - now supposed CoVid19 patients on Medicare that were put on ventilators?  80% mortality rate!  That coming from the top while social media claimed any other treatment working better as “Fake News”!  
At what point to you go hmm, brand new disease, the recommendation from the WHO and CDC has an 80% mortality rate??  How does ANYONE know what the best treatment is for a brand-new coronavirus?  Shouldn’t they be throwing everything but the kitchen sink at it??? 
Other coronaviruses - also referred to as the common cold, are wiped out by zinc, so maybe this coronavirus can be treated the same!  Why not use SCIENCE to maybe hit better than 20% success rate?

...but that’s the thing, real science went out the window back in January, but is that a shocker when a guy with no medical training in Bill Gates is dictating how the CDC and WHO spend their money?  now Bill Gates believes that the world is overpopulated by 6.5 billion people so I’m sure he’s super concerned about keeping poor people alive.

 I’m not afraid of CoVid19, I’m not afraid of my parents getting it - I was at first until I did my research and asked questions.  It’s called “critical thinking” - I know it’s a strange idea, and totally foreign to American education, but try asking questions instead of just accepting information dictated to you.

Fact, trusted news sources like CBS faked footage to make hospitals seem more crowded than they were!  Anybody want to know WHY????  If this were a REAL PANDEMIC, why fake footage to appear more busy than you are????

Comment 10 Sep 2020

I have to disagree about Justin Fields and Shaun Wade -  they AREN’T secure in their draft standing unless you are referring to the fact they should both go in the first round.  Shaun Wade has/had the opportunity to show he should be top 5 pick, while Justin Fields has/had the opportunity to go number one overall - but without a season to show growth, it’s highly unlikely Fields will go number one, in fact as things stand now without a season to prove otherwise, Fields might be the third quarterback taken!

No fall season totally screws guys like Wade and Davis who both passed up opportunities to go in the first round in the past draft, but both elected to return, in part to chase natty’s but especially in Wade’s case, to be the first in his position group to be selected, same for Davis as an OG - they could be suiting up for NFL teams this fall, but will lose a year of their youth instead - and one season is a lot of money to miss out on in the NFL where the average career is 3 seasons 

Comment 08 Sep 2020

Playing a winter or spring season would be pointless for almost all of Ohio States returning starters from last season, unless you count Master Teague.  Why would any senior/junior/redshirt sophomore with hopes of playing in the NFL risk it for no meaningful bowl game - and sorry, consolation prize of playing the PAC-12 champ?  A conference that hasn’t been relevant since Pete Carroll left?  No thank you.  While Oregon seems to be heading in the right direction, it’s a couple years away in my opinion.

 I’m sorry Ohio State should refuse to play in a season like that!  The younger players are better off playing each other in scrimmages to get better than against the B1G’s best or the PAC-12’s!  I am being serious!  No one in those two conferences has recruited and developed players like the Buckeyes, plus you got another stellar class of Freshmen coming in hungry too!

Im going to be honest and say I don’t enjoy playing Xichigan anymore, they’re a 2nd tier college team now with little chance of turning it around!  Watching every year hoping not to lose to them for the embarrassment or beating the Shute out of them and getting nothing nationally recognized for doing so other than they were supposed to win??? Same goes for Purdue, Michigan State, Wisconsin... literally almost any B1G school I can think of!!  I hope Ohio State seriously considers moving to either the SEC where a lot more games are relevant nationally and you actually get credit for beating - however playing in the ACC is a lot easier path to the playoffs and gives the opportunity to clobber Clemson on a yearly basis (or semi-annually if in different conferences.  Plus the ACC is also a great basketball conference that would put Holtmann’s squad up against some great teams year in and year out.

F$&@ tradition if it’s gonna be like this!

I’d rather the Buckeyes chase championships, not ghosts in Maize and Blue

Comment 07 Sep 2020

Kevin Warren sucks, as do all the Big Ten schools that suppposedly voted against a season when apparently school chancellor for one school said she never was aware of any voting, can’t recall who it was now.

99.6% survival rate for CoVid19 and getting better and better with all these new cases but no deaths or excess hospital admissions.  No one finds it strange that the media and government is touting only cases now and not deaths like they were?

remember when I said on here that the RT PCR test according to the CDC since essentially it was invented by Kary Mullis in the 1980s that it ISNT A DIAGNOSTIC TOOL, as Kary Mullis admitted himself, saying that the test can’t diagnose infectious disease in a person, largely because the test can’t tell the difference between a coronavirus or a flu shot, and that actually the more sensitive the PCR test, the greater the likelihood of a false positive.

Think about that, basically only when the test isn’t sensitive enough to distinguish between the various RNA strands, one of which exists naturally in humans’ 8th chromosome, exosomes, a flu shot or a past cold from weeks previous, is the test said to be “accurate”.

Look this stuff up, don’t take my word for it.  

The real bombshell is that no new coronavirus called SARS-Cov-2 (CoVid19) has ever been isolated and purified and shown to exist.  Every study purporting to have “isolated” it has been skewered by a panel of highly qualified objective scientists that sought to answer that question.  I can find that info for anyone interested.  What’s interesting is the NIH of Great Britain was asked this question and said no, no new virus called CoVid19 has been isolated and purified because you can’t do so with viruses.  So what about all those studies purporting to do just that?????


 I can tell you that I’m not getting some highly experimental gene-altering “vaccine” for a virus never shown to exist, especially if it uses Crispr genetic technology, as ferocious forms of cancer have developed in a ton of mice treated with crispr technology, but only later on after the technology had appeared to work.  You can be a guinea pig and a complete non-fact checking, question asking lunatic if you want, but why don’t you let everybody else worry about their own health?

The Big Ten is absolutely screwing kids like Shaun Wade and even Justin Fields, who could easily make a case for the number one overall spot, not to mention all the seniors on this Buckeyes team that could have competed for a National Championship this year.

 I’m sure a lot of Big Ten schools prefer a spring season because they don’t have shite to play for anyway, and a spring season is probably Xichigan’s best shot at a win against an Ohio State squad with a freshman quarterback (likely true freshman) as well as all the top NFL prospects that smartly choose to sit out a winter/spring season.

 I want Ohio State to leave the Big Ten after this, join the SEC, or even the ACC!

Comment 11 Aug 2020

This virus is supposedly escalating out of control because of the increase in cases??? Notice how the media is only able to cite cases right now?  That’s because death from flu/pneumonia falls off significantly in the warmer weather.  
All these new cases should be seen as a good thing because people aren’t dying from it and apparently way more people have gotten it and been fine.  
Why should we cancel the season over a bad flu?  Look at the numbers. 
i say have a season like normal and let any players and coaches who want to, allow them to opt out without penalty and let those who feel safe enough play.  What’s so crazy about that???

Comment 25 Jul 2020

I remember this game well and our godawful OC from the days of Tressel (and honestly one of Tressel’s biggest flaws as a coach was keeping him employed) lost us that game with the most vanilla and predictable play-calling.  He had Braxton Miller (BRAXTON MILLER!!!) hand off the ball to the tailback on 1st and 2nd down, then on the nearly inevitable 3rd and long he’d have Braxton drop back in an obvious passing down behind a poorly coached offensive line!  It was insulting to the intelligence of every Buckeyes fan watching!  

Comment 10 Jul 2020

 CoVid19 is the biggest psy-op in history!

check out these FACTS (if you look them up try not to lean on mainstream news anchors reading lines handed to them, but go after actual scientists and doctors that have challenged CoVid19 with actual documented research!):

masks are unhealthy to wear if you aren’t sick, nor are they proven to be effective.  There are numerous studies proving this, YET NOT ONE PROVING THEY WILL STOP SPREADING FLU OR CORONAVIRUS.

Covid19 has NEVER been isolated and purified, meaning it’s NEVER BEEN PROVEN BY SCIENTIFIC METHADOLOGY THAT THERE IS A VIRUS CALLED COVID19.  There are several studies claiming to have isolated the virus but when several highly reputable scientists but questioned the authors of the studies, none of the said studies ACTUALLY HAD.  They had isolated certain things but not purified the cells they isolated to where ONLY the virus was left.  What does this mean?  How can they test for a virus they cannot isolate and purify???

The RT-PCR test was invented by Kary Mullis in the 1980s.  This was the original test used to test for CoVid19, and is currently still the most widely used to test for CoVid19 despite the newer CoVid19 Antibody test (itself fraught with issues rendering it inaccurate). Now Kary Mullis won a Nobel Prize for his discovery.  However he HIMSELF has gone on the record as saying that his PCR test CANNOT determine whether the genetic material tested for is causing a disease.  Basically his test is scientifically worthless for determining whether someone has a virus that’s causing them to be sick or whether any virus exists.

 Even the CDC and WHO admit the PCR cannot diagnose illness, and why?  Because so many things can cause a “false positive” such as certain flu and cold strains as well as a certain flu shot.  Besides this, a person has to have MILLIONS AND BILLIONS of virus cells to even begin to experience symptoms expressed as an illness and this test doesn’t count for that.  A person could have had a cold months ago and still test positive on a PCR.

Many doctors and scientists have come out opposing every step of this, including the lockdown, which has been a MASSIVE FAILURE.  Studies show “CoVid19” deaths suddenly rise as soon as lockdowns began, and this IS A GLOBAL PHENOMENON.  This wasn’t just in the US.  The lockdown was going to kill more people and destroy more lives than a nasty flu season.

We should have isolated those who are vulnerable to the virus while the younger population least affected should have desired exposure for heard immunity.  Now think of how bad this upcoming flu season will be now that we’ve all been isolating, we haven’t been coming into contact with germs for basic immunity!  We haven’t been going to the gym, a lot of people have been very depressed and a lot are drinking more and eating garbage!  
Instead we’ve let known massive failure Neil Ferguson and EXTREMELY CORRUPT AND MONEY HUNGRY Dr. Fauci guide world policy and global fascism, AND we’ve allowed these unelected officials to dictate global fascism on a moment’s notice over science that has been proven ineffectual.

Leaders only censor those they can’t win a debate with

Comment 02 Jul 2020

I’m actually impressed that you came up with this exercise, I almost got tripped up over the math until I realized I was looking at the pool of players you were choosing from and not the actual 11-man starting lineup!

that said I’d take Fields or Braxton Miller - no maybe Terrelle Pryor actually.  I wonder how many nattys we would’ve won (and subsequently been disqualified for!) if Terrelle Pryor had Ryan Day as his coach or OC??? Jim Bollman was awful!!!! His ideal offense was on display in the 2011-2012 Gator Bowl vs Florida!
The Boxscore read: Down one, B. Miller hands off to RB; down two: B.Miller hands off to RB; 3rd and long: B. Miller to pass - incomplete; down 4: punt

Comment 02 Jul 2020

I went back to Columbus recently (I grew up there) and the city has grown so much!  It’s really nice downtown (or it was, I’ve heard they’re burning down the city).  I’m actually making a trip back this weekend to visit family, leaving from Pittsburgh.  I used to live in Seattle, I’ve been to New York City, and I must say Columbus has turned into a really nice city compared to those

Comment 01 Jul 2020

God, President Drake should challenge A-holes ripping through Ohio State’s supposed waiver to look at other schools that ACTUALLY HAVE ASKED STUDENTS TO SIGN A WAIVER!

President Drake should challenge these A-holes to prove by Koch’s postulates that the CoVid19 virus exists.  No scientific proof there is a “devestating pandemic” - if there was I wouldn’t have to be told about it, I would’ve experienced it.  I don’t know one single person that’s died from it, and not only that I don’t know anyone that knows anyone that’s died from it!

Comment 01 Jul 2020

I understand wanting early playing time, but patience bears the best fruits of labor - if a talented kid comes to Ohio State, they will be developed properly and all it takes to get noticed by the NFL is one season as a starter, sometimes not even that (see Denzel Ward). I’d rather get developed properly so when the NFL combine comes along I’m ready.  Proof is in the pudding.  Dwayne Haskins sat on the bench for a couple years, starts one season and goes in the 1st round, so did Malik Hooker.  Offensive linemen often don’t see the field for a couple years just because their body needs to develop, but one great season as a starter is all it takes. Wyatt Davis could’ve been an early draft pick this past year after only one season starting.  Point is, if you want to play on Sundays it’s better to be patient 

Comment 01 Jul 2020

I had my doubts about Coach Stud up to the halfway point of the 2018 season because the O-line was AWFUL at run-blocking!  They weren’t bending their knees and plowing through much lesser talent like Purdue.  People wanted to throw Haskins under the bus for being slow as the reason the run game wasn’t working, but in my opinion it was the O-line, not Haskins OR JK Dobbins.

Apparently the issue  was due to the fact that RPO’s were confusing the O-line, as they didn’t know whether to run-block or pass-protect, so midway through the season they chucked the RPO stuff and suddenly they performed better and the run game improved.  
I now realize that Coach Studrawa is AN EXCELLENT OFFENSIVE LINE COACH!  I just think he didn’t have very talented players.
 Isaiah Prince I guess was a highly ranked recruit and had the size and athleticism but he was a turnstile in his first season as a starter (2016 is the season I’m referring to). I was wondering why they didn’t have ANYONE on the roster that could play offensive tackle (blind-side no less!) without committing a false start penalty on 3rd and short!  Like wtf? 
That said, since then Coach Stud has been recruiting as good as any coach right now, he’s been pulling in extremely talented recruits and to think that the Buckeyes will have 5 future NFL draft picks on the line this year, with likely 4 of them going in the 1st round, plus some super talented kids who will replace them!

Comment 01 Jul 2020

CoVid19 is a fraud.  How can you be “asymptomatic”? If you have enough virus cells to be infected, your body’s response will be things like a fever, cough, I mean that’s why you feel like crap when you come down with something.  The PCR test IS NOT A DIAGNOSTIC TEST, in fact the guy who created the PCR test said himself that it isn’t capable of diagnosing illness!  Yet that’s the primary test used!  It’s a known fact that if you’ve received a certain flu vaccine you will test positive on the PCR test.  Even the antibody test is fraught with issues.  Research this everyone, please!

Also Koch’s postulates haven’t been utilized.  That means that NO SCIENTIST HAS PROVEN THE ACTUAL EXISTENCE OF A COVID19 VIRUS by the widely acknowledged and accepted scientific method! There’s a doctor offering $5,000 to anyone who can prove by Koch’s Postulates that a CoVid19 virus exists!  To date no one has!

I don’t claim to know everything but I do know if there really was some highly contagious and deadly pandemic I wouldn’t have to be told about it, I would have experienced it, as would everyone else.  I don’t know anyone ANYONE that’s come close to dying from CoVid19, and not only that, I don’t know anyone who knows anyone that’s died from CoVid19!!!  
This whole pandemic nonsense is the biggest farce in human history.  
A doctor/scientist recently went over the numbers in 14 different countries and discovered that the mortality rate of the so-called virus skyrocketed only AFTER the lockdown in EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY!  These deaths were almost without exception people 65 and older with previous health conditions who suddenly had no access to normal medical care and treatment.  Oncology appointments across the country dropped 75%, what could be expected to happen?  If my parents or any other relatives contract CoVid19 I’m requesting non-invasive treatment- ventilators are KILLING old people.

 I’m sorry for this rant but this pandemic is ridiculous and fascist.  Unreal the world we live in when nobody questions what’s on the long newspaper spoon, just swallowing it whole without investigation, smh

Comment 28 Jun 2020

I’ve been holding out hope for Grimes to make what would be the best decision for his future and sign with Ohio State, and I feel if he was at the top of Ohio State’s list they’d be pushing a lot harder for his commitment.  It might be that Ohio State isn’t as high on him as someone like Jordan Hancock even despite him already committing to Clemson.

now I’m sure they would take Grimes in a heartbeat but it’s not looking good although recruiting analysts have said his recruitment is being played close to the chest so it’s hard to get a read on.  Grimes has posted a decent amount of Ohio State videos on his Twitter though.

 I get players want to play as soon as possible, and sometimes you just aren’t talented enough to ever see the field at a place like Ohio State, but a lot of times you have to sit the bench for a couple years until it’s your turn.  Me personally I would ride the bench for 3 years at Ohio State as a defensive back because the development I would undergo would set me up better for NFL success than starting 3 years at UNC.  Not only are the Secondary coaches tried and true, you’re going to be going up against probably the most talented collection of wide receivers in college football AND Ohio State is set up to have some great QBs to defend against for the foreseeable future!  Talk about all the tools for future NFL success, not to mention multiple coaches on the roster with both NFL coaching and playing experience!  Yikes!  Yeah I would rather be patient.

people forget Ward went number 4 overall in the draft in a year he wasn’t even a starter!

Comment 28 Jun 2020

I’m not too worried because Coach Koombs has had a knack of finding underrated talent and developing it.  A lot of those 7 first round picks were 3-star guys like Malik Hooker, Denzel Ward, Damon Arnette... I thought Marshon Lattimore was a 3-star too, but he might’ve been a 4.

Yes, Okudah was quite the get and lived up to the hype, but he’s far from the exception.  

Comment 21 May 2020

Love the article Ramzy, as always.  Funny how I know who wrote it before KNOWING who wrote it!  

that said, I hate to say it because I was his biggest supporter when he was hired (I sometimes wonder if Glen Mason would’ve been the better hire in hind sight!), but Tressel has no offensive vision.  I signal the 2011 season in which his offensive coordinator was retained.  Enough said! (I mean did you watch the Gator Bowl or whatever bowl the Buckeyes played in that year???  They had Braxton Miller and even with his special talent they were sooooooo predictable on offense they lost to a an even more mediocre Florida Gators!  Yikes!)

Comment 26 Feb 2020
I get that being that he's a first time head coach and inherited a couple of Ohio State's best recruiting classes in recent memory ('17 and '18), not to mention it's Ohio State - a school that virtually recruits itself. However UFM was not just a great recruiter of high school talent, he had an eye for talented assistants when he wasn't hiring friends (which I think he only did because he trusted they would stick around longer than a year - if you'll recall about Urban's recovered text messages during the NCAA investigation, retaining competent assistants was a source of extreme stress, especially with regards to its effect on recruits)... That said, Urban Meyer found Ryan Day and has called him ELITE, and he even partially admitted that he stepped down as head coach sooner than he thought because he knew how much potential Ryan Day had and didn't want to lose him to another head coaching gig - and keeping Day as a coach-in-waiting for much longer was looking more and more untenable. We are VERY fortunate to have gone from Tressel to Meyer, and now Meyer to Day!!! Day himself has shown an eye for coaching talent in his first season, nabbing three great assistants after making the hard decision to move on from Taver Johnson and Bill Davis, bringing in Hafley was money, Yurcich... Day's first full recruiting class - most of whom had committed before the season had even really began, not to mention finished - was a consensus top-5 class!!! Heck, he only lost like two commitments with the coaching turnovers he experienced, one or two with Meyer leaving with the '19 class, and only one with Hafley leaving with the '20 class - to me that's pretty remarkable. What's even more remarkable is going 13-0 during the season, winning 10 conference games for the first time ever, and SHOULD HAVE BEEN PLAYING FOR A NATTY in his first season had the Buckeyes not gotten robbed on a couple of occasions versus Clemson, one which was TRULY EGREGIOUS. Pay the man, pay him good.