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Comment 16 Jul 2019

Also, the Ridgeline has a weatherproof "trunk" in the bed...could toss a stroller or other misc items in there & still have all the bed space available.  And it has a drain, so you could chuck out the stroller & fill it full of ice & beers

Comment 16 Jul 2019

Look for a nice used Honda Ridgeline.  You'll get the benefits of a truck, with the interior room of a sedan.  Currently have an '06 with 231K on it.   Bed of a Ridgeline also gives you 48'' clearance between the wheels, so those trips to Lowes are a less of a pain...Colorado's @ 45'' at the wheel wells.  Plenty of backseat space for a car seat or an adult.   

Comment 11 Jul 2019

Mo discusses this subject on Pat MacAfee's podcast several months ago.  He didn't necessarily point blame at anyone & admitted his faults in the situation...but there was some definite CYA by Geiger.   I enjoy listening to Mo speak...very humble & mature guy and should be commended for righting his own ship.  Most stories like these don't end well

Comment 26 Jun 2019

Agreed...if it's a foul with 4:03 on the clock, then its a foul with :03 seconds on the clock as well.  I've been part of games (playing & coaching) where the officiating was inconsistent, but I've never witnessed a game where the ref's "decided" it.  The losing team tends to forget the 15 turnovers & 10 missed FT's they had throughout the game

Comment 26 Jun 2019

Much easier to "call" a game from the stands vs. being on the court/field.   The most abuse I see/hear is in basketball.  With the speed of the game, there are going to be some questionable calls and the ref's gonna miss one once in a while

My main issue with officials is when they act like people paid to watch them officiate.  Let the kids decide the game.  The official 10'  from the play doesn't make a call, yet the guy 40' away comes running in & blows his whistle.   The better officials I've been around (and I have coached HS basketball) are the ones that warn a player (keep you hands off, shut your mouth, etc) and talk with the fans during timeouts.  I'll have more respect for an official that admits they didn't have a good angle to make a call than a guy that acts like he is all-knowing. 

Comment 25 Jun 2019

Not in the least...I haven't lost a wink of sleep due to what the experts are saying about OSU.  My point was I just don't see the major concern at the QB position that the pundits appears the uncertainty of Day is a direct correlation to the QB

And more so, I really don't see the love for Michigan...but i guess that's why they play the game

Comment 25 Jun 2019

Why do I get the feeling if Fields had transferred to Bama, LSU or any other SEC school, there wouldn't be a question mark about his ability??  #2 rated player in the country coming out of HS and his stats last year (albeit in mop-up duty) were excellent.  Michigan has a lot of holes to fill on D and their RB position is a much bigger question mark than our QB position.  If Michigan struggles in the running game, what do you thinks going to happen to their antiquated passing game.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

Like him or not, he does have insight to big-time college football that most do not.  He also has the flexibility to give an unfiltered view of college football.  Pick any sport, or industry for that matter, & imagine someone with 10 years of experiences and stories they could tell from an insiders perspective.  Seeing how the sausage definitely gives you a different perspective of any given topic.  Imagine if someone from the inside of DC politics, Hollywood actors, oil industry, etc...the stories that could be told would be epic

Comment 18 Jun 2019

The benefit Coach Day has is that what he may lack in head coaching experience is made up for by the overall improved coaching staff he has assembled.  Take the this years staff (minus head coach) compared to last years & tell me which one you'd roll with.  Also, Day will implement his personal touch to the look of the team, so opposing teams cant necessarily rely on game film from last year to prepare for this years squad

Comment 15 Jun 2019

Smith's been overall very complimentary of OSU, Urban & the players.  He's taken shots at Drake & some of his coaching counterparts, but as a whole I don't think it makes the university look bad.  Let's be realistic, just because you're a coach at a major college program (OSU or any other) doesn't qualify you to be a quality human being (Pitino, Kiffin, Sarkisian, etc).  Smith does have an insiders perspective of numerous well-known coaches & can give the listeners his perspective

Comment 13 Jun 2019

I've never personally done anything to assist "my" teams in their wins or losses, therefore I take it all in stride.   Watching OSU win the title in 2002 was awesome, watching them get throttled in '06 was not.  Never as good as your best game, never as bad as your worst game.  OSU football is really the only TV that i make it a point to watch, but i also don't let the outcome dictate my mood for the remainder of the day/week. 

Comment 12 Jun 2019

I get what you're saying, but he was making $400K as an OSU assistance and definitely isn't gonna pull in that kinda coin via this I'd venture to guess we fans "supported" him more financially in his previously life than we ever could now.   I've listened to all the episodes & do find it interesting...peek behind the curtain type of show

Comment 12 Jun 2019

Zach Smith is in the same category of Jose Canseco...unlikeable personalities that have knowledge of a lot of things (and people) that the general masses don't want to admit are true.  Overall I'd give the Podcast 4.5/5...he loses me at the end of each episode with the "Go F yourself San Diego" sign off...too sophomoric for a fairly smart Podcast.  I like that he takes listeners questions & expands upon various topics he touched on in previous episodes 

Also, does anyone know who's on the show with him?  They're never really acknowledged nor do they seem to be "in the know"...they're hearing the stories for the first time as well. 

Comment 23 May 2019

The Hensville area (5/3rd Field & Hunting Center area) have several good spots to hit.   If craft beer is your thing, Black Cloister, Earnest Brewing and Maumee Bay are all good.  Fleetwoods Taproom at Hensville is a good spot for drinks & a bite to eat.

As mentioned, downtown Toledo has definitely been revived over the past ten years.  Not a vacation destination by any means but it is an improved Midwest city

Comment 16 May 2019

I've always wondered why OSU is so mediocre in baseball as well.  I Get that playing in B10 country in the Spring isn't all that enticing so pulling kids from the south may be difficult, but Beals should at least try to secure some of the top in-state talent.  Look at the 2019 state prospects & where they're going.   Defiance HS, one of the best high school programs in the state, is a pipeline for Louisville, who is consistently in the top-20....why?