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Comment 27 Mar 2020

Playoff teams (and Bama cuz, you know) leading TE receiver stats (receptions-yard) for last season.  Outside of LSU, looks like the Bucks are about par for the course.  It's reasonable to believe the TE production would increase this year as RB production will likely decrease.

Clemson 13 for 60

OK 5 for 79

LSU 47 for 570

Bama 15 for 167

Comment 18 Mar 2020

Been to several upscale/higher end steakhouses over the years for work related functions & if ever traveling in these areas i would recommend the following.  Some are local establishments other may be part of a chain:

St Elmo's- Indy

Charlie's- throughout FL, quality higher-end dining...but also somewhat of a tourist-trap type place

Vito's Chophouse- part of the Charlies' ownership group, also in FL

Zorro's- Toronto, near the airport.  Old school type steakhouse, known for their peppercorn NY strip

Joe Forte's- Vancouver. Excellent steak & seafood

Mortons- All over, but have always had a quality dining experience

Comment 11 Mar 2020

Spreading like wildfire is a bit of a stretch.  Do I fell precautions should be made; of course.  Do I feel most of this is a CYA scenario and a complete overreaction compared to a "typical" influenza outbreak; 110% absolutely.   Post advisory to all attendees reminding them that you increase your chances of contracting the virus when in a large enclosed public setting & allow grown adults to make the best decision for themselves & their families

Comment 03 Mar 2020

I've had Sirius/XM for @ 15 years and would have a hard time living without it...I would have to switch to a streaming service before i listen to FM radio.  The music is terrible & the "DJ's" are worse.   What's really sad is you'll here the same songs at the same time each day, even on different station as so many are owned by iHeart (I live in NW OH as well).  106.3, 104.7, & 98.9 out of Ft Wayne were staples for me back in the day...I can honestly say i haven't listened to all three combined more than 30 min over the past year.  I listen to 98.1 from Defiance as that's all i can pick up in my office lol...and I'll stream via my phone  

Do station even take requests anymore? 

Comment 27 Feb 2020

I wouldn't necessarily disagree with this, but i also think college football is unique in the fact so many championships were voted on vs "earned" in a playoff format.  Even today, the final four is voted on vs. earned via a true playoff. 

Being a media darling helps your cause in college football and every generation has their darlings, especially in the modern era on TV/Media...The U, FSU, Nebraska, USC, Bama, Clemson.  Really cant think of a time when you would truly put OSU in that category, although much of that is self-inflicted with their short comings vs TTUN in the '90's and back-to-back title losses in the 2000's (which also helped ignite the SEC media-darling stroke fest we still endure today)

Comment 20 Feb 2020

I know you stated late July, early August but be advised to avoid the week of July 13.  DNC national convention is in Milwaukee that week and hotel rooms are filling up all the way down to Chicago. 

We were there in the fall & stayed at the River Hotel, located on Wacker.  Near Michigan Ave, State St, Millennium Park, etc.  Valet your car and Uber to where you want to go.

Comment 19 Feb 2020

And in the "you cant make this up" category, Smith actually did his most recent podcast episode from the Delaware Co jail via phone...and plans on doing several more before he's out.  I have no ill will towards the guy, but at some point you have to realize enough is enough and just move on and try to be a normal contributing member of society

Comment 12 Feb 2020

Very disturbing no matter which way you look at it.  Multiple lives/families have been impacted by these actions.  In todays culture, I don't see how these guys are allowed back on the team regardless of the legal findings. 

I'll let the legal system do their job, but every person involved will never be the same

Comment 06 Feb 2020

Garth Brooks in a few weeks in Detroit.  Not even a country music fan, but have never heard a bad thing about his concerts...quite the showman/entertainer.  Would love to go to Bunbury in Cincy

Comment 28 Jan 2020

The OSU scholly was earned based on his performance in the AAU circuit, not how he's faired against schools on Crestview's schedule. For being a DIV school, Crestview produces very good athletes and OSU has faired well with other small(er) school players in recent year...Diebler, Craft, Ehrens and even Kalen's uncle Doug in the early '90's.

I think it's pretty obvious he'll need to bulk up to handle D1 basketball but it appears he has the pedigree to be a solid contributor at OSU

Comment 26 Jan 2020

In the massive fabric of life, what are the odds that HOF basketball player dies the very next day after being passed on the all-time scoring list.  One of the few names that you would mention if given the opportunity to start a team from scratch....and that tells you all you need to know

Comment 24 Jan 2020

Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America's Progressive Elite

Just ordered it off Amazon.  Not big into politics but it sounded interesting enough to spend $20

Comment 23 Jan 2020

Coaching staff turnover...Hamler's gone, Gross-Matos' is gone...pending lawsuit involving HC & best returning defensive player...sounds like a recipe for an undefeated season

Comment 20 Jan 2020

Offense if stagnant right in little movemet, too much watching & not enough cutting/screening.  The way they've played over the past couple weeks reminds me of how they looked against Cincy early in the year.  They were able to grind out that W, but it wasn't pretty.  In the games they've looked good in, they are much more aggressive on the offensive end...dribble drive and ball movement to the perimeter.  Good shooters are only good if theres good ball movement as well, if not they're too easy to defend. 

Defensively we just look tired for whatever reason...slow to react or anticipate passes, allowing teams easy shots, etc

Comment 16 Jan 2020

I'm familiar with his family, he has no intention of leaving

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Honorable Mention: Evan Spencer "Mr. Do Everything" again Bama 2015.  TD pass to Mike Thomas to completely change the momentum of the game.  His crack block to spring Zeke's 85 yds thru the heart of the south.  Then he climbed the ladder to snag Bama's onside kick attempt late in the 4th.  (and I think he made a one handed catch in the first half that was called incomplete)

He doesn't make those plays, we may not win the game.  One of the most low-key bad-ass games ever

Comment 13 Jan 2020

Correct, Dean Pees is DC and Craig Aukerman is ST coach...two northwest Ohio guys.  Pees played at BG while Aukerman at FIndlay.  Pretty cool to see two small town guys make it big in the coaching world