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Comment 16 Oct 2012

Common man & the torg is an excellent show. I don't see peoples hate against it. His tweet was completely harmless IMO and people overreact too much in this damn PC world. His wife needs to shut up and grow some thick skin.

Comment 10 May 2012

I've got to agree. Florida fans are some of the worst. I've had some bad run-ins with that fan base, and this was BEFORE the whole Urban Meyer hiring.

However, living in Austin TX, Longhorn fans are some of the worst i've ever seen. I don't get it, maybe because OSU came here and beat them in their home stadium? They're do stupid to realize they did the same thing, but they are just some angry folks here. I've had more curse words thrown my way and people starting fights with me from Florida & Texas fans than Michigan. Everyone is drunk here, and they just hate scarlet. Good thing there is a massive OSU alumni here.

Comment 27 Jul 2011

What a buzz kill. Turned 27 now i'm in a larger age bracket. Does that mean the age group for cougars also jumped up for me?

Comment 26 Oct 2010

Regarding the Saine/Herron celebration, they got that from the Cowboys. Last week when Roy Williams scored and he gave the hook'em, and Miles Austin jumped over his shoulders, they got flagged for excessive celebration. The following TD when (i think) Felix Jones scored, Miles Austin came running up, stopped and shook his hand. It was pretty funny.