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Comment 04 May 2012

That's what I was thinking. OSU stepped up and warned everyone immediately of this guy. Why decommit cuz of this if that's the reason. This wasn't someone the school invited to hang out it was some random pedophile that happened to be an Ohio State fan. I guarantee every major fan base in the country has some weirdos like this (unfortunately there are too many of them out there).

If he or his parents decided no Ohio State because of this I don't get it Ohio State stepped up immediately.

Comment 12 Apr 2012

I like Allen as well. Either Allen or Quick would be a great get in my opinion. I like both over Gibson and Treadwell, but honestly will be happy with any combination of the 4. It seems like this years WR class is very good and OSU is going to bring in some big time talent at the position. God I cant wait for football.