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Comment 14 Jan 2014

This is a great article in that it has come at the right time,sure criticism is is warranted, the backcourt scoring, the front court is soft,as of right now it is a terrible rebounding team,and now this team has become a turnover machine.. But freaking out is over the top I think. Seems like we go through this every year, remembering last year after getting boat raced at Wiskey we were given up for dead then ran off 11 straight. I've seen this too many times to start doubting Thad Matta now. It's because of all of the Hoops success that we have higher expectations and it's because of coach Matta that OSU BBALL is nationally relevant every year. I'm going to save this article on my iPad  to read every time I start to think I know more about about basketball than the coach of THEE OHIO STATE BASKETBALL BUCKEYES !!!!!

Comment 04 Jan 2014

Invisible is the norm for this guy against teams with a pulse, against lesser comp. shazier can put up great numbers, buckeye homer nation can be in love with this guy but fans who know the game see shazier for what he is... Average at best, he may get drafted in the 1st two rounds but he won't be around long,as a browns fan I wouldn't take him in the 5th round....DRAFT BUST!!!!!!!!

Comment 24 Feb 2013

Much needed win!! Taking care of the ball and making free throws ...something new, those two things will always make a huge difference in any game,lets hope they can build on this although I still can't figure out why LS jr. Is a starter GO BUCKS

Comment 23 Feb 2013

I just dont think matta trusts ADV enough right now, its one thing to put up jumpers behind the arc when your up 15 or 20 pts. its another when the games on the line,but theres no doubt he bring an energy to the floor that the bucks need. The thing that stood out to me weds. was that this team was way better with thompson and smith jr. on the bench and scott running the offense, the more consecutive minutes have played the better team played.