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Comment 03 Oct 2011

You think Gee gives a f that your boo-ing?  The guy who said OSU's greatest victory was a tie against Michingan.

Gee cares about the $$$$$$$$.

When you grow up, there will be a day when you realize it's all about the $.

You want change, either cough up some $$$$$$$ or you with hold your $$$.


Comment 03 Oct 2011
Seriously, you think you are justified in boo-ing football players because you swam in high-school. Seriously. No offense, i'm sure you were a wonderful swimmer. But you have no idea what an elite athlete is thinking when he's visiting Columbus and here's 50,000+ fans raining boo's on a team he's thinking about committing too. That's a really good selling point for a 18 year old kid trying to make the biggest decision of his life.
Comment 03 Oct 2011

You react to the play then shut up.

Boo-ing doesn't do anything but make YOU feel better.

No offense, I don't give a crap how YOU feel you not on the team nor will you ever be on the team.





Comment 03 Oct 2011

Competative sports 'all throughtout elementary school through high school.'

Seriously, that's your reasoning is becasue you played sports in highschool along with millions and millions of other people.

Yeah, you know what the players are going through becasue you played in high school.





Comment 03 Oct 2011

Are we?


Ask a former or current palyer if 'we all on the same side' when their getting boo'ed after they just played their ass off.

You might be shocked by what they have to say, the people wo are actually playing the game.


Comment 03 Oct 2011

Again, people who will never PLAY the game feel it's OK for them to express their displeasure on the PLAYERS performance.




Comment 03 Oct 2011

Quick way to summerize booing.

If you have ever played ANY sport at a competative level, booing is not acceptable.

If all you have ever dreamed about is playing any sport at a competative level, then boo is acceptable.


So go on , boo away so it makess YOU feel better.

It just pisses the PLAYERS off, but what do they know.  They are just the ones PLAYING the game.  F-em.

And F the recruits visiting who don't want to play in front of boo-ing loyal fands in the stands.