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Comment 07 Aug 2019

Disney doesn't own Fox sports that along with Fox news are the only things Fox held onto.

Comment 27 Nov 2018

I agree 100% with this. I went last year and the bar I was at was packed we got there around noon for the start of the Big 12 title game and got a table but if you were there by 1 or 2 there were no tables inside they were able to use the patio which helped some last year not sure if the weather will allow that this year.

Comment 23 Aug 2018

Quintez Cephus their leading WR is suspended indefinitely due to a sexual assault allegation against him from earlier this year and their other top WR Danny Davis is suspended for 2 games as part of the investigation of Cephus.

Comment 22 Aug 2018

Wow impressive you are working at 5% haha.  I am basically just at work refreshing eleven warriors dot com.  It feels like the team up north game where I feel like I am going to like the outcome but if it goes off the rails and ends poorly it will be crushing.

Comment 15 Aug 2018

If they are interviewing these two that is good sign for Meyer staying to me.  My fear once they talked to CS was that CS would go in there and tell all of these stories about what ZS was doing to her and that Urban and Shelly knew and did nothing to help her similar to what she said in her interview with Stadium.  If ZS and her mother and mother in law give them evidence that this was a very messy domestic situation and Urban and Gene reported what they knew properly it will allow them to keep Urban and say he did what he was supposed to do in a difficult domestic situation that the school and football program is not responsible for fixing.

Comment 02 Aug 2018

If they reinstate him and we are no where near that point yet.  The University from the president all the way down through the football program are going to have to be on the same page.  With everything because the reporters will be looking for more that just Zach Smith stuff they will be digging for NCAA violations etc.  If they put up a united front through the season this will eventually die off and go away if not this will last forever and the longer reporters are digging the more likely it is they find something that causes problems down the road. 

Comment 24 Jan 2018

As a life long Minnesotan who is not a Vikings fan I should add.  A better comparison would be 2005 Penn State coming to Columbus to play U$C or Alabama.  Living here in loserville we are used to losing these games and yes the fans are hurt but most locals are more upset with how fellow Vikings fans were treated in Philly for the game last week.  Apparently the treatment most Minnesotans received in Philly is comparable to what Buckeye fans received in Happy Valley that night in 05.  Hmmm I feel like there is something in common with these two fan bases...?   Any way it should be fun to be here in town the next week and half or so but if you are from Philly be prepared for some serious passive aggressiveness since we have Minnesota nice dont ya know.

Comment 30 Nov 2017

Living in Minneapolis there are several Badger fans around and they are very confident coming in to this game they feel like the their defense is better then the 84 bears.  Time for the Bucks to show up and put them in their place.

Comment 30 Oct 2017

We will clinch the east if we win the next three games or any combination of 3 games as long as one of them is the game against Michigan State.  Unless Michigan Stale loses another game even if they beat us if we win 3 games we would win the east as well.

Comment 30 Oct 2017

Not gonna lie after the Barrett fumble I got up and went for a walk around the neighborhood with no intention of watching another second of football on Saturday.  I thought all was lost but for something in the back of my head said the bucks could still come back and win and I knew I would kick myself if I missed the come back.  Plus the 20 degree temperatures  here in mpls so I turned around.  I missed the punt block and first td live.  Thanks to the power of dvr I saw both of those plays and then caught back up to live action and enjoyed every minute of the end of the game.   

Comment 11 Sep 2017


Thanks for the write up.  A couple of questions for you would it make sense to start running the ball more on 3 and 4-10 yards to go if teams are going to keep dropping 8 into coverage?  If the bucks start picking up first downs doing that wont it force defenses out of zone defense.  Also when the bucks roll Barrett out to the right on 3rd down what are they hoping to accomplish aren't you just cutting the field in half since you shouldn't through across your body.  Especially when the defense is in zone.   

Comment 03 Aug 2017

Buckeye porn, not sure how I am supposed to finish work today without knocking out a co worker.  Lets Go!

Comment 20 Apr 2017

Yes the Juicy Lucy originated here there is a debate where either Matt’s bar or the 5-8 Club. I have the one from 5-8 it is really good. My favorite burger in town is at Parlour bar I can't recommend it enough. (730 North Washington Ave. Minneapolis MN 5540)  It is a craft cocktail bar with a limited food menu one of the things they have is a burger made with ground sirloin, ribeye, brisket, American cheese.  By that point in May the weather should be pretty good if you have a car I would get out to Excelsior and Lake Minnetonka.  Excelsior is nice little town about 20 miles west of Minneapolis located on lake Minnetonka there are several small shops and restaurants with nice outdoor patios right on the lake. Minneapolis has a ton of breweries two of my favorites Fulton and Inbound are right down the street from Target field.  There is also the chain of lakes in Minneapolis which are nice to walk around.  The lakes are a mile or two from downtown. I will warn you Lake Calhoun gets really busy on nice days though.  I don’t golf so I am no help there but there are a ton of courses a round town.

The biggest difference between Minneapolis and St Paul is just the character of the cities.  Minneapolis is more cosmopolitan and St Paul is more working class I would say.  Since you will be here on a weekend I will warn you the heart of downtown Minneapolis and St Paul will be pretty dead but around Target field there will be a lot of people especially with the baseball games.  Most people go to different neighborhoods in Minneapolis instead of downtown there is (uptown (lake Calhoun is here and there are several nice roof top patios Stella’s is here), North East (a ton of breweries are here but also much more residential), The north loop is just west of downtown is right next to target field Parlour, Fulton, and inbound are here and there are several other restaurants here as well).

Comment 07 Jan 2017

I think and I am hoping this is a joke

Comment 31 Dec 2016

For the love of Brutus fire Tim Beck and put Zach Smith on double secret probation.  Ohio State should never look this bad on offense ever. Ohio States offense should never ever look like that.  We have far to much talent.  What ever happens in the off season next year we need to be based on the a gap running game.  Tonight we schemed ourselves out of it with stupid horizontal runs. 

Comment 04 Nov 2016

As everyone has said go to class go to class and go to class.  Also don't be afraid to go and ask professors questions even if you don't like the professor cause in the end they are the only ones who can help you at all besides you helping yourself.  It is also good practice for the real world cause trust me there will be plenty of people you don't like that you will have to deal with. 

Don't worry about your GPA me and my friends used to say C's get degrees and it is true.  Obviously the better the GPA the better but I only had to give my GPA on one job application and that was in 08 in the heart of the recession and even then they only wanted a 3.1. 

My friends and I,have talked many times about how what you learn in college is not as important as learning how to learn.  That is partially what you are going through now and you are only going to learn that by going to class and with experience.  I would also recommend living on or as close to campus you miss out on way to much living off campus.  I would also recommend trying to keep your weekends as free as you can for parties/ time with friends and or work.  This will help with burn out and keep you motivated. 

Comment 25 Oct 2016

To me this is the issue with our offense right now.  We have no tempo, when the offense has played well at the end of last year and the start of this year it was playing fast.  Now every play it is a struggle to get the snap off before the play clock expires.  It is taking so long to get the play in and then usually changing the play is causing two things to happen.  1.) Our young players are over thinking the play instead of just going out and playing fast.  2.) We are giving the defense a chance to adjust to our tendencies based off of formation.  Sometimes I feel like our offense thinks it can change the play and the opponents defense is just going to stay with what they are lined up in.   That doesn't happen especially against teams that have had an extra week to prepare and learn your tendencies.  I would rather play fast and aggressive and make mistakes then slow and conservative.