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Comment 12 Nov 2017
Better hear from the league this week that the targeting call is rescinded. It was certainly late, but it looked more like a hard shove than a hit. And it was square in chest. That tiny little replay screen probably doesn't even have video on it. I'm sure now it only shows the following:

Was the foul committed by an Ohio State player?

If yes, then call targeting.

If no, call targeting on Ohio State anyway.

Comment 22 Oct 2017

Delusions of grandeur are the Penn State fans' calling card. They still believe Paterno was innocent despite documented fact to the contrary. So thinking they wouldn't get blown out by 'Bama is in the realm of their deranged reality.

Comment 10 Oct 2017

Except if the player committing the targeting foul is wearing a Michigan uniform. In these cases targeting is never called. Despite the fact that in each instance it was the text book definition of the rule. It happened against Florida and MSU (twice.) The biggest problem with B1G refs is their inconsistency.

Also, why is the replay screen on the sidelines smaller than my mobile phone? These wankers are already visually impaired, why exacerbate the issue with a 4 inch video display?

Comment 27 Nov 2016

Defending himself from a fan that accidentally backed into him in a crowd who immediately held up his hands to show there was no threat intended, after Poopers spun him around? Yeah, sounds like an appropriate response from a coach that threw his clipboard and proceeded to spout off like a petulant child. There's plenty of video evidence to press charges if the fan chooses, however, I have a feeling the fan will end up being the only man involved in this situation. This is why no one can stand the dirtbag Harbaugh brothers or their douche nozzle brother-in-law.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

Maybe it would help if the NCAA invested in TV screens larger than an smartphone. Why are we allowing refs on the field to peer into a viewmaster when an official in the booth could be looking at a 50" screen? They cost the same amount of money, and field refs aren't any faster in their reviews. The booth should be able to review every damn play in the same amount of time it takes the average viewer to hit the 10sec rewind button on their remote.

The ball bounced off his arm as was clearly apparent to both Herbie and Fowler and everyone else not in zebra stripes or reeking of cheese.

Comment 31 Aug 2016

Mike Lanese lived 1 street over from me and went to my high school. Chris Carter though...