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Comment 26 Jun 2019

I don't know that paying student athletes has an equitable solution. Maybe a better approach would be to loosen the rules governing an athletes rights to his own likeness. If a star athlete can profit from his success through promotion, then he should have that right. If an athlete can get a better summer job because of his status, so be it. I get that boosters will find a way to screw that up in some way, but there's no shortage of NCAA compliance personnel that can help police the process. Maybe a salary cap or deferred payment on amount above the cap could be implemented.

If the NCAA can't get it done on it's own, then maybe Congress needs to investigate and remove their non-profit status. What does Emmert make?

Comment 25 Apr 2019

who wins their division first?

Cards? Giants? Skins?

My money would be on the Skins.

Comment 25 Apr 2019

Maybe Denver gets Haskins at 20, assuming they got the Squeelers' 1st round from this year in the trade.

Comment 25 Apr 2019

Bush tore out of his straight jacket. Should have shed the remains before getting on stage though.

Comment 25 Apr 2019

I can hate Bush in Shittsburg just as much as when he was a Shitagain.

Comment 22 Aug 2018

McSquirlley has benefitted from receivers that go up and make plays on poorly thrown passes. It's the calling card of PSU QBs. PSU finishes second ahead of UM in the B1G East. McSquirlley will be the 3rd best QB in the East.

Comment 12 Nov 2017
Better hear from the league this week that the targeting call is rescinded. It was certainly late, but it looked more like a hard shove than a hit. And it was square in chest. That tiny little replay screen probably doesn't even have video on it. I'm sure now it only shows the following:

Was the foul committed by an Ohio State player?

If yes, then call targeting.

If no, call targeting on Ohio State anyway.