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Comment 10 Oct 2019
Mayfield and Kyler Murray's Pro Careers will be an example why you never, ever, ever, take a Big XII Quarterback in the first round. They do not play anything that resembles defense in that conference. They go to the NFL and are fine for one year then the Defense's figure them out.....see RG3, even Pat Mahomes to an extent is not playing as well as last year. Another reason an Oklahoma QB or any Big XII for that matter should not be a Heisman frontrunner is the very fact that they do not play defense in that conference.
Comment 08 Oct 2019
Think Alabama right now at the top. Only because of it being Tuas third year and him having guys like Waddle, Ruggs, and Jeudy to throw to and having a RB like Harris to hand off to. Once Ohio State gets some more experience in Hafleys system in the secondary and Fields gets even more acclimated with WRs and TEs (he's only played 6 games vs. 20+ for Tua) I think Ohio State has the higher ceiling. Chase Young is the huge difference between the two teams and he is the one player that makes Ohio State have the higher ceiling. But for now Alabama at the top.
Comment 07 Oct 2019
One person you left off that has been playing like an All -American recently is Shawn Wade. He really has been becoming more and more impressive from week to week. He keeps improving like he has been . I don't see how they can leave him off the DB list.
Comment 03 Oct 2019
Buckeyes 45 Spartans 24. Dave left and Dave right cause some problems in the beginning for the defense. Day will call timeout only to be countered with the dreaded Satans Slant and Walrus Poop plays.
Comment 02 Oct 2019
I keep underestimating these Buckeyes to better than expected results. Might as well keep the trend going. After watching Scott Frost have some limited success with I formation , 90s football. Michigan State let's Bollman break out classic plays such Dave left, Dave right, Dave, and tricky plays like Satans slant and Walrus poop. Walrus poop is effective. But still stinks. Buckeyes 45 Spartans 24
Comment 01 Oct 2019
Rutgers beats UMASS...job is cool Rutgers gets housed by Iowa.....ok understandable they're good. Rutgers loses to BC....job is still fine Rutgers loses to Michigan......that's just embarrassing....your fired. That's where Michigan is right now. After having been through the Cooper years....I have to say its funny as hell and may it continue.
Comment 30 Sep 2019
Still looking for "sike" or j/k at the end. I think TTUN has good players....just not enough. Transfers really hurt their D Line depth and just defense overall. But hey their offense looked competent against Rutgers.
Comment 30 Sep 2019
Who has a better secondary. The Ohio State Buckeyes or Miami Dolphins? Normally I would always defer to pro team but watching the Dolphins without Fitzpatrick combined with the play of Okudah, Wade, Arnette and Fuller ...well it had me thinking. Team would always go with pro team....but secondary only, I would have to say Buckeyes on this one.
Comment 29 Sep 2019
1) Alabama 2) Ohio State 3) LSU 4)Oklahoma 5) Auburn 6) Wisconsin 7) Georgia 8) PSU 9) Clemson 10)ND
Comment 29 Sep 2019
That too was my play of the night by Fields. That was a third down that absolutely took the wind that was left out of that crowd. They had Fields and had the perfect defense called ....but it didn't matter.
Comment 27 Sep 2019
This is what I'm thinking would not be surprised to see Nebraska go up 14-0 in the first only for the Buckeyes to be up 35-21 at the half. Because the past three games the offense seems to be kind of feeling it's way on what the defense is doing in the first. Have only scored 7 points in each of the past 3 games first quarters. My final score is Buckeyes 49- The Huskers of Corn 28 Rutgers 17 LOLereens 28 A loss to Rutgers would cause the makers of the alphabet to put the letter L after M