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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 National Championship game
  • NFL TEAM: Detroit Lions
  • NHL TEAM: Pittsburgh
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Unwatchable Shenanigans

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Comment 19 Jan 2020
Western Reserve needs a beatdown. It's the only school in State with a winning record vs. the Buckeyes. 6-5-1. Playing Oberlin to get revenge for 1921 (a 7-6 loss) would be nice as well.
Comment 17 Jan 2020
https://www.postandcourier.com/sports/clemson/how-dabo-swinney-s-christian-evangelism-boosts-clemson-recruiting/article_f37620ae-2029-11ea-a2ba-3b2a36e6fcf5.html Here is an interesting article. When you factor in churches tax exempt status. It would be extremely difficult to follow a paper trail. Think this is why so many players stay for senior seasons. Who's the biggest contributors to the NewSpring Church? Why none other than Dabo Swinney and Brent Venables.
Comment 15 Jan 2020
If it was fake money. The more important question is ...Did they pass Go before recieving said money? If not then per the rules they should "Go to Jail" or hope to roll double digits wins next year to get out....(Without Burrow ...Good Luck)
Comment 13 Jan 2020
Cousins huh? Here I always thought Clemson and Clemdaughter slept together.
Comment 13 Jan 2020
They are masters at baiting refs. Ref master baiters they are... Fuck Clemson.
Comment 07 Jan 2020
This one has me shaking my head. Rhule just seems like a coach that was more made for the college game, not the NFL. Has a very Spurrier, Schiano, or Saban to the NFL type feel to it.
Comment 05 Jan 2020
He should have never been allowed to call the Clemson/Ohio State game. His kids are walk ons for Clemson. Hes now just a corporate heel, no integrity is left. At halftime I had to mute the game after saying "Shut the **** up, Herbstreit"for the 10 th time. The game was much more enjoyable without his commentary. Most are anymore. Just drives the corporate nonsense-mobile (Powered by Nissan) ....
Comment 31 Dec 2019
Have the Haslems thought...."Maybe its us", yet? Get a competent GM and hire an incompetent coach. Probably will hire an incompetent GM and then a competent coach next.
Comment 29 Dec 2019
Clemson had guys dropping like flys in that game, LSU was done with Oklahoma by halftime. Hope Burrow throws for 600 and 7 TDs on those clowns. All Burrow has to do is look for #24 hes slower than shit and all he does is hold recievers. Actually both of Clemson safeties were bad in coverage. LSU's WRs (Jefferson, Chase, and Marshall)and Moss will have a field day with them.
Comment 26 Dec 2019
If Micheal Jordan, who started for three years including one All American year gets taken in the 4th round. Where would 2 guys with only one full year experience get taken? NFL wants lots of game film anymore. They don't want projects in the first 3 rounds. Both have played excellent considering this is their first full year starting. One more year should make them even better. Name the last successful NFL OLineman with only 1 year full time starting experience in college.